20+ Freelance Writing Jobs Online For Beginners With No Experience

Before Rachel became a freelance writer, she worked as a nurse. She always left her job fatigued, with back and feet pain. Besides, she had very little time with her family.

Freelance Writing Jobs Online For Beginners With No Experience

Rachel wanted to change this situation. Before quitting her nursing job, she started writing part-time. She spent her weekends and off-days trying to get her bearing in her writing career. 

She soon realized that she could quit her day job and make some good money working as a freelance writer. 

Rachel has been writing for close to 7 years now, and it is the best decision she ever made. If you are looking to begin your freelance career, you will be glad that you stopped over here. We will show you how to get started, what you need, and even where to find your first freelance writing jobs. 

By the end of this article, be assured you will be ready for your first freelance writing job. 

Let’s get going!

How do I start freelance writing with no experience?

If you have no experience, we got you covered. You can always start your freelance writing career and climb up the ladder by upgrading your skills. Freelance writing is very favorable for beginners who are just about to quit their 8-5 jobs.  

You do not need specialized training to come up with written content. As long as you have a command of language, and your mastery of grammar is above par, you will have an easier time starting. However, getting some training from the veterans in the field will help you start your career on a higher note. 

Other than a good mastery of language and proper grammar skills, you need to be highly organized. You need to organize your ideas well to keep your readers glued to the end. Writing is not about writing huge chunks of words. Your pieces need to be easy to read and follow. 

With the above, a stable internet connection and your computer, you are good to get started. 

How much do Freelance writers make?

Before you get into freelance writing, you need to understand that there are different ways freelance writers get paid. Some get paid per word, some per hour, and some per project. 

According to Glassdoor, a freelance writer makes approximately $42,120 per annum. And according to PayScale, a freelance writer makes $24,000 – $115,000 per annum. 

What I would say is, you can earn some good money writing. What you earn will depend on your efforts and dedication. 

How do I get my first freelance writing job?

Clients will always want to see how you write before hiring you. What I mean is that you need to create samples you can show your prospective clients. Creating a blog where you showcase your work is a great move. Clients would just love to see what their potential writer is capable of writing. 

With some good samples or well-written blog posts, you can start cold pitching for your first jobs. You should be aware, though, that cold-pitching can take you some time. But this is not a call to give up. Send as many pitches as you can. Otherwise, if you’re a beginner, you can opt for the sites discussed below. 

Offer to write guest posts to some reputable sites. I am not asking you to spend the entire week writing for free. I know writing for free will not pay your bills. The trick whenever you find an opportunity as a guest blogger is to outdo yourself. Be sure to craft your best article which you can show to your clients, or which can fish clients for you. 

Freelance writing job boards

Freelance writing job boards are ideal places to start your freelance writing journey. It is easier to land jobs on freelance writing boards as a beginner. And trust me, once you land your first job here, your confidence as a writer will be over the ceiling. 

Freelance writing boards post a lot of writing tasks on their platforms. They have new jobs, almost hourly. Their entry-level is low, making them even friendlier and less competitive. 

Here are my best picks for freelance writing job boards:

1. ProBlogger 

A lot of writers consider Problogger to be their best pick when it comes to freelance writing gigs. What I love most about this site that you can search for using keywords. This feature lets you find work in your niches with ease. 

Most of the gigs here may not pay you well, but they are a sure way to kickstart your career. 

Finding jobs here can be a little tasking than most other job boards. A lot of bloggers and freelance writers are members of this platform. Be prepared to send a few pitches daily to land jobs. 

2. BloggingPro

BloggingPro is a free writing job board you may want to look at. They sort their jobs depending on types, i.e. freelance, internship, part-time, temporary, or full time. When applying for a job, make sure it fits what you are looking for. 

3. All Freelance Writing, formerly known as All Indie Writers

All Freelance Writing has been in operation for over a decade. 

You can quickly sort jobs depending on your level and your pay rates. The pay ranges are categorized into ‘low pay,’ ‘semi-pro’, and pro. This lets you spot gigs that are worth your experience easily. 

4. Mediabistro

Mediabistro has been an excellent resource for freelance writers for over 20 years. They let you view job openings and apply for what interests you, free of charge. Furthermore, they offer free training courses in different fields, such as social media marketing and the fundamentals of public relations. 

5. Freelance Writer’s Den

You need a subscription to find gigs on a Freelance Writer’s Den. With a membership worth $25 per month, you can land some good-paying writing gigs. They accept members from their waiting list. What I love most about this site is the writing resources they offer their members. They have three live training sessions every month. These resources are a sure way to build your skills as a beginner. 

Freelance Writing Platforms

A lot of writers begin their writing journey on freelance writing platforms. They mostly have better-paying rates than freelance job writing boards. What I love most about these platforms is the growth capacity they give you. Vey green writers and very experienced writers still use such platforms. 

