20 Website Testing Jobs – Get Paid To Test Websites

Looking for the best website testing jobs? Want to get paid to test websites and apps? If yes, keep reading this article.

I am sure you have bumped into blogs, apps, and websites that are just unfriendly to use. I am also sure you have bumped into some that are just excellent and you had a great experience. 

Poor navigability, crappy content, lack of clarity, and poor designs are some of the factors that make a website user-unfriendly.

What do you do when you bump into such websites and apps? My guess is you instantly leave and find another user-friendly website.

Now, this is one of a website owner’s nightmares. No website owner or blogger wants visitors to leave their site for another. 

To make sure websites and apps are user-friendly, and keep attracting visitors instead of repelling them, website owners hire a third party to give their views. The website owners will then use these reviews to improve the usability of their sites. 

So, in simpler terms, website testing jobs entail giving reviews of websites, and sometimes app, to improve their usability. 

If this sounds like something you would love to venture into, read this article to the last full stop.

20 Website Testing Jobs - Get Paid To Test Websites

How do I become a website tester?

To become a website tester, you will have to sign-up with the companies reviewed below. These companies will connect you to websites that need your opinions. 

Some of the sites may require you to take a test. After your approval, you will be able to access website testing gigs. Follow the instructions of the sites and watch yourself make some money from website testing. 

How much do website testers get paid?

What you earn as a website tester will depend on several factors. First, what you make will depend on the site you sign up on. Secondly, projects pay differently. So what you make will also depend on the project at hand. 

If I was to approximate, most website tester jobs will pay approximately $10 per task. Such tasks may take you around 10-20 minutes to complete. Some website testing jobs may pay you up to $200. Such well-paying projects are often longer. They may take an hour or more to complete. 

Alright, let us now look at companies where you can get paid to test websites. 

Legitimate website testing jobs to make money

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1. UserTesting

UserTesting is one of the most loved sites in the website testing field. You will need to ace a test before you can access the assignments.

Their tasks involve visiting sites and apps and give your opinions by recording an audio or video. You need to be able to express your opinions in proper English. You will receive $10 for a 20 minutes video you complete. You will receive your earnings via PayPal. 

You will receive assignments depending on your demographic characteristics and ratings on the site. 

They accept members from all over the world. 

2. Respondent

Respondent offers its members website testing jobs, paid surveys, and focus group studies. 

To sign up on this site, you need to create an account using your email, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You will then fill a form showing your employment status, contact information, and demographic characteristics. 

 After your approval, you can start browsing their dashboard for projects. You will need to log in to your account to find available projects

What you make on this site will vary depending on the project you take. Some projects may pay up to $100 for 60 minutes. An average test on this site takes approximately $30. 

3. UserBrain

UserBrain pays its members to complete a series of tests. Their tests involve using a screen recorder to record your visits to different apps and websites. 

A regular test on this platform takes 5-15 minutes. Each test pays $3, via PayPal. You will receive your earnings weekly. They also let you ask for withdrawal once your balance hits $10. 

4. Try My UI

Try My UI allows you to air your opinions out loud concerning the usability of different sites and apps. What I love most about the site is you can take as many tests as you like. Furthermore, they will send you a couple of tests per week. The flow of tests to take on this platform is amazing. 

 A typical website testing on this platform takes approximately 20 minutes. You will earn $10 for each test you complete. 

5. Testing Time 

Testing Time hires testers from all over the world. The testers on this platform give live testing sessions to the clients. You will need to install Skype on your computer because every study is conducted via Skype.

Most of their studies take 30-90 minutes and pay $50-$60. You will receive our payment after 5-10 days after the completion of the study. They pay via PayPal. 

 The best thing is that they are not after the experience. As long as you are reliable and punctual, you are good to get started with Testing Time. 

Website testing jobs from home

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6. Userlytics

Userlytics allows its members to get paid to test websites, prototypes, and apps. You will need to create an account with them, and wait for an invitation to take a test. You will need a microphone to complete the tests on this platform. 

Most of the projects on this platform pay $10. However, the pay ranges from $5 to $90 depending on the scope of the project. 

7. IntelliZoom

IntelliZoom is a company that hires testers to test the usability of websites and give their feedback.  

A simple standard survey pays $2 to complete. A survey that involves the submission of a video pays $10. Most of the studies on this platform take 15-20 minutes to complete. You will receive your earnings after 21 days after completion of the test. 

8. uTest

uTest hires test to give opinions on different software and hardware. They boast of clients such as Google Amazon, and Netflix. 

To get started, complete the application form on their site. This takes approximately 10 minutes. You will then have to take an audition test to showcase your tech ability. After this you will have to pass a testing assignment before you get started. 

9. User Feel

User Feel has tests that usually take 10-20 minutes. You will earn $10 per test. 

Sign up on their page to get started. Be sure to go through their FAQ page to get a clear view of what to expect. 

10. WhatUsersdo

To work as a tester on WhatUsersdo, you need a MAC or a PC, a microphone, and a stable internet connection. 

A typical test on this platform takes 15-20 minutes to complete. You will make $8 for every test completed. 

More ways to get paid to test websites

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11. Test IO

Test IO lets its members test websites, games, and apps for Money. You will have the privilege to test apps and games before they get to the market. 

Reviewing websites on this platform can earn you up to $50. 

 Test IO pays monthly via PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or bank transfer. 

12. PingPong

PingPong accepts testers from all over the world. They give their testers opportunities to give startups for new products and services. Their studies and testing are conducted via an online interview.

The interviews usually take 30-60 minutes. Form these interviews you can make anything between $20 and $200 depending with the project at hand. 

They pay via Transerwise or PayPal. You will receive your earnings 7 days after the interview. 

You must have a computer with a webcam to be able to access their opportunities. 

13. Enroll

Enroll allows you to test websites and apps before they are officially launched for public use.  

You will love that they let you take tests on your phone, tablet, or computer. You will just have to specify which mode is the most suitable for you as you sign up. You can, therefore, take tests from wherever and whenever. 

After you sign up, you will receive an invitation to test software. 

The pay on this platform varies significantly. The time you spend on projects varies significantly too. For instance, you may bump into projects that may take you less than a minute. Such projects may earn you approximately $0.10. 

Enroll pays via PayPal. 

14. Validately 

Validately hires tester to complete website and mobile apps tests for companies. After you sign –up, you will have to feel a form that will show your demographic characteristic. You will be matched to tests that match your demographic characteristic. 

You will love that they have a new test for their members almost daily. 

What you earn on this site will depend on the projects. Most of their projects will earn you anything $10 and $100. 

You will receive your payment within seven business days after completion of the test

15. Think Sprint

Think Sprint is one of the best-paying sites when it comes to website testing. They will pay you $150 per hour to complete their assignments. You, however, must be what they are looking for.

You will have to tell them why you think you are their best fit. Just be sure to show how you can solve problems and how creative and inventive you are. You also need to show that you are business-minded and ready to learn to get accepted. 

Other website testing jobs sites

16. UserFeel

17. User Interviews

18. UserCrowd

19. Checkealos

20. Ferpection

Ready to ace these website testing jobs?

If you are looking to earn some money while working from home, consider venturing into website testing. The best thing about website testing is that most jobs take a few minutes. You can easily sneak the jobs into your regular schedule and make some money. 

To get the most out of website testing, sign up on 3-5 of the sites discussed above. Grab all opportunities that come your way and watch yourself make some decent money while at it. 

Okay, that is it for our list of website testing jobs. But before we bring this to an end, do you know any other sites where people can get paid to test websites? Let us know in the comment box below.

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