15 Easy DIY Crafts to Make and Sell Online for Extra Cash

Our latest collection of the most profitable DIY crafts to make and sell from home.

Are you good with your hands? Are you excellent with DIY, and can you follow a procedure and hack it? Or are you creative and create something adorable on your own from scratch?

If you are this type of person, you can make and sell crafts online. There are sites that you can use to sell your crafts. But that’s not our primary business of the day. 

Being good with your hands is not enough, especially if you are after securing the bag. It would be best if you made crafts that will sell. You don’t want to make crafts and end up with dead stock.

You want to make a hotcake- that will sell fast. And that’s precisely what we give you in this article – the best ideas of crafts to make and sell online. 

But do you know sites where you can sell your crafts? No? Let’s review the sites you can use to sell your crafts and then get right into the best crafts you can make for the money. 

Top sites to Sell Crafts

If you make crafts, making profiles on the sites below could land you customers. These are some of the best handmade markets in town:

  • Etsy
  • Artfire
  • eBay
  • Handmade at Amazon
  • Zibbet
  • Bonanza
  • SpoonFlower
  • iCraft
  • Shopify

Alright, now, time to look at the crafts you can make for money; and those that will sell. 

Let’s get right inside.

Profitable Crafts to Make and Sell

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1. Scented candles 

If you know how to make scented candles, that’s gold you are sitting on right there. Scented candles are always in demand- why? It is because they are used on very many occasions. 

Some of the famous instances scented candles are used include but are not limited to:

  • Parties and celebrations
  • Romance
  • Fragrance in a house
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Remembrance and support

Aromatherapy candles help people relax, focus and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. The good thing is you can get the aromas of the different candles locally, almost everywhere. 

Scented candles crafts to make for money

Making scented candles is pretty simple. This video will help you get started with making scented candles:

Follow the link below to make decorated and flowery scented candles:

3. Bath Bombs

We all love bath bombs! They transform the entire bath experience; everyone’s got to fall in love. Other than the fantastic scent, they are super moisturizing and leave your skin soft and supple. 

But that’s not even it; making bath bombs is super easy. And when you finally master the art and set up your shop, you could make some decent money from it. Doesn’t have to be in the league of Lush, but you sure can reproduce something closer if you give it some effort and patience. 

Bath Bombs

The good thing is the ingredients of bath bombs are widely available too. 

Collect your ingredients, and follow the following procedure to make your bath bombs for sale:

Make Your Own | Bath Bombs LUSH Inspired

After making your bombs, you can set up a shop on craft websites to start. 

3. Pom Pom 

Who doesn’t love pom poms? They are just incredible house decorations. 

Some of the pom pom decorations you can make include:

  • Wall hangings
  • Table-top decorations
  • Felt ball coasters

Click here to learn how to create felt balls. 

And, once you master the skill, you can create anything you want to. 

Read this article to get started on making pom pom cactus flower. 

4. Succulent Planters

Has the succulent bug got you already? Many people are now embracing succulent flowers- because they are so pretty, simple, and super-easy to maintain. If I can water it only once a week at most, and it’s elegant, why wouldn’t I get it? 

And, to add to that, those cute little succulent planters give the succulent plants a new ambiance. You can make those little containers and sell them to the millions of people who are now embracing succulent plants. 

You can either make the cute little succulent planters, probably for indoors, or large succulent planters for outdoors. You can make your planters from any material and in any design.

Succulent Planters

Feel free to get as creative as you can and ensure that the material won’t hold much onto the water because succulents don’t need a lot of it. 

5. Dolls

One thing we can comfortably agree on is we are now past the age of giving kids those plastic and creepy-looking dolls.

Even more critical, plastic toys such as dolls may contain lead, phthalates, cadmium, organotin, and PVC, which are toxic to children’s growth and development. They are linked to diseases such as asthma, reproductive problems, cancer and allergies. 

Many people are woke now and are shifting to safer options, such as fleece dolls. 

doll crafts to sell and make money

If you know how to make rag dolls, you can probably make a kill on the crafts websites. The good thing with fleece dolls, you can vary the skin tone to suit all your clients’ needs. 

It’s even a bonus if you can make doll clothes!

Here is a simple procedure to start with. 

More DIY Crafts to Make and Sell From Home

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6. Pillows

Whether it’s decorative pillows, couch pillows, bed pillows, or travel neck pillows, people will always be buying pillows. 

If you have made DIY pillows before, you could make a catch selling these. The secret with pillows is ensuring what you make is cute; nobody is going online to purchase boring pillows. 

If you would love to create a neck travel pillow, click here

7. Crochet

There are a lot of items you can crochet and sell online. It doesn’t have to be the obsolete table clothes our grandmas made. Some of the crotched items that sell include:

  • Pet clothes
  • Bikinis
  • Scarves
  • Bonnets
  • Sweaters
  • Baby shoes 

If you have been crocheting before, you can find patterns for different items online. Even if you have never taken a needle before to crochet, but you fancy this idea, you can get started and perfect the art. 


The good thing is you don’t need a lot to start. With your set of needles and yarn, and of course, the skill, you are ready to start crocheting. 

