RippleMatch Review For Job Seekers (Legit or Scam?)

This RippleMatch review will dissect the first-rising platform and hopefully answer any questions you may have about its operations, practicality, and credibility.

When Yale graduates Andres Myers and Eric Ho came together to create RippleMatch, the idea was to make job seeking a sufferable task. They intended to take the repetitive elements of recruitment out of the equation and give employers and job seekers an advanced place to start.

With RippleMatch, recruiters don’t have to do everything in the lengthy, multi-phased recruitment process. They just need to specify the kind of employee they want, and RippleMatch will do the rest.

Job seekers, on their part, only need to create resumes. RippleMatch serves as a bypass for the daunting hassle of filtering down opportunities and wooing employers before securing a job.

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What is RippleMatch?

RippleMatch is a career matching platform that connects prospective employees with fitting employment opportunities. The company describes itself as the equivalent of traditional job boards in the digital world of Gen Zers.

According to Myers, RippleMatch was an inspiration of Billy Beane’s data-driven approach of finding players for his baseball team, Oakland Athletics.

It would be safe to say the observation was genius and the implementation spot-on, as RippleMatch now boasts data of over a million candidates and has raised nearly $80 million in funding, which is quite some feat, given the platform was only founded in 2016.

Is RippleMatch Legit?

Yes, RippleMatch is a legitimate recruitment automation platform that connects job seekers with fitting employment opportunities. The platform is used by both startups and Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, EY, PNC, Robinhood, Zillow, and Anheuser-Busch InBev.

RippleMatch has a near-perfect rating on most review sites and is highly rated by Tranco, a trusted site-ranking platform. The platform’s domain has also been around for a relatively long time, which is not something you expect of scam job boards.

Is RippleMatch a Pyramid Scheme?

No, RippleMatch is not a pyramid scheme. RippleMatch, through its internship program, approaches students promising them a commission if they get their fellow students to join the platform. This move has plausibly had it mistaken for a pyramid scheme, which it’s not.

Pyramid schemes typically require initial members or investors to recruit other members, who in turn recruit new members, for a commission. RippleMatch looks to do the same, only it doesn’t require any of the users to pay anything to join the cycle. Essentially, the platform doesn’t get anything from the “investor.”

Furthermore, pyramid scheme investors don’t get any benefits other than the commission they are promised for recruiting others. RippleMatch connects you with actual employers. I would say that is a huge side benefit if at all it’s just bait to lure candidates into a dirty pyramid scheme.

Can You Really Find Work Through RippleMatch?

The idea of automating job matching is great. But can you really get employment using RippleMatch? Has anyone secured a job through the platform?

Thousands of fresh college graduates claim to have secured job interviews via RippleMatch, something they couldn’t do using traditional job boards.

According to some of the users, RippleMatch beats the likes of LinkedIn and Indeed in the fact that it doesn’t stop at matching candidate qualifications and job requirements. It goes a step further by looking at the kind of candidates a company usually hires and trying to bring out candidate qualities that papers don’t reveal.

In this compilation video, Kirsten Nafziger says all job offers she received after graduating college came through RippleMatch, although she had profiles on several other job boards.

She alleges Glassdoor and LinkedIn’s approach of trying to link candidates to as many opportunities as possible is flawed and a waste of time for both candidates and employers.

Alexandra Farmer of Northwestern University had the same sentiments about Handshake, who apparently sent her too many futile opportunities, making her feel like she “wasn’t doing enough.”

Without dismissing the handiness of LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Handshake, etc., it is safe to say that RippleMatch has taken the game a notch higher. Candidates are now more likely to acquire jobs where they won’t need to adjust to fit in or break a sweat convincing the employer.

What Does RippleMatch Offer? And How Does It Work?

RippleMatch takes the conventional job board system, slaps artificial intelligence onto it, and provides recruiters with highly accurate candidate profiles.

When creating profiles, candidates answer a series of questions regarding their career-related interests and ambitions.

This information is rounded out with the candidate’s resume, GPA, test scores, and information sourced elsewhere to create over 300 data points with which it assesses the candidate’s suitability for different internship and employment opportunities.

That makes up half of the question. The other half involves keeping track of emerging job opportunities and updating the database.

But isn’t that what job boards do? Well, yes, but RippleMatch doesn’t stop there. It studies individual employers, too, and zeroes in on individual aspects like hiring strategy and company culture. The hundreds of candidate data points come in handy here.

Clearly, RippleMatch’s algorithm is beneficial to employers and candidates alike. Candidates can find closely fitting job opportunities without spending hours browsing crammed job boards and even secure jobs and internships without necessarily sending cover letters.

