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15 Best Places To Sell Photos Online & Earn Extra Cash

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Are you looking for websites where you can sell photos online and make money with your photography? Thank your heavens, because this article will give you the best places that you can use to sell your photos online. 

Having a breakthrough as a photographer may take a lot of work and some time. Meanwhile, you can consider selling your photos online. There are a lot of websites that allow you to sell photos to people who need them. 

You do not have to be a pro or have complex photography equipment and skills to get started. With a simple camera, you can take photos and sell them on these sites. 

If you already have a collection of photos on your hard disk and you don’t know what to do with them, it’s time to fatten that wallet. Sign up on the sites reviewed below and sell your photos online. 

Let’s dive right into what you are here for. 

How to sell photos online and make money (15 ways)

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1. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock was launched in 2015. The creators of Lightroom and Photoshop created Adobe Stock. 

It may be tricky for beginners because they expect some quality photos. They may be picky in their content approval process. 

Their integration with software such as Lightroom allows photographers to upload images directly from their photo editing software. 

You can earn anything between $0.20 and $3.33 per image download. You may find this rate low, but you will love that they are non-exclusive; you can upload the photos to any other site. 

2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is the most popular site that photographers use to sell photos online. It also has the most extensive customer base. 

They take approximately two days to approve photos. 

The images you submit on this site are non-exclusive, which means you can upload them on other sites. 

You will earn an average of $0.25 per image download. 

3. Alamy

Alamy is another famous site photographers use to sell their photos. You will love that they offer better prices than Shutterstock and iStock. 

They have a commission rate of 50% for exclusive images and 40% for non-exclusive images. This can easily be the best you will find in the industry. 

You will love that they give you the option to go exclusive to remain non-exclusive on your photos. This makes it flexible. They have an excellent customer base, and therefore your chances of selling are even higher. 

4. iStock Photos

iStock Photos is part of Getty Images. You can use this large platform to display and sell your photos to over 10 million customers. 

But why would you choose iStock Images over Getty Images? iStock offers you non-exclusivity. You can upload the images there and still sells them elsewhere. But, they also offer an exclusive option. You can go with exclusivity for a higher commission.

They pay a 15% flat rate for non-exclusive photos. 

And they approve photos based on the set criteria. 

5. Getty Images

Getty Images is often seen as the Pablo Picasso of photography. This site has a lot of quality images and customers. Most of the images here are used in news articles. 

You will love how the prices for photos are fantastic. You will earn much more for even low-resolution photos. You can make some sales even if you are beginning. 

The images are exclusive. Once you upload them on Getty Images, you cannot have them on any other website. 

However, you will love that the approval process on Getty Images is more lenient than other websites. For instance, they accept photos with exceptional artistic qualities, even if some of the parts are out of focus. 

They have a pay rate of 20%. 

Sell photos online for free

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6. 500px

500px is a website that allows you to sell photos and also be in a photography community. 

The photos here are featured in different disciplines. You can use this platform for advertising your skills and also promote your work to potential clients. 

Furthermore, you can sell the images directly through licensing. You will love that they do not have submission fees. But, the commission is divided between exclusive and non-exclusive photos. 

They have a strict approval process, but it will be worth it once you have several of them approved. 

7. Can Stock Photo

Can Stock Photo is another excellent website to sell your photos. This site offers relatively low rates for its images. However, contributors earn up to 40% of every image purchased. 

You’ll love that you will not be charged any submission fees or monthly fees. To get started, you will have to complete a simple application form and submit three images. Of course, you want to submit your crème de la crème at the start. 

You can only access your funds for withdrawal when you hit their $50 threshold. 

It has a simple submission system, and it’s generally easy to use the website. 

8. Stocksy

Getting accepted on Stocksy is such an achievement. If you get accepted, you need to toast to that achievement. They periodically open their application, so always be on the watch out. 

They have an impressive 50% standard earning rate. This is such an excellent rate. 

However, this site is entirely exclusive. 

They have a vast customer base; therefore, the chances of selling your images are high. 

They have stringent approval and application process. 

9. CreStock

Crestock is much similar to Shutterstock. So, if you loved it at Shutterstock, you will most probably love it here. This website has millions of customers. 

On the downside, the earning potential of CREstock is lower than other Photography sites. 

The CreStock website is a similar microstock platform to Shutterstock. The prices of the image are low. Even with high download volumes and earning 40% per image, you may end up with minimal cash. 

10. 123RF

123RF is a photo website that claims to have a customer base of over 5 million. The sales and purchases are in 44 countries, so be sure that they cover you before wasting your time. 

Their commission rates range from 30% to 60%. The photos uploaded here are non-exclusive. 

They work using a customer credit system whereby customers purchase credits, which allows them to purchase photos. It is for this reason that they do not have a standard commission rate. 

More websites to sell photos online and earn money

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11. Etsy

Etsy is considered the most popular online marketplace for crafts in the world. It has over 30 million active buyers. This means that you have more potential to sell on this website. 

They have a listing fee of $0.20, which allows you to host your photos for four months. 

They have a processing and transaction fee, but it comes to less than 10% of the sale. 

You will love that Etsy allows you to customize your shop and market yourself to the clients. 

12. ArtFire

Artfire is a site that works more like Etsy. It is dedicated to crafts, but it’s famous for photography too. They have three plans you can subscribe to:

  • Standard
  • Popular
  • Featured

The final percentage you earn is usually around 87.25%, and there is an additional monthly fee of $4.95. 

They have a customizable shop and even start ratings. So, be sure to customize your shop well and sell your best photos to get better ratings. 

There is no approval process for uploading the photos, but the registration process does require approval. The photos you submit are non-exclusive. 

13. SmugMug Pro

SmugMug is a site that is friendly to both pros and beginners. You can create a beautiful portfolio to attract customers. They also have tools that will help you grow your photo selling business. 

You will love that they let you keep 85% of the sale. You, however, need to sign up for a monthly subscription. The minimum costs $200 per year for a portfolio plan. It May seem expensive, but this subscription does give you access to eCommerce tools that will help you sell your photos online. 

14. Twenty20

Twenty20 was launched as a site where Instagram photographers can sell their photos to brands. It’s a vast community that lets people sell their photos online and connect with potential clients. 

There are three ways to earn on Twenty20:

  • Earn $2 per photo licensed
  • Earning cash prizes from photo challenges
  • Make 100% commission from brands that hire you for scheduled shoots

With Twenty20, you can sell photos on their application or have them on your website page on the brand’s domain. Either way, it’s a fantastic place to sell pictures online and make money.

15. DepositPhotos

DepositPhotos is a marketplace that connects photographers to clients from over 200 countries. It is a massive community of photographers too. 

The commission you earn largely depends on the contributor’s experience and status on this platform. Sometimes, your pay will depend on the resolution of the image and the type of license. 

All in all, the commission range would be 34% and 42%. 

Ready to start selling photos online?

Okay, that’s it for the best places to sell photos online. Potential customers are looking to buy photos from different disciplines. Be it kids, food, nature, landscape, people; someone is always looking for photos in different disciplines. 

Get all the photos you have saved on your hard disk and let them make the money for you. Sign up, take high-resolution photos, show off your talent and earn money captivating your customers doing what you love. 

Okay, before you get back to play around with those lenses, we would love to hear from you. 

What website have you used to sell your photos online before? What advice would you give photographers looking to sell their photos? Leave us a comment below. 

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