10 Things To Know Before Selling Feet Pics Online

Selling feet pictures online is easy.

But before you acquire a camera, set your background, and pose for your first feet pic, there are a few things you need to know.

Learning about these things will help you capture hotshots, prevent scams, and ensure you aren’t caught on the wrong side of the law.

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Below are ten things you should know before selling feet pics online.

1. Understand What Buyers Want

Understanding buyers’ needs will help you tailor your offerings to meet those needs. Most buyers prefer pictures of:

  • Well-maintained feet with regular pedicures, neat toenails (often painted), and moisturized skin
  • Clear, high-resolution (hi-res) images. Hi-res pictures are at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI) and have zero pixelation or blurriness, even when zoomed in.
  • Specific feet poses and settings, like feet on the beach, feet with different types of footwear, or feet peeking out from the duvet when lying in bed.

2. Learn How to Take High-Quality Pictures 

Taking crisp, clear, and well-lit feet pictures will undoubtedly attract more potential buyers. To take feet pics like a pro, you need:

  • A DSLR camera or smartphone
  • A plain but cool background like sand, white bedding, and dry maple leaves
  • Props include fishnet stockings, candles, petals, temporary tattoos, and foot accessories.

Moreover, you must learn photography basics like composition, lighting, and camera angles to capture attractive and well-lit photos of your feet.

Photo editing is another recommendation for taking high-quality pictures. Use free photo editing software like Canva and Fotor to perfect your images. Experiment with different filters, adjustments, and effects until satisfied with their quality.

3. Know Where to Sell Feet Pictures Online

Before selling your feet pictures online, find a secure and reputable marketplace that exclusively deals with feet pictures.

FeetFinder is a top-feet pics website with 1M+ users and over 5,000 five-star reviews. The site uses security features like user verification and privacy settings to safeguard the interests and identities of its users.

You might also like these apps and sites like FeetFinder.

It is best to begin selling your feet pics on apps and websites because they do most of the work. After a while, you can start selling on social media platforms or create an e-commerce store as you advance.

4. Research on Feet Pics Pricing

As you start to sell feet pics online, it is best to have a mix of lower and medium prices. You can price most pictures at $5 each and a few between $10 and $15.

Below are factors that affect how you price your feet pics.

  • Content format: Feet videos cost more than feet images. If you charge $10 for a foot picture, a short video clip can cost approximately $60.
  • Feet and picture quality: Buyers love slender and arched feet. Therefore, selling such pictures will net you more money.
  • Custom images: You can charge more if a brand approaches you to take pictures by applying their product to your feet. You may even cash in more if you are a model.
  • Types of buyers: A premium buyer, like a movie maker, will pay more than an ordinary fashion blog. For this reason, it is best to have a flexible pricing structure to accommodate different types of buyers.
  • Experience: Top feet sellers and models charge high because they are experienced and have positive buyer reviews.

You may use Fashion Ceesta’s price list if you are unsure how to price your feet pics.

5. Learn How to Sell Feet Pics Online Anonymously

You must learn to sell fit pics anonymously to avoid getting creepy messages like YouTuber Adria Panda. Buyers don’t need to know who you are, what you like doing, or where you are.

Below are various ways to protect yourself from scams when selling feet pics online or if you need to prevent your friends and family members from discovering you.

  • Never show your face in pictures.
  • Use a fake identity.
  • Ignore personal inquiries.
  • Use a VPN to hide your IP address. A paid VPN gives better protection.
  • Use Canva or uMark to watermark your feet pictures.
  • Don’t invite your friends or family to subscribe to or buy your pics on social media.
  • Don’t reveal birthmarks or tattoos in your feet pics.

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6. Learn How to Market Your Feet Pics

To get noticed by potential buyers, you must market your feet pics consistently.

One of the ways to market your feet pics is by using the relevant hashtags to publicize your images on social platforms and increase exposure. Feet pics hashtags include #feetpics, #feetpicsbuyers, #fitpicslovers, #buyfeetpics, etc.

Additionally, increase your listings on your favorite feet pics selling platforms. Every foot pics website and app has a page and product listings you may edit.

Ensure you add as many as possible, describe them well, and use keywords to help buyers quickly find them.

If you have a website, you can utilize advertisements on Google, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest to boost traffic.

7. Know How to Set Boundaries With Buyers

Knowing where to draw the line will help you sell feet pics without feeling scammed or uncomfortable.

As you start selling feet pics, be transparent in your bio about who you are and your services. Alternatively, create a FAQ section or Important Policies page that lets clients know what they can expect. These boundaries will help buyers not ask for things you have said you don’t offer.

If a buyer makes an outlandish request that goes against your values and beliefs, decline their offer. If they continue to pursue you, block them and report them to the website admins.

8. Browse About the Legality Around Feet-Pics Selling

Selling feet pictures online isn’t classified as adult content. Therefore, as long as it is your work, it is generally legal in most regions.

However, laws vary depending on your location. Therefore, it is best to confirm the laws, primarily if you reside in a country with strict religious beliefs and practices.

You should also be over 18 years old to sell pictures online. Also, read the terms and conditions of your favorite feet-selling website or app to avoid any legal issues.

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9. Confirm Taxation Laws

Americans making over $600 selling feet pics online must pay taxes every quarter or just once a year on April 15th.

If you qualify for filing taxes on your feet pics earnings, you will need to:

  1. File this extra income on Schedule C (business income) and expenses, including equipment, bills, etc.
  2. Next, carry the profit or loss over to Schedule SE (which calculates self-employment tax).
  3. Afterward, head over to IRS Form 1040 and report your income and deductions. Doing so helps determine the amount of tax you need to pay or the refund you can expect to receive.

10. Learn About Copyright and Licensing

The simplest way to copyright your feet photos is to place a copyright notice on them. A copyright notice must have the following:

  • The word “copyright”, a circled c (©), an abbreviated one (Copr.)
  • The name of the copyright owner
  • The year of first publication

© Emma Harper 2023 is an example of a valid copyright notice.

You can have a creative commons, rights-managed, or royalty-free license, depending on your objectives and interests.

  • Royalty-free: The buyer pays a one-time licensing fee, which allows them to use the photo for as long as they require and for many different reasons and projects.
  • Rights managed: The buyer pays for the use of an image based on specific criteria, such as the image’s purpose, duration of use, and geographic location. No one else can use it when this buyer is using it. Once the licensing period expires, the buyer must pay again to use the image.
  • Creative Commons (CC): This license type allows feet pics sellers to share their work freely while retaining some rights. CC is mainly used for non-commercial purposes. The license allows buyers to modify your images but with proper attribution.

So, What Next Now?

Now, you have learned what you need to know before selling feet pictures online. 

The next step is to gather the necessary equipment, create an appealing environment, pose, and take your first-foot photo.

Sounds easy, right?

However, to successfully sell feet pics online, you must consistently post pictures and be cautious. Also, be ready to learn from successful feet pics sellers and stay current on feet pics trends.

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