If you are an amateur in crocheting, this piece will give you over 100 crochet patterns to begin with. 

8. Wigs

Many people wear wigs to protect their natural hair or at least give the hair a break. Also, people with alopecia, hair loss or cancer patients undergoing chemo often use wigs. 

If you have what it takes to make synthetic wigs and human hair, setting up an online shop can make you some good money. 


The secret of selling your wigs is to ensure they are easy to style and give a better natural look, especially on the front edge. Make them in all colors because you will meet customers who may want them colorful. 

Also, don’t just make regular wigs; consider making costume wigs. Make wigs such as those worn by clowns or different characters. This is a sure way to make a kill during Halloween. 

9. DIY Lanterns

Beautifully made lanterns add life to space. Be it indoors or outdoors, lanterns can sure transform a space. 

You can make decorative lanterns for everyday use or lanterns for parties and celebrations. 

DIY Lanterns

Making lanterns is mostly about being creative. There is no specific way to explore different materials and designs to satisfy your customers’ needs. 

There are a lot of lantern ideas on Pinterest that you could explore for a start. 

10. Custom Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are just versatile. I can use them while lying on the couch and catching up with my favorite shows. I use them in the park and picnics. I use them when I want to travel light. 

And that’s not even the best part; I love when it is custom-made and maybe cute. 

Custom Fleece Blanket
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Many people buy custom-made fleece blankets, mostly with cute prints and custom messages, as gifts for their loved ones. 

You can also make custom-made babies’ fleece blankets.

Source the material, do the printing if required, add your creativity to it, and start marketing them. There are other designs, such as braided fleece blankets, that you could explore.

Just be sure to use soft material that feels great against the skin- we all want to feel comfortable using our fleece blankets. 

Other Profitable Crafts to Make and Sell

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11. Jewelry 

A lot of jewelers are making some good money selling their pieces online. The good thing about making jewelry is you can go as far as you want with your creativity, and there will always be people who will buy it. 

Some of the pieces you can make include:

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Brooches
  • Cufflinks

At the moment, brass jewelry is a thing because they cause very minimal reactions to the skin. But you can go further and make jewelry with pearls, and beads, to diversify your business. 

For brass and other metallic jewelry, you may need instruments to curve the metal. 

 There are so many DIY jewelry ideas on Pinterest you could explore. 

12. Organizers

I love being in an organized space or having my items organized. But, the irony is, I hate organizing my space. I know there are many of us out there. Getting organizers for bags, bedrooms, office desks, and living room makes materials much more effortless to keep in order. 

diy Organizers
Image credit: ladydecluttered.com

Organizers can be anything, such as make-up organizers, jewelry, shoes, office supplies, or documents. You could specialize or diversify depending on your market base. 

You can make them from wood, fabric, plastic, and metal.

Here are more ideas for organizers. Use your skill; earn money by making this a more organized planet. 

13. Mugs

Sounds cliché? Many people sell mugs as their crafts- and the truth is, they are a big catch. 

Just yet again, your chances of selling plain mugs are low. You need to get creative and customize adorable mugs. 

One tip is to create messages with mugs targeting different groups. Also, be very deliberate with your timing.

For instance, last year, on World’s Teachers Day, a friend who makes custom mugs and water bottles made mugs with the message ‘Thank You, Best Teacher In The World’ and others with ‘You are the Reason I accomplished So Much.’ They look like simple messages, but she sold over 200 mugs in the World Teacher’s Day week. 

You can create cute mugs with messages targeting different people or just mugs with some cute images. 

14. Macrame Items

Macrame items look beautiful when added to a house. The most popular macramé items are curtains and wall hangings. However, people are now embracing a lot of macramé vertical plant hangers. 

Image credit: avaquinns.com

Making macramé items is not that difficult. You need to find the right yarn and simple patterns to start with. 

It is much simpler to start with curtains before advancing to wall hangings and plant hangers. 

 Here are some macramé projects you could explore. 

15. Soap

You can create either bar soaps, small cakes of soap, or liquid soap. You can always research and play with ingredients depending on what you want to achieve. Just be sure to research the ingredients you include on every soap thoroughly – you do not want to harm your clients in any way. 

You can choose to specialize in one type of soap or diversify and even incorporate shampoo as you grow. 

diy soap crafts to make and sell for money

After you have made your soap, be sure to package them well. You can also have them tested by dermatologists to ensure your clients that your products are tested. This is a sure way to assure your customers and land even more – people love to buy skincare products tested and verified by dermatologists. 

Which of these crafts to make and sell resonated with you best?

If you are passionate about DIY, you can make a decent living. But one thing is passion is important, but penetrating the market is even more critical. This is why you need to create crafts that will sell. 

This article gives you ideas of crafts you can make and sell online. Find what you fancy or what you are already skilled in, learn or perfect the skill, and get started.

Make crafts, and create your online shops on the websites that connect craft makers to buyers. You may end up earning money doing what you love!

Voila, we have come to an end. But before you go, we value your opinion and suggestions. Have you made crafts and sold them online? Do you mind sharing with us which craft it was and how you did everything? We cannot wait to hear from you! Feel free to talk to us in the comment box below. 

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