15 Websites Like Shutterfly (The Best Alternatives)

Looking for Shutterfly alternatives? If so, keep reading below to discover the best sites like Shutterfly for photo, publishing, and printing services.

When it comes to photo printing services, very few companies hold a candle to Shutterfly.

The company not only produces some of the highest-quality prints but also offers free unlimited image storage.

The photo-uploading process has also been made incredibly easy. You can upload from your desktop, phone, or social media sites with just a few mouse clicks.

Depending on what you are looking for, though, Shutterfly may not always be the best option for you.

With that in mind, read on for 15 Shutterfly alternatives and their standout features.

Sites Similar To Shutterfly

1. CVS Photo

CVS Photo produces some of the sharpest photo prints and delivers them within an hour.

Of course, you will pay more in the end, but it’s totally worth it if you’re in a rush. A 4×6-inch print costs $0.39, while a 5×7 goes for $1.44.

Shutterfly charges 99 cents for the latter, a difference you will certainly feel if you print several photos simultaneously.

Other print options besides paper include:

  • Calendars
  • Mugs
  • Photo books
  • Wall canvases
  • Mousepads
  • Blankets
  • Greeting cards

Charges vary per print type, and payment is on pickup.

2. Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab is the standard for quality when it comes to color accuracy and photo sharpness.

Albeit more expensive than most other sites like Shutterfly, it offers a more extensive array of print options and better protective delivery packaging.

Also, new customers get a 25% discount, which makes it great if you don’t expect to come back again.

The web interface is not exactly the best, but it shouldn’t take you long to get the hang of it.

More to the point, they have a supportive customer support team to help you learn your way around the site.

3. Printique

Printique has this professional approach that often has people overlooking otherwise better services like Shutterfly.

Its packaging is clean and secure, which is what you want when sending a print, calendar, or photo book gift to a loved one with whom you shared great memories.

It also has the widest array of photo papers on this list. And for the bonus, you will get the option to write stuff on the back of your photos.

Printique accepts a range of file types, including TIFFs, and lets you upload files as large as 200MBs. 

4. Whitewall

Whitewall is the undisputed leading light in producing fine arts prints, having won the TIPA Award a remarkable four times between 2013 and 2021.

It focuses strictly on prints, though. So don’t bother signing up if you want a calendar, a photo book, or anything of the sort.

As regards pricing, Whitewall is far from the cheapest option. If you order a large print, in particular, you’re going to have to part with a few hundred dollars.

For instance, a 40×60-inch aluminum dibond print will set you back well over $500.

But the quality is top-notch, and you get a decent range of basic photo prints, framing, and wall mount options.

You might also like Pexels Alternatives for free images.

5. Canvaspop

Canvaspop excels at canvas prints and framing. It offers handmade frames in white, black, and espresso wood vinyl coatings.

Users also get to choose from a variety of standard and custom frame sizes and can add a white border if they like. On the printing front, Canvaspop is famous for its canvas prints.

They also excel at producing fine art paper prints, especially when they are tasked with encasing them in fully mounted frames as well.

All framed art prints that Canvaspop ship out from their facilities in North America are hand-inspected to ensure everything is perfect to the detail.

Legit Websites Like Shutterfly

6. MailPix

Like Shutterfly, MailPix offers not only photo prints but also personalized calendars, pillows, mugs, and wall décor.

It’s a reasonably-priced service, too, with 4×6-inch prints starting at 24 cents and posters at $5.29. A single photo card starts at $1.10, while a 4×6 photo book costs as low as $25.

The company also runs intermittent promotions, some of which cut the prices by upwards of 50%.

In terms of quality, MailPix is nowhere near as good as Printique or even Shutterfly, but it’s not the worst on the list either.

7. Bay Photo

Bay Photo is a well-respected online photo printing service, whose repute only went up following its merger with Aspen Creek Photo.

What makes it a force to reckon with is how its constituent companies fill up each other’s weaknesses.

Aspen Creek makes up for Bay Photo’s color accuracy issues, while Bay Photo offers speedy delivery, something Aspen Creek struggles with.

It’s a hybrid entry you will surely want to have a look at, especially if you are okay with above-average services for reasonable prices.

9. Mpix

Users usually look for a good balance of quality and price and this is where Mpix shines.

They also offer all kinds of printing, from holiday cards to photo books and calendars, ensuring no one is locked out of their service.

