Review (Legit Or Scam?)

The purpose of this review is to help you determine whether this is the platform to rely on for your job-seeking endeavors or whether you should try your luck elsewhere.

As you know, working online is the future, and freelancing is here to stay. And as always, the earliest adopters of anything reap the most benefits.

Not to say you will be the first to use to find remote work, but you will certainly defeat the bulk of the population that’s looked to switch to online working.

What is is a popular job board focused on connecting (aspiring) remote workers with employers.

It also has a vast blog library to help newbies learn the tricks of online working and job-seeking.

On the jobs page, you have the option to search for a job directly using a keyphrase or company name or click on one of the many job categories provided.

The Remote COMPANIES section, which you can access from the home page, displays a list of companies that use to hire.

When you click on a company logo, it leads you to the brand’s Q&A page on the domain.

This is to help you learn about the company’s remote working environment and whether it suits your preferences before committing to submitting an application.

It is safe to say that not many job boards find this necessary. basically went out of its way to include detailed work environment descriptions for the sake of the picky jobseeker.

Remote Work RESOURCES is the third major section. It contains remote work articles, remote worker Q&A, online courses, and career coaching.

The career coaches are employees. The online courses, on the other hand, are third-party programs sorted by the team. Like jobs, the courses are divided into categories.

Who Owns

Sara Sutton Fell, often referred to as the Queen of Remote Work, is the woman behind and at the top of

A champion for flexible work solutions, Fell didn’t just stumble upon the idea to set up

She already had FlexJobs, a membership-based job board, and 1 Million for Work Flexibility, which had her in the remote working world for nearly a decade before she came up with

She launched the platform in 2015 with the help of Stephen Marcu, who’s since served in the Senior Director role.

Is Legit? is a legit company with legit remote job opportunities for professionals across a range of fields.

Some of the job board’s clients are reputable companies that wouldn’t want to associate with a scam site.

It is also worth noting that the company has been in operation since 2015 and has by far outlived the average scam job board.

Check out this Remote OK Review for more insight.

Can You Really Find Work on

Yes, you can find work on All major online job types have a few live listings at all times, and there is always something popping up in case you don’t like the listings you see.

Here are some of the common job categories and the opportunities available for you:

  • Accounting & Finance. Financial officer, financial analyst, internal auditor, accountant, tax associate, compensation analyst, etc.
  • Data Entry. Data entry coordinator, transaction coordinator, verifications specialist, etc.
  • Design. Graphic designer, web manager, UX designer, product designer, etc.
  • Software Development. Front-end engineer, back-end engineer, head of engineering, data engineer, etc.
  • Editing. Copy editor, video editor, commerce editor, news editor, profile editor, social media editor, etc.
  • Healthcare. Registered nurse, reimbursement coordinator, mental health specialist, nurse supervisor, clinical instructor, coder, etc.
  • Recruitment & Human Resources. Recruiting manager, onboarding specialist, payroll coordinator, workforce manager, etc.
  • Sales. Account executive, director of sales, etc.
  • Teaching. Online tutor, course instructor, etc.
  • Marketing. Marketing specialist, social media manager, head of marketing, senior content manager, paid search manager, etc.

Some categories, like marketing and software development, contain more jobs, thanks to all the division of labor in their respective departments and overall importance in commerce.

Others have just a few live jobs at a time, but they also attract rare skills, and thus the competition is roughly the same regardless of the job you’re seeking.

Is Worth It?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking freelance opportunities, then no, is not worth it. If you’re looking to work in an old-school workplace, again, no, this is not the platform for you. is for anyone who wants a full-time or part-time job that guarantees pay at the end of the day–basically like the traditional 9-5, but without showing up in the office. doesn’t guarantee to find you a job. It doesn’t guarantee you will even find an opportunity to apply in the first place.

It just saves you the time of browsing the entire World Wide Web and picking out opportunities one by one.

It is safe to say that finding so many legit works in the same place is a massive time-saver for the job seeker. And since that is all promises to offer, we can agree that it is doing a pretty good job.

How Does Work? serves one role: pooling job openings and making them accessible to jobseekers.

What makes the platform different is that it doesn’t collect random listings on the web and repost them. Instead, it invites hiring teams to post listings directly and provide an application link to candidates.

The employers pay a posting fee of $299 to run their ad for 30 days. A discount is offered for multiple job listings, but this is negotiated, not predetermined.

The fact that jobs ads are posted at a fee is one reason you are unlikely to run into a scam post on

Not to say you are completely safe, but $300 is often too much of an investment for a miserable con artist.

Job listings specify the level of experience needed, the job capacity (full-time, contract, or part-time), and any geographic preferences.

Opportunities available to everyone have an “International” label next to them, as shown here: review

A detailed description of the role and its benefits is available when you click on the listing. The “apply” button is at the bottom of the description page.

When you click “APPLY FOR JOB” a new page in a different domain will open, and’s involvement will end there. If you get or fail to get the job, won’t know or even be in a position to.

Many people reckon it would have been better if the platform had its own application template that one could partly auto-fill with their resume, and it makes sense, in all fairness.

Most application forms are lengthy and take a lot of time to fill out, making job-seeking a very difficult exercise.

There is also the fact that you can’t create a profile and upload your resume. So employers can’t find you with the help of the platform; it can only happen the other way round.

As a spinoff effect, employers receive a plethora of applications, and this reduces the chances of qualified applicants getting the job.

What I Like About

Here are some of the things I like about

  • is a legitimate job board with legit job opportunities listed by actual recruiters
  • The platform is clear on who it targets: remote workers
  • It has over 50 job categories, each with a decent number of listings
  • There are always new jobs popping up, and the newest listings come at the top when you refresh the job page
  • The platform is free to use for jobseekers
  • It can be accessed internationally
  • doesn’t try to be a broker and will give all its users a level playing field
  • It has tags for easier job browsing (you can view entry-level, executive, part-time, full-time, and work-from-anywhere opportunities separately)

What I Don’t Like About

Here are some of the things I don’t like about

  • The platform can do better with its filter assortment
  • Not all jobs are 100% remote, and you will learn that about a job after applying for it
  • You get no option to upload your resume
  • You don’t get to create a profile either, making it very difficult to stand out from the crowd
  • There are not enough reviews about it on the web, which begs the question of whether or not there are downsides about it that we can only learn about in hindsight. Review: Final Thoughts

Over 50 job categories and hundreds of new remote openings each week are all you can ask for from a job board posting, only legit opportunities.

We’re not going to ignore the competition, of course, but there is an upside to it all–the freedom to woo employers your way as opposed to using an application template and looking like the general run of them.

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