Instafeet vs FeetFinder: An In-Depth Comparison

This is the ultimate Instafeet vs FeetFinder comparison guide. Keep reading to discover what makes each platform unique. Which one is the best for selling feet pics?

Selling feet pics is a legit side hustle. Foot models worldwide sell their feet pics to marketing agencies, podiatrists, and feet fetishists through social media, personal websites, and dedicated platforms.

This article dissects two of the most popular platforms – Instafeet and FeetFinder – to help you find the better option and get started knowing what you are getting into.

Of course, you can set up accounts on both platforms. But if you are set on joining one first, then this post is for you.

We will discuss the aspects that matter to a contributor, including earning potential, ease of use, and safety, to help you pick a side in the Instafeet vs FeetFinder bout.

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What is Instafeet?

Instafeet is an online platform that facilitates the buying, selling, and trading of feet photos. It is a subscription-based service open to people 18 years and older.

While the website is comparatively old and established, we can’t confirm its claim as “the original platform to buy and sell feet pics online.” We, however, find it pretty efficient in what it does, which is bringing together a community of people who love feet.

Only women are allowed to sell feet pics on the platform. As a man, you can only join as a buyer.

The platform doesn’t offer escrow services nor does it determine feet pic prices, unlike Foap. In fact, sellers don’t just get money out of selling feet pics. Views generate earnings, too, and the amount you make per view is determined by the subscription fee you set.

The goal, as a seller, is to set a subscription fee that people can afford without lowering your earning potential.

How to Make Money Selling Feet Pics on Instafeet

I’ll use a hypothesis, so it’s easier to understand.

Let’s say you charge $10 a month for a subscription and you get 20 people to follow you. Over the month, 10 of them buy a feet pic each for $50 apiece.

That’s $200 from subscriptions and $500 from sales, which equals $700 in gross earnings.

You can change your subscription fees anytime and set a different price for each photo. But you should establish yourself before going head-on (from a pricing standpoint) with the leading sellers.

What is FeetFinder?

Like Instafeet, FeetFinder is a subscription-based website for posting, selling, and buying feet pics.

The platform requires all its users to be at least 18 years of age and to be ready to provide their government-issued ID during registration.

With over 200,000 unique users, the platform is pretty crowded and favors sellers with competitive pricing and large inventories of high-quality feet pics.

Buyers on FeetFinder can buy individual feet pics from random sellers or subscribe to their favorite profiles and enjoy access to all of the sellers’ photos.

They can also send direct messages and request custom photos from the seller. For this, FeetFinder lets sellers decide if the requesting buyer has to subscribe to their account first to receive any pictures.

How to Make Money Selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder

To sell feet pics on FeetFinder, you must create an account and be verified. Next, upload pictures or videos and set their prices. FeetFinder will blur your images for protection, but you will have the option to display clear photos.

You can price your images as highly as you want. Some premium sellers and featured models sell photos for up to $100. Most of the sellers offer theirs for $10.

The platform advises its sellers to start small, and understandably so. Many buyers will target seller accounts with large followings, and as a new seller you can only attract followers by uploading top-tier feet pics and making them affordable.

Regarding subscriptions, the pricing spectrum is just as vast. FeetFinder gives you all the freedom to decide how much access to your feet pic inventory is worth.

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Instafeet vs FeetFinder: The Sign Up Process

To set up a creator account on Instafeet, ensure you are at least 18 years old and have a government-issued ID.

The initial process involves providing your name, email address, and the sort of information you would expect to give when signing up for social media.

You will then be asked to provide a picture of your ID followed by a selfie of you holding up the ID. The whole point of this, according to the platform, is to protect buyers from scam sellers, not to sell your information to third parties.

Once your account is approved, you can start uploading pictures and growing your following. Instafeet gives every seller a unique link that they can use to market themselves on social media and other platforms.

Signing up for FeetFinder is more or less the same. You must be 18 years old and have the documents to prove it. You also need to provide a legitimate email address and verify it before proceeding.

Account verification takes quite some time to complete, but as is with Instafeet, this is because each of the tens of new profiles has to be checked manually.

It is believed that a measly tenth of all applications are approved on FeetFinder.

Instafeet vs FeetFinder: Accessibility

Neither Instafeet nor FeetFinder has an app, which means you can only access the platform via a computer or mobile browser.

It’s a huge downside for sellers as it limits the amount of time they and their potential buyers spend on the platform.

Worse yet, for Instafeet users, there seems to be a problem with the site design, response, and optimization. Most of the negative reviews I found on Trustpilot were from users frustrated by the site’s loading speed and user authentication issues.

Instafeet vs FeetFinder reviews
Instafeet vs FeetFinder comparison reviews
Instafeet vs FeetFinder

So far, I haven’t found any review slandering FeetFinder’s website.

