DailyRewards Canada Review – Legit or Scam?

Taking surveys is one of the ways you can earn extra money online. If you are looking for a legit survey company and are based in Canada, you have probably heard or read about DailyRewards. Let’s dig deeper into what exactly is Daily Rewards, and what you should expect from it. 

What is Daily Rewards? 

DailyRewards is a Canadian-based get-paid-to company. Daily Rewards hires Canadians to read emails, take online surveys, play games, and go shopping. 

It is operated by CotterWeb Entreprises, which was founded in 2000. CotterWeb Enterprises has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

If you are a Canadian looking to take paid surveys, you have probably come across Daily Rewards in your research. To clear any doubts, I have written an honest review of everything you need to know about Daily Rewards Canada. Keep reading. 

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Is DailyRewards Legit?

Daily Rewards is a legit get-paid-to site. It hires people to perform simple tasks for money. 

DailyRewards is the sister company of InboxDollars in the US and InboxPounds in the UK. 

Daily Rewards has been operational since its launch in 2005. Its transparency has won the trust of its thousands of members. 

To prove its trustworthiness, Daily Rewards has a 7.3/10 rating on Trustpilot. This is definitely a company you can trust. 

If you would love to join Daily Rewards, knowing it’s legit is not enough. It may be legit, yes, but it may not work for you. This is why we review it closely. From this DailyRewards review, you will be able to find out how it works and whether it is an ideal get-paid-to site for you. 

How DailyRewards Canada Works

The signup process on Daily Rewards is pretty simple. You will need to fill in your email address and some other personal information. Do not worry, though, nothing too personal. The signup process will be like a short survey, after which you will earn $0.50. After sign up and verification of your email, you will be paid another $5 as a signup bonus. 

The signup process is free. Click here to sign up and receive a $5 welcome bonus.

Daily Rewards Review

After the signup process, you are ready to start earning. They will send you invitations to take surveys that suit your profile. 

Brands pay Daily Rewards for the input of consumers like you. Daily Rewards hires people like you, who give their opinions on different issues. Daily Rewards will then pay you for your contribution. 

Daily Rewards Earning Opportunities

After completion of the signup process, you are ready to start taking surveys and make money performing other simple tasks. I will briefly review ways you can make money on Daily Rewards below. 

  1. Completing surveys. This is the primary way to make money on Daily Rewards. Most surveys will pay anything up to $3. The surveys can be a little tasking, but it’s a sure way to remain productive during your spare time. 
  2. Watching videos. You can earn a few coins watching videos directly on the Daily Rewards website. 
  3. Playing games. You can make some money while having fun playing games on this platform. You may even find some of your favorite games on the platform. You can expect to bump into games such as Vegas Nights, Bejewelled, and Wheel of Fortune. 
  4. Making referrals. Sending invitations to your friends is another way you can make money on this platform. Whenever a friend signs up using your affiliate link, you will make 10% of what they earn from the platform. 
  5. Shopping. Whenever you purchase items up for offer on the Daily Rewards portal, you will earn some credit back. This is a great way to save some money instead of directly purchasing items from stores. 
  6. Perform simple online tasks. You can make money from doing simple activities such as searching the web
  7. Offers. Daily Rewards gives its users occasional offers that can earn you up to $100. Lucky members land such offers. These offers include testing products and different services or taking surveys from patterning websites. 

Daily Rewards Canada Payment methods

All payments from this platform are made through PayPal. This is an ideal option because most people prefer having their cash rather than having gift cards, which is a mode of payment for lots of survey sites. 

You need to have $30 in your account to cash out. This threshold may take some time to achieve, say a few weeks, but it will ultimately be worth it when you withdraw your earnings. 

You will love that once you hit the $30 mark, you will automatically get an upgrade to gold membership. Gold membership means you will get quicker payments, more rewards, more sweepstakes entries, and more loyalty rewards. 

Daily Rewards Canada Pros

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  1. Simple and easy to use

The simplicity of Daily Rewards has won the hearts of its users. First, the signup process is very straightforward—nothing complicated like most other survey sites. 

Secondly, maneuvering the Daily Rewards website is simple. Everything here from the tasks, to withdrawals, is pretty obvious. You will quickly figure out how everything is done on the site. 

  1. Various ways to make money

You can earn money in 7 different ways, as discussed above. The various ways to make money will make your experience on this platform more interesting. 

  1. Punctual and timely

The support team of Daily Rewards responds to queries quickly. In case you have any inquiries or problems, be sure to send a message or an email to the support team. They are prompt in their responses.

Besides, payment and withdrawal are always timely. As long as you hit your cash threshold, withdrawal of your earnings will be pretty fast.

  1. Interesting surveys

You will how interesting surveys on this platform can get. You will rarely have a dull time taking the surveys. Besides, you will love the fulfillment that comes with the ability to influence products and brands that get to the market.  

  1. A regular flow of surveys

You will have at least five surveys to complete weekly. This is ideal because you will have something to work on almost daily. Lots of other sites may go for weeks without surveys for their members. 

Daily Rewards Cons

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  1. Low pay

The activities on this platform will not pay you well. This is obvious with all survey sites; they will not sustain you fully. Daily Rewards, however, pays lower than most other survey sites. 

This is made even worse with their high cash out threshold. You will need some time to accumulate your earnings to $30.  

  1. Accepts Canadians only

Daily Rewards accepts residents of Canada only. If you love in the USA, I recommend InboxDollars and InboxPounds in the UK. The same company owns these survey sites, so they are pretty much the same

  1. Time wastage on qualification merits

You will not qualify to take all surveys. This is not the main problem. The problem here is that you may be halfway answering the survey, only to be thrown out because you do not qualify for it. Spending 20 minutes on a study only to be kicked out can be frustrating. 

Is it worth it to join Daily Rewards Canada?

Daily Rewards will earn you some additional money on top of your regular income. It is completely worth it to join this site because you can complete the surveys during your tea breaks, or as you watch TV. 

This site will pay you approximately $30 more per month. If you join the site with realistic expectations, you will love the experience here. 

Daily Rewards Alternatives

If you are looking to earn more cash doing surveys online, you may also like the following sites:

Daily Rewards Review – Final Verdict

Taking surveys is one of the ways you can remain productive during your spare time. You cannot survive entirely from survey sites, and this is the mindset you should have while joining Daily Rewards. It is only realistic to expect approximately $30 per month from this site. The amount may go higher or lower in some months. Factor in its pros and cons before signing up. Have fun making a few bucks performing simple tasks!

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