Are you based in Australia and want to make some easy extra cash sharing your opinion? If yes, these top 10 best paid surveys in Australia might be perfect for you.

If you’re like me, you probably love it when your opinion is heard. But did you know you could earn some easy money just sharing your opinions on different issues? Yes, there are many online paid surveys in Australia that will pay you in exchange for your opinions.

If you’d like to gain from sharing your views, you have found what you are looking for. We compiled this list of the top 10 best paid surveys Australia just for you. 

But before we get to the best paying surveys in Australia, please note that the money you earn from survey sites cannot sustain you fully. The earnings will be little, say enough to get you out of a small fix, supplement your income, or get you some snacks. So have realistic expectations when signing up with these paid survey sites. Do not expect to harvest millions. 

Alright, let’s get right into the top 10 best online paid surveys in Australia.

The Top 10 Best Paid Surveys Australia Has To Offer

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1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a California-based company that was established in 2005. The main way members of this site make money is by taking paid surveys. Additionally, Survey Junkie will pay you to test their clients’ products and participate in focus group interviews. 

Testing products and focus group interviews, though scarce, pay better than regular surveys. Focus group interviews can make you approximately $100 per hour, while testing products will make you anything between $25 and $50. 

You will earn $1.50 as your welcome bonus after signing up and verifying your email. After verification of your email, you will be able to access some surveys. They will send you invitations whenever studies you qualify for are uploaded. To boost your chances of qualifying for more studies, be sure to customize a fantastic profile. 

Here’s how to earn your first $1 in 5 minutes:

  • Sign up through this link and get 25 points instantly. 
  • Confirm your email address and get 25 points.
  • Complete your profile and get 50 points.
  • Take a “How it Works” tour and get 5 points.
  • Take simple profile surveys and get 10 points each.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites among Australians and most of the world countries. The site claims to have over 20 million members.

Taking surveys is, of course, the primary way you can make some money on Swagbucks. You can, however, earn by watching videos, shopping online, and playing games. They will also pay you a $5 sign up bonus. 

For every task you complete on Swagbucks, you will earn points called ‘SB.’ 

These points are redeemable to PayPal cash or gift cards for different retailers. 

Click here to join Swagbucks & claim your $5 bonus

3. Rewardia

Rewardia is a site that lets its members have fun and earning rewards while at it. The primary way you will gain from this platform is by answering paid surveys. You can also make money by solving puzzles, play games, watch videos, answer trivia, and vote on polls.  

Signing up on this site will earn you 100 points. The points you earn for completing every task can be redeemed to major retailers’ gift cards and cash. You will need to accumulate 5000 points-equivalent of $5 to cash out.  

A regular short and straightforward survey will earn approximately 1500 points, which are redeemable to $1.50.  

The cash-out option is only via bank transfer. They have no PayPal option at the moment. 

Click here top join Rewardia

4. OpinionWorld

OpinionWorld is a survey site that has been operating since 1977. Their surveys mostly focus on digital market research. 

Completing surveys on this platform will make you $0.5-$3. 

Their payout threshold is 1000 points, which is redeemable to $10. You can choose to go for Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, airline miles, and checks.

What I love most about this site is their swiftness. The staff is prompt, especially when it comes to answering inquiries and, most importantly, payouts. Once you request your payout, you will receive your earnings within 24 hours. 

Click here to join OpinionWorld

5. MyOpinions

MyOpinions is a legit survey site that offers you a variety of ways to make money. To get started on MyOpinions, you will need to sign up and give the necessary information. It’s after this that you will be able to access your first survey. 

You need to be 18 and above to be accepted. The site will send you an invitation to take surveys you qualify. Always be on the watch out for their message in your email. For more points, login into your account and browse for any other survey that may interest you. 

The surveys on this site mostly deal with Australian products and services. 

Click here to join MyOpinions

6. LifePoints

You can earn money on this platform by either taking paid surveys or participating in the contests. Their contests are conducted on their Facebook page, so be sure to follow them on Facebook. 

After you sign up, you will be awarded $0.30 as a sign-up bonus. Expect to earn anything up to $10 for answering regular surveys. 

They will send you invitation emails to take surveys you qualify to take. You can choose to take the polls on a browser, or their app. 

They pay via PayPal or gift cards. They also give you an option to donate to charity organizations. 

Click here to join LifePoints

7. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions pays you up to $5 to answer surveys. Registering on this platform is straightforward. You will need to answer a few basic and profile questions to get started. 

After signing up, you will receive emails inviting you to take surveys you qualify to answer. To land more reviews, be sure to browse the ‘my survey’ section. You will find some studies you can answer from their dashboard. 

What I love most about the site is that they have no complicated point pay system. Surveys will earn you $1-$5, which are redeemable to gift cards. The lowest amount you can redeem to a gift card is $10. 

Before you sign up on this site, be aware that you can cash out money. You will have to redeem the money to gift cards. 

Click here to join Valued Opinions

8. Nielsen Panel

Nielsen Panel is owned and operated by Nielsen Research Company- a media and consumer research company. 

You will earn money from them collecting data from your phone. Of course, the data will be collected anonymously; you have no reason to get worried. All you will have to do is install their app on your phone. The app will then collect data of your internet activity, anonymously. In simpler words, you will earn money for just installing and having their app on your mobile-this is free money.  

Click here to join Nielsen Panel

9. Toluna Surveys

Toluna Surveys is loved by lots of paid survey takers, thanks to its simplicity and consistency. They will always have a survey you can take every day. Now, this is not something you get with most survey sites. On average, active members of this site take 5-10 surveys.

Besides taking paid surveys, you can make money to test products, interact with other members, play games, and participate in sponsored polls. 

They will send you emails to take surveys you qualify to complete. The thing is, you need to be very swift. Such studies fill up so quickly. Always be on the watch out for their invitations. Other than these, you can also land some surveys on their dashboard. 

They give you options to redeem your points to either gift cards or PayPal cash. 

Click here to join Toluna

10. YouGov

If you are a lover of politics and current affairs, you will love it on YouGov. 

 Every time you complete a survey on this platform, you will be awarded some points. You will have to accumulate your points to 5000 before you can withdraw. These 5000 points are redeemable to $50. Signing up and completing the welcoming poll will earn you 100 points. 

You can access their surveys via a browser. However, for an easier time, you should opt to download their YouGov Sada App. 

Click here to join YouGov

Which Of These Online Paid Surveys In Australia Will You Join?

If you are an Australian looking to earn some extra money on the side, I believe the companies listed above will have you sorted. With these paid survey sites, you can make some easy cash during your tea breaks, or even as you watch TV. 

To make the most out of surveys, I recommend that you sign up on 4-5 sites. This way, you will still land some studies on other sites whenever others run dry. With realistic expectations and swiftness to grab available opportunities, I’m sure you will love it on the above sites. 

Feel free to talk to us in the comment section below. Did you enjoy this selection of the top 10 best paid surveys in Australia? Do you have any more sites you would love to add to the list? What is your experience with some of the survey sites you have signed up on? We are eager to hear from you.

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