70+ Online Jobs Worldwide: Work From Home Anywhere In The World

Looking for online jobs that allow you to work from anywhere in the world? Below is our collection of companies offering online jobs worldwide.

If you work online, I know you must have bumped into sites that only accept people from select countries. There is nothing as frustrating as reading fantastic reviews of an online jobs site only to find out later that the site does not accept people from your country.

Online Jobs Worldwide

If you have bumped into such sites already, there is nothing to worry about anymore. I have you sorted. 

In this article, I have made a comprehensive list of companies with online jobs worldwide. These work at home sites accept people from all over the world. 

I understand that many freelancing sites hire only from the US, and a few other countries. Unfortunately, many sites that accept members from all over the world turn out to be disorganized, low-paying, and sometimes scam. The sites included here have good reviews and will definitely be worth your time. 

Read on to find sites that offer online jobs worldwide

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Freelance writing 

As a freelance writer, your work will be to write content for blogs, enterprises, magazines and websites.

If you love writing and have proper language skills, try your hand in freelance writing. 

An average freelance writer can make approximately $2000 per month

How can you get started? Holly Johnson is one of the most successful freelance writers I know, earning OVER $200,000 a year. She has created a FREE introductory training on how to build a six-figure writing career that will sharpen your language skills and teach you how to win high-paying clients.

Some of the companies that hire freelance writers from all over the world include:

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Transcription Online Jobs Worldwide

Transcription entails listening to audios and typing what you hear on word processing software. Transcription is generally divided into general, medical, and legal transcription. You can, therefore, end up transcribing files in a field you are familiar with. 

To succeed in transcription, you need to have a good set of headphones and a stable internet connection. 

How can you get started? Check out this FREE mini course by Janet Shaughnessy to help you kick-start your transcription career like a pro. 

Some of the transcription sites that hire from all over the world include:

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If you are hawk-eyed and keen with detail, I am pretty sure you can succeed working as a proofreader. The work of a proofreader is to spot and correct errors in text.

Some of the mistakes you will be required to correct include grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

If you can produce a flawless paper, without altering the clients’ intended meaning, you will succeed as a proofreader.

How can you get started? Though it’s not mandatory, you might want to get some training to get you started the right way. I highly recommend Caitylin Pyle’s FREE proofreading workshop for beginners. This workshop is free and will equip you with all the skills you need to get started successfully. 

proofread anywhere - stay at home mom jobs

The following companies hire proofreaders from all over the world:

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Paid Online Surveys

Survey companies pay their members to give opinions on different issues. Besides taking these paid surveys, most of the paid survey sites will pay you to play games, search the web, watch videos, and shop online. 

Most survey companies are specific about the countries they want to hire from. The companies usually want to perform market research in particular countries, hence their specificity. Don’t worry, though, some of the sites that accept members worldwide include:

Virtual Assistant Online Jobs Worldwide

As a virtual assistant, your work would be to perform administrative tasks for your clients. Since businesses and individuals would love to save some money, they prefer having assistants working remotely.

Some of the tasks you should expect to perform as a virtual assistant include answering and making calls, managing Google calendar, scheduling appointments, making reservations and bookings, and sending and replying to emails. 

On average, a virtual assistant makes anything between $35 and $50 per hour. 

How can you get started? Gina Horkey has created an amazing training course where she’ll teach you everything you need to know about becoming a virtual assistant with the potential to earn over $100 per hour. Click here to check out her virtual assistant training course.

Gina Horkey is a well-renowned virtual assistant who has been earning over $100/hr. Check out this interview I had with her.

If you would love to work as a virtual assistant, the following companies hire from all over the world:

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Translation Jobs

If you are bilingual or multilingual, you could earn some good money working as a translator. 

Translating from one language to another helps brands increase their audience. 

On average, a translator makes $30 per hour. 

You can look for translation jobs from the following platforms

  • Unbabel 
  • Translate.com
  • One Hour Translation
  • Gengo
  • Translatorscafe.com

Online Tutoring Jobs

I would have included giving English classes on this list, but most of these companies prefer having English tutors from the US and sometimes Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. 

But English is not the only thing you can teach online. If you are knowledgeable in a field or another, consider signing up on companies that connect you to students. Some of the most sought after subjects include Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Human Anatomy, and Technology. 

Some of the companies that hire tutors from all over the world include:

  • Cambly
  • iTalki
  • Brainmass
  • Chegg Tutors
  • Skooli

Graphic Design Online Jobs Worldwide

If you have a creative mind, I know you will succeed in working as a graphic designer. With a background in visual arts and ICT, you will have an easier time here. It may get a little technical for you if you lack the necessary education, but you can still ace it. 

You will need designing software and a computer to get started in this. 

Your work as a graphic designer would be to transform your clients’ ideas into a visual representation. Some of the most popular items you will design include websites, logos, cards, and T-shirts. 

