How to Sell Feet Pics on Foap App

One of the biggest challenges foot models face is finding a marketplace to sell their pics. The feet pic industry is still in its infancy, and most platforms can’t really be considered reliable.

Tiny markets, privacy and safety issues, pitiful pay rates, and poor interfaces all push sellers and buyers away, leaving foot models with no option but to rely on social networking platforms to woo buyers.

Foap is not a magical solution to these challenges, but not many photo-selling apps on the market can hold a candle to it. Established in 2011, the platform has become one of the most popular nexuses for photographers and image buyers.

As a foot model, it brings within your reach an extensive feet pic market and provides a resourceful platform to learn more about the trade and improve your photography and marketing skills.

This guide will come in handy for you whether you are a beginner foot model looking for a place to start or an experienced one exploring new markets.

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What is Foap App?

Foap is an app for selling and buying photos. Photographers upload their original photos onto the platform, and prospective buyers – with the help of a keyword-based search algorithm – browse the Foap Market in search of a photo that suits their needs.

How Does Foap App Work?

There are tens of millions of photos on Foap. Each photo goes for a flat rate of $10, where the seller receives $5 and the app takes $5.

In a word, sellers do not decide their prices. But there is no limit to the number of times you can sell a single photo. There is also no limit to the number of photos your profile can display. 

Better yet, the quality standards are pretty practical. As long as you have a decent smartphone or DSLR camera that can produce 1280×960-pixel photos, you’re good to go.

Other photography websites like iStock and Dreamstime have complex pricing structures based on license type and image resolution. The former pays a 15%-45% commission per photo, while the latter, whose image prices can be as low as $1, pays a commission of 50%-60%.

Foap takes a mammoth 50% from each image sale, but at least creators know what to expect before uploading a photo.

The app conveniently removes the stress of valuing images and engaging in price wars, leaving feet pic sellers to focus on the sole element of competition.

And if you don’t reckon your feet pics are worth only $5 a pop, you can participate in Foap missions. These are photo and video contests for creators, where winners can pocket hundreds of dollars per photo.

You can even get a chance to work with companies regularly, which can earn you substantial income in the long run.

The downside is that you will be competing with the very best in the game, and you may be forced to give up your photos’ ownership rights.

Additionally, some missions require a registration fee, so you’ll be paying for something that is not necessarily bound to yield returns.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Foap


  • The app is free to download, join, and use for both iOS and Android users
  • The price for photos is predetermined. Pricing is effectively one less problem to worry about
  • The app offers a level playing field for seasoned and newbie feet pic sellers
  • You can upload photos in batches, which is time-saving
  • You can sell the same exact photos over and over again
  • Missions offer an opportunity to earn good money
  • Foap protects sellers from photo theft as photos are watermarked and displayed in reduced sizes until purchased
  • Its community is active and highly resourceful
  • Creators don’t have to cross an earning threshold to withdraw their money


  • The app is crowded with creators, hence it’s difficult to stand out
  • Creators are not allowed to price their photos
  • The app takes a huge chunk of creators’ earnings
  • You’ll probably lose money if you contest in a mission and fail to win it
  • If you win a mission, you’ll probably lose the exclusive rights of the photo too
  • The app pays only through PayPal

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How to Sell Feet Pics on Foap

A simple interface, a straightforward pricing structure, and free entry give Foap the edge over most online photo-selling platforms.

There are no special restrictions for feet pic sellers either. You can be as creative as you wish and use whatever marketing language without violating the app’s terms of use.

But before tapping into your photography genius and taking the world by storm, let me introduce you to the basics of being a Foap creator:

1. Download Foap

Foap is free to download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

On Play Store, the 35MB app has amassed over 5 million downloads and has been reviewed by 33k users, averaging 3.5/5 stars.

On App Store, it has an average rating of 4.5 stars after 17,500 reviews. 

2. Set Up a Profile and Explore the App

When you first open Foap on your phone, this is what you will see:

foap welcome page

Tap Create Account and enter your preferred username, email address, and password, like I did here:

foap selling feet pics

You can proceed to upload your first feet pic or skip to the Explore page first. The latter is highly recommended if you’re a beginner both in photography and using Foap.

The Explore page will generally look like this:

foap explore feet pics

You will be asked to rate any image you open. And if you do, another photo will automatically load on your screen.

If you open the initial image a subsequent time, you will see its rating and the photographer’s information. The option to add the photo to an album will also appear.

