Get Paid To Listen To Music Online (11 Ways To Make Money Listening To Music)

If you love listening to music, I have good news for you. Did you know you can get paid to listen to music online? Yes, there exist sites and apps that pay you to listen to music.

Listening to music is one easy and enjoyable way to make money. Getting paid to listen to music is a fun way to work from the comfort of your house, on your own time.

If you’d like to make money listening to music and supplement your earnings, keep reading this article to the last word. 

I know you are here for sites and apps that pay you to listen to music. I will give you exactly that in a moment. But first, why would these sites be paying you to listen to music? 

What do I need to do to get paid to listen to music? 

Many of these sites will pay you to listen, rate, and review music. Some websites will also require you to rate the musician.

get paid to listen to music

A lot of musicians, especially the upcoming ones, would love to know what the public thinks of their music.

The review you give helps upcoming artists grow in the music industry. 

Not all sites are after reviews. Some of the sites you will find below will pay you to transcribe lyrics.

So, if you are good with lyrics, we have something for you too. 

Almost all of these sites will require you to create an account, create your profile, and then start working. 

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Alright, here are the websites and apps that pay you to listen to music. Let’s get moving!

Get paid to listen to music online with these apps and sites

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1. Musicxray

Musicxray is one of those sites that pay you money to listen and review music. Most of the other sites will pay you in points form, which are redeemable. Your review on this platform will help an upcoming artist grow in the industry. 

What I love most about this site is that they are considerate of your music taste. Once your account gets approved, you will have to upload five songs in mp3 form. The music you upload will be used to allocate you music for reviews.

You will also love that once music in your genre is uploaded by an artist, you will receive a notification in your email to listen and review it. The invitation offer expires after 24 hours. Be sure to review it before the invitation expires. 

You will earn 5 cents as a newbie on this site. The amount increases as you gain experience. They pay via PayPal, and the payment threshold is $20. You will get fewer invitations as a beginner, but these will sooner increase. 


  • They send invitations to members; no need to keep checking their site
  • You get to review music in a genre you like only
  • You need to listen to at least the first 30 seconds of the song. 


  • Fewer invitations for beginners on the site.

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2. HitPredictor

Your task on HitPredictor will be to rate and review new music before its release to the public. The review will be useful to artists, producers, radio hosts, and music promoters.

You will earn redeemable points for each song you listen to. For additional points, you can rate new musicians in the industry. You can also make money for referring your friends

HitPredictor is available worldwide. You need to be 13 years and above to be approved. 

Listening to about 15 tracks will pay you a $5 Amazon gift voucher. You can also use the points you earn to participate in sweepstakes and real money draws.


  • Available worldwide
  • Available for teenagers
  • A consistent flow of music to review
  • Allows different pay avenues


  • Slow or no replies from the support desk in case of any queries

3. SliceThePie

SliceThePie is perhaps the most popular site that pays members to listen to music. You will rate songs and write short reviews about them to make money. Your reviews need to be in proper English otherwise they could be rejected. You will only earn if your reviews are accepted. 

You will have to listen to the first 1 minute of a song before you start writing a review on it. They pay $0.02 to $0.2 per review. As you build your account, you will also receive ratings. The amount you earn will depend on your rating. Earnings will be per song reviewed. 

You can withdraw your payment on Tuesdays and Fridays. The payment threshold is $10. 


  • You will consistently have songs and music to review
  • You regulate how much you make on the platform
  • Lower payment threshold
  • Easy-to-use platform


  • Reviews in improper English get rejected.

4. Research FM

Research FM is available to people globally. They pay you via Amazon gift cards to give feedback on music. The data collected from you as a member of this platform will be useful in advising radio stations on what music to play. 

Joining this platform is by invitation only. They send an invitation to review music via email. Once you receive the message, you will click on the link, listen to the music, rate it, and write a short review of the music. 


  • Available worldwide
  • A consistent flow of music to review
  • You will receive notifications to make reviews and ratings


  • Joining is via invitation only

5. RadioLoyalty

RadioLoyalty an online radio that pays you to listen to their music. But why would an online platform dish out money to you to listen to their music? Well, the music aired by RadioLoyalty contains commercial ads.

You can have their application on your android or iPhone. You can also access the site via a browser on your computer. 

To be sure you are listening to the music and most especially the ads, you will have to fill in CAPTCHA form every 3-5 minutes. 

