Selling feet pics was one day going to be a thing. Who would have thought?

Foot models worldwide are minting millions out of one of the most unorthodox industries in existence.

Who buys feet pictures, you may ask? And where does this trade take place?

Modeling agencies, stock photo websites, advertisers, designers, bloggers, artists, podiatrists (foot doctors), and fetishists all love a feet photo. And you can find them on feet pic marketplaces like Instafeet and Feetfinder or social networking platforms like Instagram.

In this article, we will discuss Zazzle, a rather unique online marketplace where you can sell images of your feet and get to see how they are used.

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How Does Zazzle Work?

Zazzle is a print-on-demand eCommerce platform that allows designers, artists, and photographers to sell their creations as prints on thousands of products.

As a feet pic seller, you will aim to sell mugs, business cards, birthday/wedding cards, postage stamps, skateboards, smartphone cases, clothes, etc., to feet fetishists for a commission.

Zazzle will let you decide how much you make per sale and award you royalties for as long as your pictures sell and the platform exists.

Before we discuss how to use and make the most of the platform, let me first show you why it is worth the effort and what cons to beware of.

Pros of Selling Feet Pics on Zazzle

  • You get a customizable store to display your feet pics
  • There are few entry barriers
  • It’s available worldwide
  • You can post as many pics as you wish
  • You’ll be visible to over 20 million monthly users
  • You determine your royalty rates
  • You can become an associate and earn a 15% commission for every purchase made by a customer you referred to the site (plus the royalty if they buy from your store)
  • You can upload images in bulk

Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Zazzle

  • It has a steep learning curve
  • Its marketplace is saturated
  • It is difficult to start earning immediately
  • Creating products is time-consuming

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How to Start Selling Feet Pics on Zazzle

1. Create Your Store

To create a store or shop on Zazzle, first, you need to create an account. This will require just an email address and a password. You can use Google or Facebook too. Just make sure the latter is connected to a valid email address.

After you’re done creating your account and validating your email, you will be asked to sign in. This is the page you land on:

zazzle feet pics

Click on the highlighted profile symbol in the top-right corner. A menu will appear. Click My Account, then create a store.

You will be taken to this page:

open zazzle store sell feet pics

Enter your preferred store name, solve reCAPTCHA, and click “create account.”

Next, you will be required to fill out a form that describes your store. There, you will provide your tagline, write your “About,” upload your store banner image, provide your site URL (if you have one), and add tags for easier identification. You will also provide your location information.

Note that you can make your store private if you reckon you opened it too early or you want to load a catalog of images before making it public. So lack of content shouldn’t prevent you from setting up a shop early.

2. Create Products

Creating products means putting feet pics on products and displaying them in your store. So if you have pics at the ready, open your store and select My Products on the horizontal menu at the top. Click create new product.

Here, you will find the product departments and price and color filters. The departments include accessories, art & wall décor, home & living, toys & games, electronics, clothing & shoes, and crafts & party supplies. Select one of the categories.

I chose Home & Living > Kitchen & Dining and narrowed down the list of options to white products for illustration. I remained with 33 results, as shown in this screengrab:

open zazzle store sell feet pics

On clicking the $14.95 Classic Mug, this editing page opened:

zazzle store sell feet pics

I wanted to use a feet pic image I had uploaded early, so I clicked Add Image.

zazzle sell feet pics

Note that you don’t have to upload images in advance to use them on products. You can upload as you edit using the Upload Images button shown on the above screengrab.

For this illustration, I chose the only pic on my image browser and, after a few tweaks, came up with this:

You can upload your feet pics edited and ready for use, or you can upload them raw and use the on-site editor.

The Zazzle editor lets you apply filters, crop, resize, fit, fill, flip, and rotate your pictures. You can even create templates so it’s easier to create similar products in the future.

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3. Sell Products

And finally, the most important part: selling your feet-pic-laced product.

feet pics zazzle

Start by clicking on the Sell It button as shown above. The page that opens up will let you perform the following functions:

  1. Choose a name for your listing
  2. Choose a marketplace department. For our example listing, I retained the suggested option: Home & Living > Kitchen & Dining > Drinkware > Mugs & Cups
  3. Write a product description
  4. Review your product merchandising, i.e. how the product will appear in the Zazzle Marketplace
  5. Choose categories. This includes stating the occasion and recipient your product is meant for and selecting a store category for it
  6. Add SEO tags

You can also set your audience and visibility and make the product customizable under the Additional Information category.

zazzle feet pictures

At the bottom of the page is the Royalty Information section, which looks like this:

zazzle sell feet pics

The royalty percentage can be anything between 5% and 99%. At 5% royalty, my feet pic will earn me $0.75 for every mug I sell.

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Can I Really Make Money Selling Feet Pics on Zazzle?

Yes, you can! But you will need to upload sellable pictures, find the right Zazzle products, and tap into your marketing genius.

From the example above, it’s clear that you need to sell more than 100 mugs to make $100. So your store needs to be a traffic magnet if you’re going to earn a decent income from the platform.

Promote your work on social media and offline. Send emails to your fans and friends, post your new products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and reach out to bloggers to link to your store.

As stated earlier, it will help to subscribe to the platform’s referral program, which gives you an additional 15% commission per sale.

Finally, ensure to keep your store active. Keep adding feet pics and products, and send alerts to customers and prospects with every addition.

You won’t be charged a penny to create a shop or add products. All products are free, too, and you can have up to 100,000 of them in your store.


Selling feet pics on Zazzle differs from other platforms like Feetfinder and Instafeet in that Zazzle requires you to put those pictures on products rather than sell them as standalone products.

As you might have noticed, though, there is nothing too complicated about creating products on the platform. It’s fun, if anything, and the prospect of earning a passive income for life sure counterbalances the hassle.

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