You can source for graphic design gigs from:

  • 99designs
  • TopTal
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer.com

Data Entry jobs

If you are good with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, you can perfectly ace data entry jobs. What I love most about data entry jobs is that they require little or no training. As long as you have basic computer knowledge, I am sure you will succeed in these jobs. 

Due to their straightforwardness, they are always in high demand. You may need to be aggressive to land them. 

 You can find data entry jobs from:

  • The Smart Crowd
  • Fiverr
  • Clickworker 
  • Dion Data

Web search evaluator jobs

Web search evaluator jobs entail analyzing and rating search results of search engines. As a web search evaluator, your work would help boost the quality and relevancy of search results and sometimes ads. 

To get started, you may need to get trained. Some of the companies, however, teach their candidates before giving them jobs. 

You can find webs search evaluator jobs from the following platforms:

Web Testing jobs

The dream of every website and app owner is to give their clients and users the best experience. This is why website owners pay third parties like you to provide opinions on how they can improve their sites. 

 As a website tester, you will give opinions that will help improve the navigability, usability, and relevancy of the websites. 

If you would love to work as a website tester, you will have to sign up on companies that connect website owners and inspectors like you. 

Check out the following sites if you would love to work as website tester:

  • UserTesting
  • Respondent
  • Userlytics
  • uTest
  • Validately

Voice-over Jobs

Voice-over is in simpler terms, to voice act. As a voice-artist, you will lend your voice to projects that need it. Your work would be to analyze written scripts, get into character, and bring the project to life. Anytime you hear a voice, but cannot see the face behind it, just know that there is a voice—actor who brought the project to life. Some of the projects that need voice actors include animations, video games, telephone greetings, TV, and radio commercials. 

You do not need a studio to succeed in this work. As long as you have a microphone, noise-canceling headphones, and recording software, you are good. 

On average, a voice actor makes $40 per hour. 

 You can find voice-over jobs from:

  • Voiver
  • Voice123
  • Filmless
  • Snap Recordings
  • Bodalgo

Resume writing jobs

Coming up with a proper resume is one tricky activity that job seekers have to do. If you have the skills required to craft a decent resume, you can be a savior to the millions of people who need your services. You do not have to have a background in Human resource management to work as a resume writer. 

As long as you are convincing and organized, you can come up with a perfect resume for your clients. 

If this is something you can do, consider signing up on the following sites:

  • ResumeYard
  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • ResumeEdge
  • Boardroom Resumes 


Captioning is about generating subtitles for audio-visual files such as movies, documentaries, you-tube videos, ads and sometimes, live sessions. 

To get started, you will need a computer and noise-canceling headphones. Also, you need to be attentive, with excellent listening skills to generate accurate subtitles. 

An average captioner makes $40-$75 per hour-long video. 

You can find captioning jobs from:

  • Rev
  • Netflix career page
  • AI Media
  • Upwork
  • Indeed


Bookkeeping is a job that entails keeping track of businesses’ accounts. Your work will involve keeping track of daily transactions and cash flow in accounts of different organizations. 

If you have a background in accounting, you will succeed as a bookkeeper. However, there is a history of other professions thriving in this field. As long as you get some training and are good with calculations, you can work as a bookkeeper. 

An average bookkeeper makes $15-$20 per hour. 

You can look for bookkeeping jobs from the sites below:

  • Belay Solutions
  • Bookminders
  • Click Accounts
  • TAD Accounting

Social Media moderator jobs

A lot of businesses are looking to improve their online presence. To save on money, they opt to have a social media moderator working from home, rather than employ someone full-time. If you are good with social media, you can earn some money working as a social media moderator. 

 As a social media moderator, manage social media group activities, reply to comments and private inquiries, and make posts. 

An average social media moderator makes anything between $15 and $35. 

 You can find social media moderation jobs on:

  • ICUC
  • LiveWorld
  • Modsquad

Customer Service Jobs

Customer service jobs work well with people with excellent communication skills. You also need to be charismatic and patient, because you will occasionally meet demanding customers. 

 Your work as a customer service representative would be to answer inquiries concerning a company, its products, and services. You may also need to help customers make the best choices when purchasing your products or services. 

You can find customer service jobs from:

  • Zapier
  • Automatic
  • Concentrix
  • Cruise
  • Contract World
  • Great Virtual Works

Final thoughts

A lot of online gigs hire or have a preference for US residents. This makes it difficult for non-US residents to land legit online jobs. But with this article, I give you other legit options that hire people from all over the world. If you have been having trouble finding companies that hire from your country, here you have it. 

Alright, over to you now. What sites did you sign up on? What is your experience with some of the sites above? Do you know any other site that offer online jobs worldwide? Feel free to let us know in the comment box below. 

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