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Instafeet vs FeetFinder: Pricing

Instafeet is free for foot models. You will only need to pay a subscription fee if you ever want to see what other sellers have in their inventory.

If you stick to selling feet pics, the only money you will part with is the standard 10% cut from all sales.

So in the example earlier, you won’t actually pocket $700. The $200 from your subscriptions will remain, but the platform will take $50 from the sales, leaving you with $450.

FeetFinder is free for buyers. Sellers get to pay $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year. There is also a premium service that costs 10 bucks per month or 30 per year, which FeetFinder claims gives sellers better visibility on their platform.

Like that’s not enough, the platform also cuts 20% from all image sales. That’s twice as much as Instafeet, even though Instafeet has no mandatory subscription fee for its creators.

Instafeet vs FeetFinder: How Much Can You Make Selling Feet Pics?

Instafeet doesn’t give you many ways to make money or at least influence how much you earn selling feet pics. You can either make direct sales or earn from subscription fees.

Some people claim to make up to $500 per day. That’s quite some feat, but it isn’t representative of what the average seller makes from the platform. The modal price on Instafeet is $5, while the mean is around $10.

If you have a decent following on and off Instafeet, you can sell your feet pics and videos for up to $100 a piece. Beginners are advised to keep to the low end at least until they have shown what they have to offer.

That said, there is no guarantee that you will make any substantial sales on Instafeet no matter your pricing. As at the time of writing this Instafeet vs FeetFinder comparison guide, sellers outnumbered buyers, which is indicative of the competition you’re set to face.

FeetFinder is no different. The number of seller accounts is high, but the presence of a premium subscription makes it easy for sellers to stand out.

According to the platform, the average price for a feet pic is $22, which is more than twice the average at Instafeet.

FeetFinder also provides referral codes for those who request. Your unique code should earn you 10% of every sale it yields. That is, if someone signs up and sells or purchases a feet pic on the platform, you will receive 10% of the money.

It’s even better if the image or video they buy is yours because FeetFinder will cut just 10% as opposed to 20% from your earnings.

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Instafeet vs FeetFinder: Payment Options

Instafeet pays out on the 1st and 15th of every month, according to its FAQ page. There is, however, no indication of the method of payment, but the same page advises users who wish to opt out of a subscription to do it from their PayPal accounts.

There is also not much information on how the pay periods work and whether or not there is a withdrawal threshold

FeetFinder is clear on that. Payment is every week, but you can only withdraw if you have $30 or more in your wallet. Creators in the US get paid via Segpay, while their international counterparts get paid via Paxum.

Instafeet vs FeetFinder: Customer Support

Instafeet doesn’t have a customer support number. You can only contact them through the email [email protected], which according to reviews isn’t exactly useful.

Instafeet vs FeetFinder customer support
FeetFinder vs Instafeet

Their handles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have not been active in a while either. Their last tweet is from April 2020, while their most recent Facebook post was in 2019.

It doesn’t make sense for a platform that deals with visuals to opt out of social media marketing, and that leaves us to conclude that maybe they don’t have sufficient customer support or they just don’t want to be contacted.

On FeetFinder, at least going by feedback, the support team is not only reachable but also pretty helpful.

FeetFinder vs instafeet

Instafeet vs FeetFinder: Safety

Some users purport to have had their information stolen by Instafeet. My research shows that this sentiment comes mainly from people who could not make it into the site or haven’t managed to sell a feet pic.

Before joining Instafeet, you need to know that only a fraction of all applications are approved and rejected profiles don’t receive communication. It sure is thoughtless, but it isn’t proof that Instafeet is a data collection site disguised as a feet pic marketplace.

On FeetFinder, the biggest safety-related complaint is the presence of numerous fake buyer accounts. Thankfully, the site’s policy is “pay as you order,” which makes it pretty difficult for someone to steal from you if you follow the right procedures.

If someone asks to take communication off FeetFinder, they are probably trying to scam you. You can enhance your safety by simply avoiding such profiles and fully using the platform’s escrow services.

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Who is Instafeet for?

Instafeet doesn’t charge sellers to use their site, so it’s perfect for sellers on a fixed budget. It is also an excellent place to learn the art of photography and marketing.

Who is FeetFinder for?

FeetFinder is for foot models with a working knowledge of the feet pic industry and a name outside the platform. If you have a popular page on Instagram, for instance, you can use the site’s referral program to drive traffic to the site and get paid.

Although there are complaints about the platform being overcrowded, premium and featured profiles tend to stand out. It’s partly a matter of using money to get money.

Instafeet vs FeetFinder: Verdict

From a seller’s point of view, FeetFinder is the better all-round platform. It offers more channels to make money and has a customer care desk that actually serves its purpose.

Instafeet is safer, but it has an awful site and a non-existent customer support team. It’s not a scam, though, and there is nothing wrong with using it to complement your business on FeetFinder.

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