How to Sell Feet Pics Anonymously

Want to learn how to sell your feet pics anonymously?

Selling feet pics online requires a balance of professionalism, privacy, and security.

As much as the endgame is to make money, many channels of insecurity and exploitation open up during and after feet pic transactions.

You could say they are just pictures. We put dozens of our photos on our social media timelines, and nothing happens. Why would feet pics be sensitive?

Why do we need to be anonymous? And is there a foolproof way to sell feet pics anonymously?

This article will answer that and many more questions that you may have about online anonymity as far as selling feet pictures is concerned.

Where Can You Sell Feet Pics Anonymously?

You can sell feet pics anonymously on FeetFinder. This is an established feet pic platform with solid policies to protect your privacy and ensure your online safety.

You will love FeetFinder because it doesn’t offer safety at the expense of efficiency. Most platforms can’t find a way to accommodate the two.

FeetFinder has hundreds of thousands of users and facilitates thousands of daily transactions.

That should say something: despite being strict, the site is reliable on the aspects that matter most to its users.

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Other places you can sell feet pics anonymously include:

1.) Your website.

Setting up and running a successful feet pic website without revealing your identity is possible.

The rather obvious problem is that personal websites can be expensive to run.

You need to pay for marketing, hosting, maintenance, etc., and there is no guarantee you will break even, let alone make a profit.

2.) Marketplaces.

Most general marketplaces have a category for personal ads. You can always post your feet pics there.

It will probably cost you nothing, but your posts compete for visibility with thousands of other live listings. That’s the downside.

The best part is that sites like Craigslist will let you post your item without setting up a profile first. So the anonymity part is well taken care of.

3.) Stock photo sites.

Stock photo sites are platforms like Shutterstock and iStock.

They are marketplaces for photos that either let you sell directly to buyers or buy from you and resell to other buyers.

Most won’t prompt you to set up an account with your true ID.

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What makes FeetFinder the best place to sell feet pics anonymously?

Here’s why.

FeetFinder not only mediates transactions but also handles payments. They run an escrow to save you the need to charge customers directly.

In so doing, they save you the need to share your personal and banking details with strangers.

But don’t they ID-verify you when you create your account? Yes, you have to submit a picture of yourself holding up a government-issued ID. 

But the platform doesn’t use this picture in any way other than to verify that you are at least 18 years old and that the ID is indeed yours.

You are not compelled to use your real name or photo in your profile. There is no time other users will know who you are if you don’t want them to.

Another reason I would recommend FeetFinder is that the site is strictly for selling and buying feet pics.

It’s a community of foot lovers. So it’s a space of people who are into what you are into yourself.

You probably know this is good for business. But do you know it’s also good for your privacy?

Let’s say you seek anonymity because you don’t want your friends and relatives to misjudge you.

What is the likelihood some of them are on Instagram? Very high, right? And what is the probability they are on a dedicated feet pic platform like FeetFinder? Very low.

So it’s more likely they would bump into your content if you posted it on Instagram instead of FeetFinder.

Lastly, FeetFinder gives you more ways than one to sell your feet pics. You can post your pics like marketplace listings.

You can also inbox potential buyers and get them to buy your pictures. Interestingly too, users can subscribe to your profile and pay a subscription fee . . . to you!

How to sell feet pics anonymously online

So apart from choosing the right platform, what are the other ways you can enhance your online anonymity as a feet pic seller?

1.) Do not share your personal information.

With just a few details, someone can identify you and probably extract more information to use for identity theft and other malicious purposes.

Consider using a dedicated phone number and email address for business communication if possible.

2.) Watermark your images.

Watermarking your images will help ensure your photos are not copied and redistributed without your consent.

Blocking redistribution also ensures your pictures don’t reach the wrong hands.

3.) Use a secure payment method.

If you sell directly to buyers, consider payment options that don’t reveal your personal information, like cryptocurrency.

4.) Use a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) hides your location and provides a much-needed extra layer of privacy and security.

5.) Do not be coerced into showing your face in feet pics if you don’t want to. This goes without saying!

How to make money while selling feet pics anonymously

It’s no secret that foot fetishists dominate the feet pic market.

Unlike podiatrists, marketers, and content creators, some foot fetishists also want to know the person behind the feet pics they are buying. This breeds a dilemma.

Read on for ways to get around it.

  1. Target buyers who don’t mind not seeing your face. You can find these everywhere, including on FeetFinder and similar platforms.
  2. Improve your photo quality. Make your pictures so good that they are irresistible.
  3. Deal only with buyers you can trust.


Privacy is crucial in any online transaction.

By following the tips in this article, such as creating an anonymous persona, watermarking your feet pics, and using a secure platform like FeetFinder, you can maneuver the feet pic market while safeguarding your privacy.

Are you an active feet pic seller? Let me know in the comments how you protect your identity and whether or not the strategy is working for you.

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