You earn points for every 10 minutes you spend listening to music and ads. You can redeem your points to VISA gift voucher or different prizes


  • Will always have some music or ads you can listen to
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • You get to Select from different stations to listen to
  • You select what music to listen to


  • Constantly filling in the CAPTCHA form can be annoying

6. Genius

If you are good with lyrics, I bet you will enjoy being a member of Genius. You will get paid to listen to music and transcribe its lyrics. Of course, you will earn more than just giving reviews. 

To qualify for approval on this site, you must:

  • be 18 and above
  • Be excellent with spreadsheets
  • Be able to meet tight deadlines

Regularly check on their Lyrics Associate board for any job openings. 


  • Better paying opportunities
  • Members work remotely 
  • Hires worldwide


  • Lots of the gigs have tight deadlines

7. WeLocalize

Welocalize is another app that pays you to transcribe lyrics. If you are good with lyrics, you should have a look at what this site has to offer. They pay $4 for every complete lyric transcription. 

To get started, sign up on their page. You will receive lyrics to transcribe. After that, you will receive an email with how you will download the app, some training instructions, and how to get started. You can then begin to transcribing songs for money. 

 They pay via a Hyperwallet account. 


  • Better pay than most sites
  • A consistent flow of orders
  • Work from wherever and whenever
  • Sign up is pretty friendly


  • Favorable for English-native speakers

8. Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards is an online radio that pays you to listen to their music. You must be a resident of Canada, UK, or US to get accepted on the site. 

You will have to enter a CAPTCHA every 30 minutes. They need to know if you are still listening. 

Thirty minutes is a lot friendlier than other sites that require you to confirm you’re listening after 5 minutes. 

For every CAPTCHA confirmation you make, UK and Canadian residents make 1 cent. US residents make 3 cents. Your earnings will reflect in your account within 24 hours of earning. You can access your payment via PayPal or check. 

You must be 18 years and above. However, 13-year-olds and above are allowed, with parental supervision


  • No constant attention confirmation needed
  • Earn extra cash remotely
  • Easy-to-use platform


  • Limited to Canada, UK and US residents

9. Earnably

Earnably partners with RadioLoyalty to research on different entertainment trends. Top of the ways you can earn on Earnably is, of course, listening to music and watching videos; it would otherwise not appear on this list. However, you can also make money for taking online surveys and participating in online offers. 

Earnably pays you bonuses and boosts earnings as you build your profile. As a newbie, focus on growing your profile, and your pay will increase with time. 

Their payout threshold is $2. This is unbelievably low compared to most sites. You can choose to withdraw via PayPal of a gift card. 


  • Offers several other different ways to earn
  • Privilege to work remotely
  • Unbelievably low payout threshold


  • Lower pay compared to other sites of its kind

10. FusionCash

FusionCash pays you to listen to music on internet radio. You can also earn money from their referral program. 

They give a $5 for just signing up! What a fantastic way to earn some free money!

You will love that FusionCash has an online forum for members’ interaction. Here, you will learn how to maximize your earnings on the site. You will also learn to use the site and receive any support you need. 

The payout threshold is $25


  • Enticing sign up bonus
  • They have interaction and support platform to help you get along with the platform
  • Earn from referring friends


  • High payout threshold

11. Radio Earn

RadioEarn is another online radio platform that you can use to make money listening to music. Since commercial ads sponsor the platform, they will keep popping up every few minutes. 

They accept members from all over the world. 

The best thing is that you get to pick what music to listen to. 

You will earn points for every 15 minutes spent listening to music. You can redeem your points for cash via PayPal, direct deposit, Bitcoin, or Amazon gift cards.  


  • Privilege to select what music to listen to
  • Approves members globally
  • Earn remotely and whenever
  • Several payout methods


  • They ban accounts using VPS

Do you get paid to listen to music?

Getting paid to listen to music can be very enjoyable. If you love music, I’m sure you will be delighted to explore how you can make money listening to music with the sites above.

To be honest, please understand that the pay from this will only supplement your earnings. Do not expect to make lots of money from these apps.

Sign up on several of the sites above, follow their rules and instructions, and earn some money online during your free time.  

So, how will you get paid to listen to music? Do you know of any other websites and apps that pay you to listen to music? Comment below if you make money listening to music online or if you’d like to get started.

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