15 Best Apps and Websites To Sell Feet Pictures

The feet pic industry is high on the rise. And it’s not that the world suddenly developed fetishism for feet. It’s just that we found new ways to share them and make each other’s evenings.

If you love your feet and reckon someone will have the same opinion of them, then you are walking on a pair of passive income sources.

Where can you sell your feet pics, you may ask? Well, to someone you know who likes feet pics or has a business that can use them in some way or in the many marketplaces that have buyers on hand.

In this article, I will discuss some of the best websites and apps to sell feet pics and how each one operates.

The Best Place to Sell Feet Pics

If you’re looking for the best place to sell feet pictures online, FeetFinder is the site for you.

Different sites use different methods to facilitate the sharing of feet pics among feet lovers. Feetfinder – a dedicated feet pic marketplace – happens to be one of my favorites.

The site has over 250,000 users, all of whom are there for the same thing: feet pictures and videos. Many of them are sellers like you, but most are buyers.

The quality of your photos and, of course, the appearance of your feet will determine how you fare on the website. Your pricing and popularity in and outside the site may also have a say.

I would recommend Feetfinder to anyone who wishes to add an income source to their current options and cares about their privacy (Feetfinder doesn’t require you to show customers your face). If you fancy the freedom to set your feet pic prices, again, this is the site for you.

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More Apps & Websites To Sell Feet Pics

1. Instafeet

Instafeet charges buyers a subscription fee but has a different arrangement with sellers. That is what makes it different from Feetfinder, which is subscription-based on the seller’s side.

With Instafeet, you create a profile, upload pictures, and withdraw your earnings through PayPal. The site keeps 10% of your earnings and sends you the rest twice every month.

According to reviews, you can make as much as $500 per day. This requires a lot of patience and uploading, though.

It’s near-impossible to join and start earning that much immediately unless you have a killer marketing approach and use most of the site’s earning channels.

2. Feetify

You cannot discuss websites to sell feet pictures without mentioning Feetify. As the name suggests, Feetify is strictly a platform for selling feet pics.

Although it’s not as popular as its rivals Instafeet and Feetfinder, it’s legit and certainly worth exploring.

What you’re likely to like about it is that it accepts male feet pics too. Some sites like Instafeet only have a place for female sellers.

Additionally, it is absolutely free to register and use. Premium plans come with the following perks:

  • Monthly cash rewards
  • Unrestricted photo and video upload
  • Profile visibility to all buyers
  • Direct contact with buyers

Feetify has a large user base of 150,000 active members. Get the most out of it by creating an appealing profile, uploading your very best feet pics, and upgrading to the premium plan.

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3. Foap

Apparently, popular mobile app stores won’t let feet pic apps into their platforms because they promote/target fetishism.

That’s according to Feetfinder, at least. It appears that doesn’t apply to Foap, which is available on both App Store and Play Store.

Foap app allows you to upload your feet pics straight from your smartphone. Your images are available for sale immediately after they’re live on the marketplace, and you can sell them repeatedly to different customers.

The app also has something called Foap missions, which are basically intermittent photo challenges set up by famous brands like Nivea and MasterCard.

It’s unlikely that you will regularly find feet pic challenges, but the randomness on the app is an indication you can’t rule out the possibility.

Each photo sells for $10. The company takes $5 and deposits the rest in your Foap account. From there, you can withdraw the money into your PayPal account.

4. OnlyFans

They say OnlyFans isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but have you heard of Liz Cambage, Tyler Posey, Amber Rose, Erica Mena, etc., and what they are making?

I find OnlyFans to be the perfect site to sell feet pics as it actually lets you create a fan base. These fans pay a monthly subscription fee to view your content. If you’re doing a good job, you can get tips of up to $100 for your content.

To get started, go to the OnlyFans homepage and create your profile. It’s free and fast. The harder part is building a following. I reckon this is why many people have a negative opinion of it.

For a decent following, you will need to be patient and invest in a lot of social media and Google marketing. The best part is when you start earning, there is no stopping.

5. Feetpics

Feetpics.com is different from other feet pic platforms because it is more than just a place to market and sell pics of your prized assets. Through its Feetpics Academy, members can hone their photography skills and improve their marketing.

It is a subscription-based site, meaning you will pay a fee to use it. If you have some money to spare, you can spend it on the highly-resourceful Feetpics eBooks that go for $29 a copy.

Regarding pay rates, nothing besides the good old law of demand and supply will limit you. And you can receive your money through multiple payment options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards, and bank transfers.

Make sure you understand the pricing habits of other sellers before setting your own feet pic prices.

6. Dollar Feet

In the face of Instafeet, Feetfinder, Feetpics, and other sites on this list, Dollar Feet is less of a marketplace and more of a client. You sell directly to them. And albeit its pic quality standards may seem ridiculous, it does pay foot models for real.

So what do they do with the pics? Resell them, of course. My research shows a site called wantfeet.com is Dollar Feet’s go-to resale platform.

To join Dollar Feet, firstly, you need to be a female. Secondly, you must have beautiful feet. Lastly, you must be willing to send in feet videos with your face showing.

