10 Apps & Sites Like FeetFinder To Sell Feet Pics

Looking for the best FeetFinder alternatives? If so, keep reading this article to discover other sites like FeetFinder for feet pic sellers.

Selling feet pics might well be the easiest way to make money in 2022, and FeetFinder is up there with the best platforms for foot models and feet lovers.

But there are legitimate reasons you might want to try out alternatives. For instance, you may not like that FeetFinder is subscription-based or that the only payment option available to overseas foot models is Paxum, which you may not have access to.

Perhaps you just wish to complement FeetFinder with one or two more platforms. Or you wish to switch to a platform with a mobile app.

You’re not asking for too much, whatever your reason is. This is the online world, and there is something for everyone, including you.

I have created this list of 10 apps and sites like FeetFinder to save you the research hassle and help you make the switch quicker.

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The best FeetFinder alternatives

1. Instafeet

Instafeet is the Instagram of feet pics. It is a subscription service, just like Instafeet, but one that charges buyers, not sellers.

Given it is more of a social networking platform than a typical marketplace, Instafeet gives you the chance to determine how much you will make in the long run. You get to build a following and charge them for viewing your new uploads.

The problem with Instafeet is that it has no room for male foot models. You can also only view other sellers’ galleries if you subscribe to their profiles, which means you won’t be getting those marketing tips for free.

Overall, it is a fair platform that provides a level playing field to its models. If you are 18+, can access PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp, and have a nice pair of feet that you are willing to show to the world, you should certainly give it a go. 

2. Whisper

Whisper is a fast-rising social networking platform with everything a foot model would need to launch their business.

Most notably, it has a mobile app, which means you can upload and sell feet photos even when you don’t have a computer.

Also, the site is anonymous. It so happens that many foot models don’t like showing their faces or revealing their identities on sites like FeetFinder, and Whisper does an excellent job of ensuring you don’t have to worry about that.

Unfortunately, they won’t handle your payments or even give you a listing template. And their messaging features are limited. So, basically, the bulk of the deal will have to take place off-site.

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3. Instagram

Instagram is not a site like FeetFinder per se, but it can still land you feet pic customers if you use it the right way.

All you need to do is create a page and start advertising your feet pics. You can then direct inquiring prospects to FeetFinder or any other marketplace with actual listings.

Be sure to upload images you don’t plan to use elsewhere, though, because Instagram won’t protect them from theft and reuse.

4. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform with some high-quality leads for feet pics. Understandably, it will take you longer to start making money on the site because you must build a subscribed following first. Still, it promises to pay better than many FeetFinder alternatives once you find your feet (pun intended).

Signing up is free and straightforward. Your identity will be needed, sadly, but it won’t be revealed to anyone outside the platform.

The main advantage of using OnlyFans over other platforms like FeetFinder is that it has close to 200K registered users. That’s a massive market. 

It also handles payments (payouts are made via direct deposit), saving you from scammers, and doesn’t prohibit off-site engagement.

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5. Feetify

Feetify may not be as popular as many of the other websites like FeetFinder, but it’s certainly worth a try. A good reason is that it is dedicated to buying and selling feet images so most of the users you will bump into are prospects.

The site also offers a premium subscription for sellers, which reviews have revealed to be a practical way of increasing one’s earning potential.

All premium models, for instance, get 100% of buyers’ payments and enjoy unrestricted upload privileges. They also come on top of search results.

As a Feetify seller, you will receive payments directly from the buyer, so you can provide virtually any payment option.

6. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet buys feet pics and videos (and ownership rights) and then sells them to feet lovers, doctors, marketers, and bloggers. This means you don’t have to do a lot of marketing to make money from your feet images.

The downside to this is that the platform only buys feet videos they are certain to resale. They don’t entertain mediocrity and have a range of requisite requirements sellers have to meet.

What I like about Dollar Feet is that it does not serve the role of a middleman. What I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t buy feet pics from male models.

And don’t forget you have to go through a detailed vetting process that involves revealing a lot of your personal information.

The site pays $10+ per accepted video and sends the money instantly to the seller’s PayPal or Paxum account. You can also request to be paid in gift cards.

7. Zazzle

Zazzle is not an exclusive platform for selling and buying feet pics. It is a print-on-demand site that accepts submissions from a range of creators.

As a model on Zazzle, you will create a store, upload your pictures, choose from thousands of at-hand products that you wish to see your images printed on, and let the site do the rest.

How does it pay, you may ask? Through royalties, that’s how. Unlike many FeetFinder alternatives, Zazzle lets you make money multiple times from the same image.

Essentially, each time someone pays for a product that has a print of your feet on it, you get a percentage of the income.

The more pictures you upload, the more money you make, so quantity is just as important as quality here.

You can request a PayPal payout once your earnings reach the $50 withdrawal threshold. The threshold for check payouts is $100.

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8. Craigslist

Perhaps the most familiar name on the list, Craigslist has stood the test of time for a reason. Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers all the much-needed features of a marketplace.

Its selling point, in my opinion, is the simple fact that it has a staggering 250 million monthly users.

There is plenty on the flip side, though. The most conspicuous con is that it doesn’t offer escrow services and, consequently, scammers abound. You also have to pay $3 or more for each pic you upload, which might prove expensive in the long run.

But that wouldn’t matter if you make more per pic, would it? Moreover, you don’t have to upload your entire gallery to the site – just a few pictures to lead prospects into your inbox.

9. Foap

Foap is a mobile app that’s gained a reputation for a section they call Foap Missions. Through missions, companies set up contests and pay creators that impress them the most.

But I doubt you will find many buyers looking for feet pics this way, so you might as well stick to the marketplace section.

All feet pics on the app go for a flat rate of $10. That’s an advantage because you won’t have to engage in price wars and a disadvantage. After all, buyers will only want to buy the very best images. They will only have to pay $10 in the end after all.

Now here is the sad part: you will only receive $5 in your PayPal account for each pic you sell. Yes, the platform keeps a whopping 50% of seller earnings, which is not exactly encouraging. But then they let you sell the same images repeatedly, so I guess that counterbalances.

10. Wikifeet

The evolution of Wikifeet from a platform to upload and rate pictures of celebrities to a marketplace for all feet lovers is nothing short of impressive.

With over 3 million site visits every month, the platform provides you with one of the best opportunities to make good money from your feet pics among sites like FeetFinder.

Reviews show that most Wikifeet sellers don’t make much per month, but it is also well known that many people don’t know the first thing about taking a good picture let alone marketing it.

We also can’t overlook the fact that many Wikifeet sellers report making thousands of dollars on the site.

If there is any glaring downside to using Wikifeet, it is the lack of escrow services and the potential of being scammed.


Which site do you like most? I made sure to include options that are easy to join and won’t set you back an arm and a leg just to use.

Let me know in the comments which one you’re contemplating trying out.

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