Here are my best picks for freelance writing platforms

6. Upwork

A lot of Freelancers start their careers at Upwork. I will not lie to you, landing your first gig here can be tricky. You will need to create amazing platforms and send captivating pitches to attract the clients’ attention. But after successfully hacking your first gig, I assure you things would be smoother on this platform. It is quite competitive-but this makes you stronger. 

Be sure to outdo yourself on this site. The past pieces you write will build or destroy your reputation on this platform. 

7. Guru

Guru has a lot of opportunities for freelancers. Sign up and create a fantastic writer profile. The best thing is that Guru lets you feature your past work on your profile. This way, potential clients would have a look at who they are just about to hire. 

As if that is not enough, you get to set our payment rates.

Customize your profile well, showing off your field of expertise. This way, your profile will show up in searches. 

8. People-Per-hour

People Per Hour allows you to sign-up on it and to create your writing profile. Always include your field of interests on your profile. This way, your profile will pop up quickly whenever a client needs a writer. 

9. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is another household name when it comes to finding freelance writing jobs online. The gigs are posted on this platform’s job board. Writers then bid for work that interests them. The most appealing and desirable bid bags the gig. You can land both short-term and long-term projects on this platform. 

10. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance market place well-designed to accommodate beginners. They offer various freelance gigs to writers, so you have to customize your profile to showcase your writing skills. 

The payment of your first gig may be low, but it will be a stepping stone for perfecting your skills. 

Content Mills

A content mill is a site or company that connects writers to clients who need their services. Usually, the clients post their jobs and pay to the company. Writers hired by the company may bid for the jobs, or pick the job. After submitting the job, writers await clients’ approval. After approval, the company will receive your earnings to your account. 

Content mills should be your stepping stone in your freelance writing career. You realize that the companies pocket part of your earnings. What you earn here will be lower than what you would receive if you pitch directly to prospective clients. But before you get there, patience and commitment on content mills will get you going. 

I have reviewed my best content mills below. 

11. CrowdContent

CrowdContent is a company that pays its writers depending on the quality of their work. It’s a reliable site to begin your writing because they have opportunities for beginners to experienced writers. 

The writers are paid according to their star ratings. 6-star writers earn approximately 6.6 cents per word, while 1-star writers make about 1.2 per word. 

You will also love the bonuses they give to writers who submit quality content. 

12. iWriter

If there is any site I consider beginner-friendly, it would have to be iWriter. Joining this platform is pretty straightforward. You will have to fill a short form, and ace a 250-word article before you get approved. You will start as a standard writer, and work your way up the ladder as you move up the levels, your earnings, and access to more jobs increases. 

13. TextBroker

TextBroker is one of the most desirable content mills. Signing up is free and guarantees you access to numerous writing jobs. I love this site because it will handle all the payments, and will offer various project management tools. Dealing with clients on this platform is very easy. 

TextBroker also offers its writers writing tools. The writing tools are a sure way to build your writing skills. The feedback you receive will also go a long way in seeing you climb up the ladder. 

14. Writer Access

Writers on this platform mostly create blog posts, case studies, and white papers. 

Writer Access only accepts people from the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and Ireland. 

You will need to sign up and pass writing tests before being approved. After your approval, you will have to create a profile that will be used to connect you to potential gigs. 

15. Constant Content

Constant Content is another fantastic site you can register as a freelance writer. You will love that the work here is put into categories and sub-categories. You will easily access the niches of your choice with ease. 

You will need to complete a form to sign up. Afterward, you will have to pass a test before getting approved. After approval, you can start writing. 

Other sites to land your first freelance writing jobs:

16. HireWriters

17. TextRoyal

18. Craigslist

19. iFreelance

20. JournalismJobs.com

21. Writerbay.com

22. FlexJobs

Final thoughts

Not every job posted will work for you. Choose a few niches and specialize in them. You may get approved on a platform with lots of gigs available. Do not apply for everything. Apply for jobs that you can perfectly ace. 

I understand how finding your bearing can be difficult. When I started, I signed up on several sites, and a lot of them did not work for me yet they had worked perfectly for my friends. iWriter and Upwork were my breakthroughs in the field. Try out different sites until you find your niches. 

Every day is a learning day. When you land your first job, do not relax. Keep researching and learning from the veterans. This is the only way to climb up the ladder and make better earnings. 

You need to be extremely patient. You will receive some rejections along the way. Even the most experienced writers receive rejection occasionally. Denial is not a sign to give up. It is a sign to learn better skills and perfect your prowess in the field. 

Which of these freelance writing jobs online will you take on?

Freelance writing can be a lucrative career if you put in enough effort and dedication. Do your research well, have accounts with a few of the sites above before you find your bearing.

Always outdo yourself and create an excellent reputation in whatever you write. This way, you will quickly become a sought-after freelance career.

So, which of these freelance writing jobs online will you take on? Do you have any other freelance writing jobs from home to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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