To complete creating your profile, tap the triple bar menu symbol at the top-left corner of your screen. It will lead you here:

sell feet pics on foap app

Tap on the “Me” symbol highlighted above and again when the new page opens to upload your profile picture. It would be best to use your real image or at least something that shows you sell feet pics.

foap sell feet pictures

Next, tap on the three dots (the kebab icon) at the far top right of your screen. It will give you the options to change your cover photo and to edit your profile.

As you can see from the screengrab above, there is already a cover photo set up for you. Change it to something more relevant if you wish.

On the profile editing screen, you will be required to provide your name, date of birth, country or region, city, and phone number. It’s also where you will come to change your avatar and password if you ever need it.

Now, let’s go back to the Explore page.

Of course, you’re only interested in feet pics, so tap on the lens icon at the top of your screen and type “feet pics” or any other relevant keyword. You’ll realize that it is indeed a buzzing category with loads of images.

feet pics on foap app

The PHOTOS page shown in this screengrab is a jumbled-up assortment of feet pics posted by various users. The ALBUMS button takes you to a more organized page, where photos are displayed in collections.

foap feet pics albums

The people category, on the other hand, displays accounts of people mainly with the query keywords in their usernames or profile names. This explains why you need to be thoughtful with your username choice.

how to sell feet pictures foap

You have a great chance of selling feet pics if you appear in the Albums and People sections of the search results page.

Appearing in the Newsfeed as a recommended photographer will increase your visibility even further and potentially earn you tons of new followers.

3. Upload Your Feet Pics to Foap

Uploading a photo on Foap requires you to tap the prominent green + button at the bottom of your newsfeed and several other pages.

uploading feet pics foap app

You can upload up to ten feet pics at a time. Take the time to enter relevant information about each picture separately, and use tags to increase your visibility. Foap suggests AI-generated tags.

publish feet pics on foap app

As you can see, most tags are irrelevant so you might have to come up with yours.

Your feet pics must be accompanied by at least five tags and a photo description.

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How to Curate Feet Pic Albums on Foap

Foap Albums is a recently introduced feature that enables users to create image collections. The feature enhances the marketplace search function so the results are more specific.

Here are the two ways you can benefit from the Albums feature:

  • You will receive the regular $5 if someone buys your photo from an album, whether the album was created by you or someone else
  • You will earn $0.25 for every photo sold from your album, whether the photo is yours or not

Creating an album is easy. Tap the “more” (three bars) icon at the top left corner of your screen and then select Manage albums.

manage feet pics albums on foap app

On the page that opens, the + sign appears at the bottom. Tap it.

Next, select your album name and describe it as accurately as possible. Use the search bar to narrow down your list of options.

You don’t have to finish creating your album in one continuous session. Your albums will be saved, and you can add to them later at your convenience.

As a foot model, you can choose to focus on creating feet pic albums and filling them with mixes of your photos and other people’s photos or you can curate random albums. They both generate money, but the former provides more exposure to your photos.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Foap: Tips to Attract Buyers

  • Upload high-quality photos
  • Take your pictures from different angles and in different backgrounds
  • If possible, upload no more than one feet pic with the same background
  • Make use of a photo editor
  • Upload consistently
  • Use tags to increase your visibility on the Foap Market. You can add up to 100 tags per photo
  • Browse the Sold section of the Explore page for insights into what buyers really want
  • Participate in relevant missions
  • Follow discussions in the community

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Can You Access Foap from Your Desktop?

Yes you can, but only if you are there to view and purchase photos. There is no uploading function on the web version nor is there an album-curating one. You can, however, join missions and view and edit your profile from your browser.

Can You Really Make Money Selling Feet Pics on Foap?

If you need money urgently, Foap is no solution for you. The whole bundle of favorable conditions is a recipe for market overcrowding and reduced visibility for any single photographer, let alone a foot model.

On the other hand, if you have the patience to build your profile, upload loads of pictures, curate albums, and steal ideas from other models and photographers, you might reap big from the app.

Foap app pays its creators via PayPal. Payouts are made at the end of every month, though you have the option to request payment on the 15th.


You must be at the very top of your game to sell feet pics on a generic photo-selling app like Foap.

If you are new, take your time. Explore the app and see what keeps the top sellers up there. Observe their weaknesses too. That way, you can build a strategy that meets the market standards and uses the market gaps.

If you are a current or past foap user, feel free to share your experience with us in the comments.

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