The paper selection is decent, going by what sites similar to Shutterfly have to offer. The color balance is well above average.

And the packaging is almost as good as Printique’s, at least from a durability standpoint. As good as it may sound, Mpix is not tailored for professionals.

What it does, is it gives you superior quality than the budget alternatives at a price lower than the professional services.

9. Walmart Photo

Walmart Photo’s omnipresence might be its strongest point. One-hour local deliveries are available virtually everywhere.

And unlike other websites like Shutterfly that force you to compromise quality for speed, the site gives you both in a package.

It’s, however, worth noting that service quality varies from location to location when you use the in-store option.

Also, Walmart Photo doesn’t accept TIFF files. But it makes up for that by accepting PNGs instead of just JPEGs.

And you can’t ignore the fact that you won’t need to break the bank just to print your family photos on canvas.

10. Snapfish

Snapfish is for the consumer that simply wants a decent print of the photo on their phone or social media and nothing more.

They also offer framed prints, but they don’t compel you to purchase the service with clever pricing arrangements like some sites do.

The site is incredibly cheap and has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the ordering process. It has quite the package of editing tools, too.

This saves the average consumer the need to use third-party editing software like Photoshop, which they may not know their way around anyway.

What is the catch, then? Well, your prints will be of average quality at best. They will also be delivered in flimsy packaging, so damage in transit is a significant likelihood.

Websites Like Shutterfly But Cheaper

11. FreePrints

If you are here strictly for services cheaper than Shutterfly, check out FreePrints. As its name suggests, the service is almost entirely free.

However, you will be charged for shipping and bound by a cap of 85 prints per month and 1,000 per year.

What’s more, the free prints are available in 4×6-inch sizes. For any other size, you will have to purchase.

FreePrints is also available as a mobile app that interfaces directly with the images in your phone.

You can also order prints of your Instagram and Facebook photos and even upload them straight from Google Photos.

12. Winkflash

Winkflash offers deals sporadically, and it’s possible to pay as low as 10 cents per photo print and $7.50 per canvas print. Not even Walmart offers such low prices.

However, it should be noted that Winkflash’s quality is lower than that of Walmart Photo and most of the other services on this list. But it’s not so bad that you shouldn’t use the service.

If you are looking for personal prints, it makes total sense to use Winkflash. For semi-professional quality, you may want to try some other site.

Winkflash charges as low as $1.99 and as high as $89 for shipping.

13. Walgreens

While Walgreens isn’t the most affordable photo printing service, it is cheaper than Shutterfly by a significant margin.

Photo books and “Thank You” cards cost as low as $9.99 and $0.95, respectively, while small canvas prints start at $39.99.

Shutterfly’s lowest offer for a “Thank You” card is $1.05. Photo books start at $20, and canvas prints at $69.98.

The quality has some difference, obviously, but it is not reflective of the price difference.

Walgreens offers same-day pickup and is an excellent choice if there is a Walgreens store near you.

14. Zazzle

Zazzle was among the very first companies to tap into the personalized gifts market.

It remains a market leader in the sector, with notable franchises, including Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, etc., using it to sell their merchandise.

While the service offers a limited range of customization options, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

They only accept high-quality images from creators, ensuring they look great on all their products.

Perhaps what counts against them is their cumbersome photo-uploading process. You can only upload 10 images at a time, which can be laborious in bulk printing.

You will, however, love the fact that you can earn through its marketplace. You can create designs and earn a passive income each time a user prints them on a Zazzle product.

15. Amazon Prints

Amazon is known for its quick door-to-door delivery, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it offers photo printing services.

According to reviews, Amazon Prints offers decent-quality prints at a reasonable price and provides users with unlimited photo storage.

There have been complaints about consistency, but that’s expected when the prices are so low.

They have also been shown to fall short at print customization. Users get to choose from only a limited variety of matte, luster, or glossy paper.

When it comes to photo products, there is a nice selection to choose from. You can have your print on anything from calendars and “Thank You” cards to mugs and metal wall décor.

Conclusion On Sites Like Shutterfly

Printique offers the best overall experience. Mpix provides the perfect balance of price and quality.

CVS Photo has the best photo quality among one-hour pickup providers. Zazzle lets you make money with your photos and designs.

Amazon gives you unlimited photo storage. And Walmart cares for your wallet.

Clearly, each service has its strong suit. So it is up to you to identify your priorities and find the company that suits them.

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