15 Best Voice Over Jobs From Home

Are you looking for voice over jobs from home? If yes, this article was written specifically for you. If you have an attractive, smooth, or calming voice, you’ve probably been considering voice over jobs for some time.

If you receive constant compliments for your voice, consider getting voice over jobs for beginners. The diversity of projects and clients in this field makes it an exciting way to work from the comfort of your house or anywhere else. 

If you have been looking to build a work-from-home career in voice acting, we got you sorted out. Here, you will find not only the best places to source for voice over gigs but also some essential aspects of voice acting, like how much you should expect to make as a voice over artist. 

If you have been looking to kick-start your career in voice acting with voice over jobs for beginners, read this to the last full stop. 

What are voice over jobs?

Voice over jobs entail lending your voice to projects that need it. As a voice artist, you will receive a script with instructions from your client.

Your work will be to give life to the text by transforming it into an audio. You will act out the script, following the clients’ instructions.

Some of the projects that that popularly seek voice over artists include TV and radio, telephone greetings, video games audiobooks, and animated projects. 

How do I get started in voice over work?

voice over jobs from home

You may have the most attractive voice, but getting trained is crucial to kick-start your voice over career. You should hire a voice over coach or a veteran in the field to get you started.

From the coach, you will learn the different kinds of voice acting, techniques to improve your skills and support you need. The coach should also be able to give you the support you need until you get on your feet.

As a voice-over artist, you need to take good care of your voice. Getting training will help you maintain your voice, which will help you land lucrative deals. 

How much do voice over artists make?

First, before we look into the profits, we must look at how much you will put in to start the business. You need to set up a small home studio and purchase essential studio equipment.

You will need a microphone, a set of headphones, a computer and recording software for a start. Be sure to research before you shop for your voice-over equipment.  

Voice over jobs from home pay well. On average, you can make $50-$300 per hour of audio. Some gigs pay per word in a script. You can earn more or less, for most voice over jobs will let you set your rates depending on your skills, talent, and experience. With this pay, you will get back the money you invested in equipment and more profits in no time. 

Alright, time to get into companies or sites looking to hire voice-over artists. 

Companies and sites to find voice over jobs from home

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1. Voices.com

Voices.com is one of the largest platforms sourcing voice-over gigs to artists. You can sign in for free on your guest account, or upgrade your account to premium. Premium accounts let you access more lucrative jobs.  

Voices.com operates in North American English, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, French, and German. 

Whenever a job is posted, their algorithm matches the job offer to different voice-over talents. The client listens to different auditions and selects their best fit. So be sure to outdo yourself in the auditions. 

 You can land more projects if you are bilingual. Depending on what project you are working on, most of their gigs pay $100-$1500. 

What you will love most about this platform is its consistency with jobs. You will always access job postings daily. You will also like that you set your work payment rates. Furthermore, signing up on their page is quite quick and easy. You just need to get past the audition phase, and you will be good to go. 

2. Voice123

Voice123 is another platform that connects voice-over artists to clients seeking their services. 

This platform lets you receive payment directly from the client. They do not charge any commission or agent fee. 

They have various member options. You can go for the free option, which displays fewer job opportunities. Upgrading your account allows you to access more jobs. 

When a client posts work, they get proposals to active artists who would be a perfect fit. The client then chooses their most preferred artists. A client may also invite their favorite artists at any specific time.  

What you will love most is the consistency of the jobs, and that you get to interact with the client directly. You also get to keep all your earnings. It is open to voice talent worldwide.  

3. Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny allows you to set your rates depending on your expertise and experience. They also allow you to earn for every single made recording, including the auditions. They have a team that checks the quality of the work you submit. If the client rejects your work, and the support team finds it amazing, you will still get paid. You will surely find worth for your effort and on this platform. 

The platform has thousands of projects. Navigating the dashboard to find what is impressive for you can be hectic. For this reason, the site sends you an email inviting you to projects that suit you. 

To get started, create an account on their site, take and pass a test, and begin accessing jobs. 

4. Filmless

Most of the gigs on Filmless are related to cinematography. This platform requires you to have a home studio, but it’s not mandatory. They prefer freelancers with at least 5+ years in voice acting. 

You will love that they hire worldwide. As an artist on this platform, you will need to bid for gigs. You log in, see a gig that interests you, and apply for it. 

5. The Voice Crafters

If you are a multi-lingual voice-actor, you may love Voice Crafters. It is one of the best platforms, considering the flow of work and pay. You, however, must have a home recording studio and at least five years’ experience in the field. 

