25 Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

Looking for legit online jobs that pay weekly?

Nothing beats completing a task and quickly getting paid for work well done. This is one of the benefits of working online; opportunities to receive your earnings weekly. Seriously, nobody wants to wait forever to access what they have worked for. 

When I started working online, I had to wait for several weeks to get my pay. Do you know those sites that won’t let you access your funds until you achieve a specific threshold?

Unfortunately, they set a very high limit; you will have to work and wait for ages to withdraw your earnings. Numerous other sites pay monthly. 

Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

I know you love that tingly feeling that comes when your account is credited with your earnings. How about experiencing this every week? 

Yes, there are a lot of legit online jobs that pay weekly. If you are looking for sites that pay freelancers weekly, this article was crafted with you in mind. 

Okay, let’s dive right in. 

Transcription jobs that pay weekly

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1. Speechpad

Speechpad is one of the most popular transcription companies. They hire transcriptionists from all over the world. Some of the audios you should expect to transcribe on SpeechPad include interviews and conferences. 

Most audios will pay you $0.25 -$1 per minute. However, orders with fast-approaching deadlines will pay you better. They offer payment bonuses to transcriptionists who submit exemplary work and receive excellent ratings from clients. 

Your PayPal account will automatically be credited with your earnings every Tuesday and Friday. 

2. Rev

Rev is one of the most loved transcription sites, thanks to its consistent flow of work. 

The Rev dashboard always has hundreds of jobs you can grab. 

This is an excellent site for beginners in Transcription. You will land short and favorable gigs if you have no experience. Besides, you will also find some captioning jobs on this site. 

Most of their transcription jobs pay anything between $8 and $18 per hour-long audio. You will receive your earnings on Mondays via PayPal. 

3. Scribie

Scribie is another beginner-friendly transcription site. Most of the jobs on this platform are short, say 4-7 minutes long. You will also love that there will always be something you can work on in their dashboard. 

Their gigs will pay you anything between $5 and $25 per hour-long audio. 

The best aspect of this site is, you can withdraw your earnings whenever you want to. It does not matter what amount you have in your account. You do not have to wait for payday. 

4. Quicktate

To be accepted on Quicktate, you need to pass a series of tests and a background check. You will need to pay $15 for their background check. They do accept beginners, but you need to ace their tests before you get started. 

They pay weekly via PayPal. What you earn will depend on the field of your work. Medical transcriptionists earn better than general transcriptionists. 

5. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription hires transcriptionists from either Canada or the US. Most of the gigs on Daily Transcription pay $0.75-$0.85 per audio minute. 

You need Express Scribe transcription software, an excellent set of noise-canceling headsets, and a laptop or desktop to get approved. 

You will receive some training before you get started. 

They pay weekly via check. 

Online writing jobs that pay weekly

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6. Verblio(formally Blogmutt)

Verblio pays freelance writers to craft articles and blog posts for their clients. To get accepted, you will need to pass a grammar test and a plagiarism training module. You will also have to write a sample article, which will be reviewed before you get approved. 

A 300-400 word article can earn you approximately $10.50. They, however, only accept US residents. 

They pay every Monday, via PayPal. 

7. TextBroker

TextBroker hires freelance writers to craft written content for their clients. Most of their clients include website owners, publishing companies, and business owners. 

The work is uploaded on a shared dashboard. You get to choose what to work on, depending on your writing level. 

They pay weekly via PayPal. You, however, must have at least $20 in your account before cashing out. 

8. The Hoth

The Hoth hires writers whose native language is English. You also need to have some experience writing articles before the Hoth approves you. 

The Hoth does not tolerate missed deadlines. Do not pick an order unless you are sure you will complete it within the stipulated timeframe. 

They pay weekly. 

9. Crowd Content

Crowd Content is another site that hires freelance writers. As a writer on this platform, you can either work on specific projects or work directly from their articles’ market place. 

Crowd Content pays its writers biweekly. You must have at least $10 before you cash out. 

They pay via PayPal.

10. Hire Writers

Hire Writers regularly hires writers from Australia, the UK, The US, Canada, New Zealand, and Canada. 

The pay on this platform may be lower than other writing content mills, but its worth a try for beginners. 

They pay every Wednesday, via PayPal. You, however, must have at least $15 in your account to receive payment. 

Website testing online jobs that pay weekly

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11. Usertesting 

UserTesting hires people from all over the world to tests different software. To get accepted on this site, you must pass a test first. 

Your job on this platform will be to visit different sites and apps. You ill then give your feedback, either in video or audio. All the opinions you voice must be expressed in proper English. 

You will receive approximately $10 for recording a 20 minutes long video. The panel assigns assignments depending on your ratings on the site and your demographic characteristic. 

You will receive your payment after seven days of completing a task. 

12. UserFeel

UserFeel is another platform that hires people to test sites and apps. Most of the gigs here will pay you $10. 

However, to land more lucrative deals, ensure your reviews stand out. This way, you will earn better ratings from the clients and the UserFeel team. With better scores, you will be assigned better-paying orders. 

You will receive your payment via PayPal within seven days of completing a task. Your opinions will be useful in improving the usability of the sites you test. 

A regular test on this platform is usually around 20 minutes long. Such analyses will pay you approximately $10. 

13. TryMyUI

If you are looking for a platform with a consistent flow of website testing jobs, this could be your best option. TryMyUI will send you a couple of testing gigs weekly. Additionally, you will always have something you can do on their dashboard. So, you can work as much as you want to. 

TryMyUI allows you to air out your opinions loud. For a 20 minute long task, you will earn approximately $10. 

You will receive your pay every Friday, via PayPal. 