The platform pays between $10 and $15 per 10-minute feet video. No subscription is required.

7. Wikifeet

Like many sites, wikiFeet didn’t start as the site it is now. Initially a platform for sharing and rating celeb feet pics and videos, the site is now a full-fledged marketplace where you can explore, buy, and sell images of your non-celebrity feet.

Reviews and seller feedback show that you can make hundreds of dollars a month just waking up, taking photos of your feet, deleting the ugly ones, and uploading the right ones.

You might be disappointed by the site’s lack of escrow services and onboard communication features, but the 3 million users that view the site every month are all the incentive you need.

Buyers and sellers simply meet on the platform. How they interact going forward is not wikiFeet’s problem. I’d say this is a great site to use as a traffic source for your feet pic listings on other platforms.

8. Zazzle

Zazzle is a print-on-demand site that many foot models have used to supplement their online income sources.

It works a lot differently from many other websites and apps to sell feet pics, and that makes it attractive to a specific set of foot lovers.

Models don’t sell pics directly to individuals. They place them on the website, and every time someone wants a mug or t-shirt with the said picture on it, they pay for it.

The good side of this model is that it lets you earn for as long as your picture is relevant and valuable and Zazzle is still in operation. Also, unlike Foap, the site doesn’t decide prices for your pictures. You get all the pricing freedom.

The platform credits your royalties to your Zazzle account every time someone uses your feet pic on merchandise. You can withdraw your money to PayPal once it accumulates to $50 or request a check payment for $100 or more.

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9. Instagram

It’s chaos on your feed every time you open Instagram. The whole app is simply an unending scroll-fest of photos, videos, and reels, sometimes from people you know not about. This begs the question, how can you sell feet pics on Instagram?

The simplest way is to create a dedicated Instagram account, upload your photos, and direct whoever sees them to your site or listing elsewhere.

It’s advisable that you put up images you have no intention of using elsewhere, as anyone can download them. But while protecting your best snaps, it is best to ensure your Instagram uploads are close representations of what you have to offer.

10. Printify

Printify works similarly to Zazzle. Images are sold as prints on bags, apparel, and household items, and creators get paid each time an item bearing their photo or design is sold.

It is a print-on-demand site with no restrictions on the type of photo you upload. All you have to do is ensure you meet the site’s quality standards, which also sway customer decision-making.

Foot models, like any other Printify creators, have the right to choose the products they wish to have their images printed on.

With the help of an in-built Mockup Generator, they can preview the end-product and switch up colors for customization before displaying them on their stores.

Printify offers free and paid plans, both of which support integration with major sales platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Shopify.

11. Personal Website

A personal website is the best place to sell feet pics if you get everything right. Many people don’t go down this route because it’s too much work and money creating a website and running it.

What they don’t realize is that websites offer freedom and portray them as authorities in their niche. You can upload dozens of pictures when you want and without adhering to strict, sometimes ridiculous, upload requirements.

Also, in the long run, there is a low likelihood that you will spend more selling feet pics through your website as opposed to a subscription-based platform.

That is not to say it will be all roses peddling your feet pics independently. Sure you won’t have to share your income or abide by third-party rules, but you will have to invest heavily in marketing to make good.

12. Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace for vintage and handmade items. It has over 80 million buyers, some of whom you’d argue wouldn’t mind tossing a well-taken feet pic in their cart on impulse.

Posting a single feet pic will set you back $0.20. If the picture finds a buyer, Etsy will cut a 5% commission on the selling price. There are no hidden costs whatsoever.

What I like most about Etsy is the visibility it gives your item on search engines. A simple organic search with the right keywords could easily place your pic on the first Google search results page.

I also like that the site offers a range of payment options, including bank transfer, Etsy credit, and gift cards.

13. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the earliest marketplaces to appear on the World Wide Web. The site receives over 250 million users each month, with each visitor estimated to spend about 14 minutes browsing it.

While the personal classifieds section hasn’t existed over the past decade, you’re still allowed to upload and sell feet pics on Craigslist.

Craigslist does not involve itself in interactions between sellers and buyers. Besides setting up an account and selecting PayPal or bank transfer as your payment option, there is not much that will be automatically decided for you.

Note, however, that you will have to pay at least $3 for each listing you put up.

14. TikTok

Available in over 150 countries and to anyone over 13 years old, TikTok is an excellent site to sell your feet pics.

It doesn’t have a pic marketplace, or any other marketplace for that matter, but it attracts over 50 million daily users, and it’s up to you to find a way to capitalize on that.

One of the easiest ways is to use popular hashtags in your posts. “Feet r us,” for instance, has been viewed over 7.5 billion times. There are many more such hashtags you can use.

Sadly, the giant platform won’t handle your payments and therefore won’t protect you from scammers. But, if you can direct prospects to your listings in actual marketplaces elsewhere, TikTok would be the free marketing platform you need to complete your jigsaw.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best apps and websites to sell feet pictures. Let me know which one you plan on exploring and why you think it’s the best option. If you’re an active user of any, I would love to know how you find it.

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