The only con about this platform is that they have a high preference for full-time voice-actors. This makes it unsuitable for balancing work with other responsibilities like family. You may, however, like it here if you are looking for full-time jobs. 

6. Snap Recordings

If you have specialized in telephone greetings, Snap Recordings could be the ideal platform for you. Most of their gigs are telephone greetings. 

They hire worldwide. You will need a demo to prove your skills before you get hired. 

7. Bodalgo

Bodalgo employs voice-over artists worldwide. You need to register on their website to access the posted jobs. Once registered, you can browse through the posted jobs, and send applications to get hired for jobs that interest you. To apply for jobs, you will have to send demos and wait for the client’s response. If the client selects you, they will contact you directly. 

You will love that there are no subscription and commission fees for registering on this platform. 

8. The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm is very diverse. They hire Voice over artists in over 60 world languages. 

Signing up on their page is quite easy. You will need to upload some personal information, including your languages and brand of microphone and editing software you are using. You will also need to upload a demo for consideration.

 The demos will be selected depending on your talent, Voice, and audio quality and ability to follow instructions. 

More Work From Home Jobs:

9. Covoco

Covoco hires voice talent in numerous world languages. Signing up on this platform is quite easy.

Whenever a client posts work, they will hold an audition where artists will submit their voice recordings.

The clients choose to work with their best match. You get paid after the client reviews and approve your work. 

 The best tip to make it on Covoco is to set a catchy profile. Put your best demos on your profile to attract clients.

You do not get to set your rates, but you will know the pricing before starting the project. Using and signing up on Covoco is free. Read our Covoco review.

10. Voplanet

Voplanet is another platform that seeks to connect voice-over artists to clients without commission. The client pays you directly for the work. You get to keep 100% of your pay. You will only need to pay a membership cost. 

Once you get approved, you will need to customize your profile with your demo and contact information. 

 Once a job is posted, talents will submit auditions to the client’s dashboard. The clients will review the hearings and hire their best talent. You will also love that they let you bid higher than the client’s budget. 

 You will love that all voice-over opportunities are accessible to everyone. There are no levels whatsoever. Sign up as a talent on their page to get started. 

11. Voiver

Voiver is another platform that connects voice talents to clients. They have gigs in numerous world languages. If you can voice Malaysian, Swahili, Greek, Serbian, and Tamil projects, you will love it here. Most of their projects are, however, in North American English. 

You get to set up your profile with a demo on it. You also set your rates. After a client’s posts work, you will have to send in your bids. The client chooses their best fit, depending on the demos and your profile. 

12. The Voice Crew

The Voice Crew is a beginner-friendly platform that seeks to connect talent to voice-over artists. 

When clients posts work, they will receive auditions from the Voice over artists. They will then sample the files and settle for their best fit. The client then contacts the selected artists for collaboration. 

You will love that voice crew has a lot of jobs. You will surely find some work to do even as a beginner. The pay on this platform may not be as appealing as the rest, but it’s a sure way to gain experience as a voice-over artist. 

13. Voquent

Voquent hires voice-over artists in over 500 world languages. Once you get approved, you will need to set your profile, displaying your demo with the style and accent you are offering. 

This is free to sign and use platform. You just need to confirm that you have experience and access to a recording studio. Once a client shortlists you for a project, you will be contacted to check availability and agree on rates. 

14. Piehole

Piehole is a small company that hires English, Spanish, and Irish Voice over artists. 

They hire internationally. You are guaranteed some work since the site is not crowded. They sometimes post job offers on their Facebook page, so be sure to check their page frequently. 

Most of the voice-over gigs are commercial. 

They occasionally organize voice-over talents and crown talent with the most fantastic voice-over-reel.  

15. Direct Voices

Direct Voices hires talents globally. As a voice-over artist on this platform, you will have to subscribe to any of their three paid memberships, basic, pro, and premium. The basic subscription is free. Pro and Premium cost $22.28 and $57.47 annually. 

 The platform lets you set a profile showcasing your experience, your equipment and software, rates which may be in audio per minute or word per script, and your contact information. 

 You get to communicate directly with the client. You will receive the agreed payment directly from the client. 

Do you do any of these voice over jobs from home?

Voice over jobs can be an exciting way to earn money from the comfort of your house. With the right training and equipment, you will just need to get into character to give life to your clients’ projects.

If you have been looking for voice over jobs for beginners, be sure to sign up on two or three of the platforms above. With these voice over platforms, you will earn money while having fun. 

So, which of these voice over jobs for beginners resonated best with you? Do you do any of these voice over jobs from home? Let us know in the comment section below.

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