Employers, on the other hand, skirt costly recruitment agencies and receive access to a list of candidates narrowed down on basis of qualification and character.

The platform technically levels the playing field for all candidates, no matter their alma mater. Recruiters have traditionally preferred candidates from reputable colleges not because these candidates are obviously better but because it’s an easier and faster route to follow.

RippleMatch provides a qualification-based funnel, which is a win for both candidates and employers.

RippleMatch Internship Program

RippleMatch’s internship program calls for students already on RippleMatch to work with its Campus Operations Team to get more students to sign up.

Payment is success-based, meaning if you don’t get anyone to sign up, you don’t get paid, and the more students sign up through you, the more you get paid.

Since interns are individuals with student obligations, RippleMatch has a very flexible schedule for its interns. As a member of the internship program, you will be required to work any time you wish as long as you commit between five and seven hours a week to the course.

Intern appraisal is done regularly. The very best performers stand a chance of joining the Program Manager Team.

RippleMatch requires the following from all aspiring interns:

  • A track record of excellence
  • Ambition, work ethic, and zeal
  • Organization
  • A sense of mission
  • Strong social networks
  • Creativity

The program is an excellent way to test and hone your marketing, recruiting, and communication skills. It also puts you in a great position to secure a job with top companies, including Google, Amazon, Bloomberg, and RippleMatch itself.

If you do more than the bare minimum, you are also likely to earn LinkedIn endorsements and job reference letters, which are crucial in your career journey.

Reviews and Complaints

On paper, RippleMatch may seem too good to be true. It offers so much and asks for so little. You get connected with the best companies in the world and don’t have to pay a subscription fee to have your resume displayed to potential employers.

As usual, the best way to tell if a company walks the walk is by hearing from people who have used its service.

It is worth noting that some of the negative reviews you will find on review sites have less to do with the efficacy of a company, product, or service and more to do with its performance per user expectations.

ripplematch review

This reviewer, for instance, brands RippleMatch as a scam on the premise that it doesn’t pay interns like actual employees. The argument could suffice in most places but certainly not where the company tells you what to expect beforehand.

Others, like this one on, seem defensible:

ripplematch reviews

Many reviews by current and former RippleMatch interns express discontentment with the level of communication and guidance they receive from program managers.

You’d say this is a legitimate grievance. Students keep joining the program by the day, and managers are likely growing overwhelmed.

As regards job matching, complaints from candidates seem minimal. I’m certain none of them would boldly tag the platform perfect, but they appreciate its significant improvement on traditional job sites.

Here’s how RippleMatch’s rated on various job sites:

What I Like About RippleMatch

RippleMatch is up there with the very best job matching platforms in the game. Its use of artificial intelligence combined with human intelligence ensures an accurate database helpful to picky job seekers looking for specific prerequisites.

The company’s automated matching approach helps clients source candidates instantaneously, which in turn ensures candidates secure employment quickly.

The RippleMatch internship program is another thing that stands out for me. It offers undergraduates a chance to explore and enhance their skills in vital areas such as communication and marketing. It also pays them.

Lastly, I find it quite thoughtful of RippleMatch to make their platform free for candidates. To have a profile on the site, you just need to set up an account, answer a few classification questions, and submit your resume.

What I Don’t Like About RippleMatch

It’s hard to point out an apparent flaw in RippleMatch’s system, especially from the candidate’s perspective. However, the lack of a pool for candidates outside the United States denies brilliant international students a chance to secure remote jobs with top companies.

You would also argue that there is a lack of diversity of schools represented, with the platform shunning community, vocational, and junior colleges.

Is RippleMatch Worth It For Jobseekers?

Most certainly! The pool of candidates at RippleMatch is pretty small at the moment, but that’s the employers’ problem, not yours. If anything, it is an advantage to you.

If you believe you have a set of qualifications and skills that make you stand out from the crowd, someone is likely looking for you.

RippleMatch is still in its infancy but has managed to attract behemoths like Amazon, Teach For America, and eBay. The paucity of talent combined with the wealth of reputable companies places you in a great position to land a high-paying job.

This set of conditions won’t last forever, so how about you hop on RippleMatch while the going is good?


AI-based job matching is the next big thing. Hopefully, this RippleMatch review will help you make a guided choice between jumping on the bandwagon and hinging on traditional job hunting methods.

Have you used RippleMatch to find work? What was your experience with the platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. As a current intern for RippleMatch and someone who has recently landed a summer internship with Ernst & Young, I can definitely say that RippleMatch is a great service that is doing great things. RippleMatch actually contracts with companies so there aren’t any fake job postings. If any College student is interested, they should sign up

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