Is Upwork Good for Beginners? All You Need To Know

Are you looking for the best freelancing platform for beginners?  

If you plan to dip your toes into freelancing, chances are that you’ve stumbled upon Upwork and are probably wondering whether it’s worth it.  

Upwork is a leading online work marketplace that connects freelancers with clients. Established in 1999 as Elance and renamed Upwork in 2015, the freelancing platform offers millions of job opportunities in different niches. 

Is Upwork Good for Beginners?

Yes! Upwork is a great place for beginners to gain valuable freelancing experience and build their portfolios.

The platform offers freelancers access to millions of jobs in different categories. Whether in web development, graphic design, customer support, or freelance writing, Upwork can be the perfect freelancing site to find impactful work. 

Overall, Upwork is a legit way to find online jobs easily and connect with clients from across the globe. 

What Makes Upwork Great For Beginners? 

Below are a few reasons I recommend newbies to use Upwork!

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  1. Upwork Payment Protection Backs You. 

One of the most common concerns for beginner freelancers is how to work online and receive payments for each hour worked or every gig completed. Many freelancers lose money to online cons who pose as clients or founders of leading startups. 

If you are looking for a safe platform that guarantees payments for your hard work, Upwork is a great option to go with. 

Upwork payments protection adds security to payment processing for hourly and fixed-price projects. 

For hourly contracts, freelancers will:

  • Invoice time by logging in with the Upwork Desktop App
  • Ensure the hours meet hourly protection criteria as per Upwork terms and conditions
  • Follow the hourly escrow instructions 

 For the fixed-rate contracts, the freelancer should ensure:

  • The client deposits funds into escrow before starting work
  • Submit work and request payment through the Upwork contract

Where clients do not come back to approve the work submitted by freelancers, the funds land in the freelancer’s account 14 days after submission, so long as the client does not request changes. 

Finally, freelancers can file a dispute if the client refuses to release the payment for a completed milestone.  

  1. Access High-Paying Upwork Jobs For Beginners

Upwork has positioned itself as a leading freelance job site. As a result, you can build work flexibility and enjoy uncapped earning potential. 

Compared to other freelance websites, Upwork gives you access to jobs offered by leading entrepreneurs in the US and established startups from across the globe. 

Access to these high-paying jobs makes Upwork a great platform to kickstart your freelancing career.

To keep attracting high-paying clients and retain them, deliver high-quality work, ensure concise communication and maintain exceptional attention to detail.

  1. Upwork`s Structure Boosts Chances Of Career Growth 

Although you are a beginner, you want to grow career-wise. Upwork’s structure rates freelancers’ skills based on client satisfaction. Therefore, you can grow from a beginner to a “vetted expert” status. 

Besides, you can use Upwork features such as Project Catalog to create easy-to-buy projects that match clients’ needs. To excel using the project catalog feature, be clear up front by defining the project scope, timing, pricing, and your terms. Once Upwork has approved your project catalog, clients can start buying. 

An additional feature that supports career growth is Upwork’s talent match algorithm. It recommends freelancers to clients based on the freelancer’s skills and profile. Clients can view your profile and invite you to their job. The feature promotes career growth by allowing you to get more jobs. 

  1. Upwork’s Uncapped Earnings Potential 

Freelancing platforms such as Upwork give freelancers the freedom to set their rates. You can choose the hourly rates or offer a fixed-rate model. 

Typically, the perfect freelancer pricing formula does not exist. As a beginner, set a competitive rate, see how your clients react to it, and raise or lower it to match your needs. 

Here are some essential questions to ask yourself when setting Upwork rates:

  • How much money do other freelancers charge for similar services? 
  • How much did the client pay freelancers in the past? 
  • What expenses do I have to deliver on this job? 
  • What are my earning goals?
  • Are my skills in demand?

Such questions help you determine the best rates to charge your clients and set on your profile. 

  1. Upwork Has a Reliable Customer Care System

Nothing frustrates more than the experience of not getting responses, especially when transacting or working online.

Whether you are having issues like not getting paid by a client or not sure how to work on your profile to avoid restrictions, Upwork’s support team has your back, and they will respond almost immediately. 

The Upwork support system is available via the webchat feature, social media platforms, and even direct calls to their customer care desk. Besides, the platform has a vibrant online community where newbies can learn how to succeed on Upwork. 


If you are just getting started with freelancing and looking for a great platform to learn and connect with potential employers, then give Upwork a try.

Search for the best Upwork jobs for beginners and utilize tools such as the Upwork online community to learn how to succeed. And before creating your profile, take time to learn about Upwork profile best practices. 

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