Online tutoring jobs that pay weekly

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14. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is a platform where you can offer higher education classes to students who need it. Some of the most sort after courses on Chegg Tutors include Engineering, accounting, mathematics, and computer science. 

Learners browse through the profiles of tutors, and schedule classes with their preferred. 

To get started as a Chegg Tutor, you must upload documents that show you are qualified to offer lessons. These will include teaching certification and college transcripts. As long as you have the required documentation, you will be approved quickly. 

Chegg pays the tutors for the time used to teach, and prepare for the lessons. Tutors make $20 per hour on this platform. 

You will automatically receive your payment on Thursday morning. The pay is via PayPal. 

15. Cambly

Cambly is a site that pays native English speakers to communicate with people from all over the world. You will communicate with English learners, to help them improve their communication skills in English. 

You must have a high-speed internet connection, mic and webcam to get accepted on the platform. 

Cambly pays$10 per hour. They pay every Monday, via PayPal. 

16. Skooli

Skooli is a loved tutoring platform, thanks to its good pay. Majority of the tutors on this platform make $20 per hour

To get approved on Skooli need a Bachelor’s Degree, teaching experience and certification, Master’s Degree or Ph.D., other language qualification, or ESL. You may need two or more of these qualifications. 

Skooli requires you to have $100 before withdrawing. It is pretty easy to make over $100 weekly on this platform. Once you have achieved this payout threshold, you can request a cash out whenever. Your PayPal account will be credited with your earnings a few moments after cashing out from your Skooli account. 

Translation online jobs that pay weekly

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17. Unbabel 

Unbabel is one of the most loved sites for translators. Translators on Unbabel translate online content, social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, press releases, and product descriptions. Also, they have gigs that involve reviewing content translated by artificial intelligence software. 

They only hire depending on their language needs. If they are not accepting your language combination, be sure to check with time to time if they have openings for your language combination. 

They pay $8-$18 per hour, depending on language combination. Payment is either via PayPal or Payoneer. Payment is weekly. 

18. Translate.com

Translate.com is one of the top companies that link translators to companies or clients that need translating services. As a translator on this platform, you should expect to translate users’ guides, business plans, social media posts, medical reports, support tickets, and press releases. 

Most of the jobs here involve editing artificial intelligence translation. 

They have gigs in over 90 world languages. So, you don’t have to worry about not finding your language combination. 

You need to sign up and pass a translation test before you start working. Gigs here are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

You can cash out via PayPal whenever you want to. 

Earn weekly by listening to music

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19. SliceThePie

Slice the Pie is a site that pays you to listen to music. You will listen to music, and give your opinion concerning the music. The artists behind the song will use your feedback to grow in the music industry. 

If you love to listen to music, sign up on this site. 

The only requirement is a good command of English. You will be required to give your reviews in proper English. 

Generic reviews continuously get rejected. 

They pay biweekly on Tuesdays and Fridays, as long as you have more than $10 in your account. They pay via PayPal. 

Earn weekly by performing simple tasks

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20. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a company that hires freelancers to perform short and simple tasks for clients. Some of the jobs you can find on this platform include image identification, Transcription of short files, and data entry. 

Once the client approves your work, your pay will reflect on your account. You can cash out any time you want to. There is no minimum amount required to cash out. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account, or spend it on Amazon. 

21. Rover

If you are a dog or cat lover, Rover lets you earn money doing what you love. Rover hires pet sitters to take care of pets, whose owners may be engaged elsewhere. 

Most of the gigs will let you pet sit in your house. However, some of the pet owners will require you to pet sit in their homes. Always check for this requirement before taking up a pet. 

They pay after a few business days after completing your pet sitting task. They pay via PayPal. 

22. Field Agent

Field Agent is an app that pays its members to perform simple tasks. Some of the tasks you should expect include answering surveys, taking photos, and mystery shopping. You will also and gigs that send you to gather information from different stores in your town. The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. 

The tasks will often take you less than 2 hours to complete. Most of the tasks will pay you anything between $3 and $12. Field Agent allows you to cash out whenever you want to. You can cash out via prepaid debit card or direct deposit to your bank account. 

Freelancer platforms that pay weekly

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23. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular freelancers’ market place today. Here, you can land writing, designing, translation, Transcription, and other freelancing jobs. 

Upwork allows you to customize your pay, and how often you want to get paid. So, whatever you earn, and whenever you wish to receive your payment is up to you. 

Delivery jobs that pay weekly

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24. DoorDash

DoorDash is a delivery app that operates in over 4000 cities in Canada and the United States. Your work will be to deliver food from restaurants to clients’ doors. 

To get approved, you must be 18 and above. You must also have a valid insurance and driver’s license. Also, you need an android phone or an iPhone to operate the DoorDash app. 

The delivery persons earn an average of $18 per hour. 

They pay weekly per delivery made. 

25. Postmates

Postmates is available in over 2500 cities in the United States. Postmates delivery drivers deliver groceries, food, and alcohol. 

They provide their delivery persons with delivery bags. The delivery bags will make your delivery work much more manageable. 

You must be 18 and above with a valid driver’s license to get accepted on this platform. 

They pay weekly via direct bank deposits or PayPal. 

Do you know of any other legit online jobs that pay weekly

One of the merits of working online is that you can pocket your earnings a few days after completing a job. You do not have to wait for weeks and weeks to get to payday.

The sites discussed above give you the privilege to earn weekly. Do your research, and sign up on websites that suit your skills and interests. With these, you will long forget about having to wait for end month to receive your payment. 

That’s it for legit online jobs that pay weekly. But before you go, we would love to hear from you. Do you know any other legit online jobs that pay weekly? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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