Where to Sell Feet Pics in America

Is there a simpler income-generating job than selling feet pics online? Foot models are reaping big in online marketplaces, and it’s not that difficult to join the club. You just need to know what buyers are looking for and where they’re looking.

In America, there are a handful of thriving platforms focused on connecting buyers and sellers of feet pics. Some diverse marketplaces also have feet pic categories, where you can post pictures of your feet as listings.

Each website is different on at least one front. Some require sellers to pay a subscription fee. Some are free to join but have a revenue-sharing arrangement, where a fixed percentage of the earnings go to the platform.

This post is for you if you want to know where to sell feet pics in America. We shall discuss ten established websites and apps, their selling points, and how to make good on them as a seller.

Where to Sell Feet Pics America

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1. FeetFinder

Like Instafeet, FeetFinder is dedicated to the buying and selling of feet pics. New accounts require ID verification, too, so you will not sell unless your identity is ascertained.

The most conspicuous difference is that sellers pay a subscription fee of $4.99 a month or $14.99 a year to use the platform. The website also charges a 20% fee on all sales, meaning if you make $100 over a pay period, FeetFinder will keep $20.

Payment is made weekly via Segpay (or Paxum for sellers outside the US) for sellers who have made at least $30 from their sales.

2. Instafeet

Instafeet is a household name among foot models and enthusiasts. The subscription-based website lets amateur photographers upload feet images and start selling them to hundreds of thousands of buyers.

Instafeet is good for you if you don’t mind revealing your identity, as one of its sign-up prerequisites is a photo ID.

You can price your photos how you like and post as many of them as you wish. Note that there is a requirement for each new seller to post at least five pics to their account upon the approval of their profile.

Instafeet cuts a standard 10% fee on all earnings. Payment is made twice every month.

3. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet buys feet pics and videos directly from models and resells them on wantfeet.com. It is a quick and easy way to make money for foot models, but one that may not always offer maximum value for money.

To join Dollar Feet, first, you need to be female. You must be athletic. You must be willing to show your face in your feet videos. And you must submit 1080p videos or better.

What do you get for this? $10-$15 for a 10-minute video, with your appearance partly dictating your pay.

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4. Foap

Foap is a platform to sell and promote your photos. It is not dedicated to feet pics but has a bigger marketplace to make up for it. If you are a diverse photographer, you might find it handy.

To sign up, download the Foap app from Google Play or App Store, create an account for free, and start uploading your pics.

No one will ask to see your face or prompt you to use your real name in your profile. There are no photo-quality restrictions either, so you can start small.

The catch is that Foap will take 50 percent of your earnings. And that’s on top of denying you the freedom to price your pictures independently. All pics on Foap go for $10 a piece.

5. Etsy

First and foremost, yes, you can sell feet pics on Etsy. You can do it anonymously, too, and you can price your pictures how you value them.

What you can’t do is upload low-quality pictures. Not only is Etsy likely to reject them, but you will also have a difficult time wooing buyers.

Etsy is easy to join and use. You just need to set up an account and design your shop, and you’re good to go.

You can post your pics anytime and at a frequency of your liking. Etsy charges a flat $0.20 fee for each listing and keeps 5% of all seller earnings.

As a seller, you can accept payments through bank transfer, debit card, Etsy Credit, Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Coupon, etc., and receive your money daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

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6. Feetpics

Feetpics, as its name suggests, is a hub for feet images. It boasts a community of over 150,000 foot enthusiasts, which you can access, sell to, and interact with by paying a nominal $5 one-time subscription fee.

Besides offering you a platform to sell your feet pictures, Feetpics also gives you free access to an assortment of eBooks about selling feet pics. Most of these eBooks go for $29 a pop for people without an active subscription.

Feetpics offers you plenty of freedom as regards account creation and pricing. Essentially, no one wants to know who you are, and you can set and change prices as you wish.

The platform pays via multiple options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer, and Amazon gift card.

7. OnlyFans

Although OnlyFans takes a whopping 20% of your earnings, it provides arguably the best chance to earn a decent living for foot models. The subscription-based platform has over 130 million users and is daily morphing into a diverse platform after starting as a sex-worker hub.

One thing you may not like about OnlyFans is the marketing side of it. The platform won’t give you exposure. You will have to acquire fans and grow your following unaided. That may translate to using other social networking platforms and forums such as Reddit and Instagram to build brand awareness.

If that’s not too much to ask, opening an account on OnlyFans is free for everyone.

8. Feetify

Despite being one of the newest entrants in the game, Feetify has already secured a place among the highest-ranked websites for selling and buying feet pics.

It allows both male and female users to sell feet pics and lets sellers keep 100% of their earnings. If you post excellent content frequently, Feetify may also extend you a cash reward of between $10 and $10,000, depending on your participation, experience, and consistency.

On the flipside, the platform has a small market and won’t give you much exposure. Also, its cash rewards are only available to premium subscribers.

9. Craigslist

Craigslist tries its best not to involve itself and potentially get in the way of successful buyer-seller interaction. It is an old-school platform that only looks to ease the process of the two finding each other.

Selling feet pics on Craigslist is as straightforward as selling any other item on the platform. Firstly, you will need an account. Next, you will need to set a payment option (PayPal or bank transfer).

Technically, you can start selling pictures after completing the above two steps, but you need Craiglist Ads to actually attract buyers. Advertising on Craigslist can cost you anything from $3.

While Craigslist isn’t a feet-pic-only platform, it has a very active category for feet pics and gives foot models access to a marketplace of over 60,000,000 Americans.

10. Social media platforms

Not all social media sites have a marketplace or even a payment option. So how can you sell feet pics on them?

Let’s take Instagram, for instance. The platform has over one billion monthly users, some of whom are foot enthusiasts (All the foot appreciators on Instafeet and Feet Finder likely have an Instagram account). By posting feet pics on the social networking platform, you are bringing the product closer to the buyer and bypassing competition in the process.

Most foot models use Instagram and other social media sites to market their pics and provide links to their listings in marketplaces. It can be a great traffic source, particularly if you have a sizeable following.


These sites are a good place to start if you don’t know where to sell feet pics in America. Thankfully, signing up for one doesn’t disqualify you from using another. So don’t shy away from trying out as many of them as you can.

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