Dynamite Jobs Review (Legit or Scam?)

This Dynamite Jobs review will show you how you can use one of the best job boards in the world to find a remote employer and be done with job-seeking.

I will take you through how the site works and help you decide whether or not you can trust it.

The idea is not to give you a Dynamite Jobs cheat sheet but to help you find a place to start as you pursue your dream remote job.

But first things first. . .

What is Dynamite Jobs?

Dynamite Jobs is your traditional job board. It’s a platform that connects employers and job seekers and helps simplify the hiring process.

Employers probably see it as a platform that prescreens candidates and profiles them, such that when it’s time to hire, they (the employers) know which candidate meets the basic requirements of the role they’re offering.

Jobseekers, on the other hand, see it is a pool of employers and employment opportunities tailored to save them the hassle of perusing and filtering through the internet for standalone openings.

Who Owns Dynamite Jobs?

Dynamite Jobs was founded in 2017 by Ian Schoen and Dan Andrews.

The two friends conceived the idea while trying to build a team of remote employees, so it basically began as a solution to a personal problem.

Thankfully, when it started looking like a scalable commercial solution, they went along with it.

Andrews and Schoen are also the founders of Dynamite Circle, DynamiteScale, and RemoteFirstRecruiting.com and the hosts of the Tropical MBA Podcast.

Is Dynamite Jobs Legit?

Dynamite Jobs is a legit job board with a solid reputation among both employers and job seekers.

It is one of the highest-rated job sites on the internet, meaning you can trust it to connect you with legit remote opportunities.

The fact that it has stood the test of time proves that it is not a scam.

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Can You Really Find Remote Work Through Dynamite Jobs?

Finding work online is not always easy. Besides your qualifications and aptitude, employers also want to know if you can fit into their company culture and work with the minimal supervision that remote work allows.

In essence, portray yourself as reliable, and you will find work on Dynamite Jobs. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of success:

  • Create a full profile
  • Upload an up-to-date resume
  • Link to a well-optimized LinkedIn profile
  • Activate email alerts
  • Apply for as many job openings as you can
  • Make sure to follow up on your applications

What Does Dynamite Jobs Offer? And How Does It Work?

Dynamite Jobs works like a regular job-matching site.

You sign up, browse listed opportunities, and apply for jobs. You don’t have to create an account, but I recommend you do.

With a Dynamite Jobs profile, your chances of being noticed by an employer are significantly higher.

It’s also the only way to get into the “Pre-Vetted Candidates” category, which basically brings employers to you.

And who likes uploading their resume again and again anyway? A Dynamite Jobs account allows you to upload your CV once.

Without an account, you will upload it each time you send a job application.

How To Join Dynamite Jobs

It’s easy and free to join Dynamite Jobs. Just head over to the Remote Jobs website and click the conspicuous red Sign Up button at the top right corner of the homepage.

You will be asked to provide your email address before being taken to a profile creation page. Here, you will provide your name and create a password.

Next, choose your job category (up to four) and provide permission to receive job alerts in your email.

There are two alert types as shown in the screen-grab below: Daily/weekly alerts and Instant alerts. You can subscribe to both.

Dynamite Jobs Review

In the next page, you will be asked to state your preferred skills. Basically, you’re being told to be more specific with what you can do.

Can you type 100 words per minute as a writer or transcriptionist? Can you lead a team of remote workers? Can you create branded content?

State it and click Next.

And now to the most important part (for me, at least): salary expectations. How much would you like to earn per year/month/hour from your new job?

This is one of Dynamite Jobs’ most important filters when sending out job alerts. If you’re worried that including salary expectations may ruin your chances of getting a job, you can skip the part.

Also, Dynamite Jobs lets you hide salary details from employers.

This page will come up next:

Dynamite Jobs Review

Make sure to fill out everything and truthfully. Otherwise, Dynamite Jobs will spam your email inbox with jobs you are not qualified for, never mind interested in.

I would also advise you to provide decent profile links. Employers these days want to check you out on LinkedIn and your portfolio website before even contacting you.

You don’t want a raggedy profile portraying you as disorganized and messy when you are the exact opposite.

While you’re at it, make sure to add a profile picture and upload your resume.

Searching For Work On Dynamite Jobs

Most modern job boards have a set of filters that you can use to narrow down your list of job options.

The most important one is the “Search” feature. Dynamite Jobs has one, of course, but you may never need it with a complete profile.

The reason for this is that the platform already knows what you are probably looking for using the information in your profile.

So instead of displaying all jobs, they show you a personalized feed.

You can always switch to “all jobs” if you don’t trust the algorithm or want to explore jobs outside your profile’s reach.

How To Apply For A Job On Dynamite Jobs

So you’ve found an opening that interests you, done a quick research on the employer, and decided that you actually need it. How do you go about applying for the job?

It’s simple. You just click on the listing and on the big red Apply Now button at the bottom of the description page.

I realized that some listings direct you to a third-party domain for the application form, while others take you to a page on the Dynamite Jobs website.

There is not much of a difference between the two. Both will want your profile information and resume.

If the application takes place on Dynamite Jobs and you have a resume uploaded already, you will probably not need to re-upload it.

Following Up On A Job Application

Following up a job application is important, but it’s best you understand that Dynamite Jobs won’t involve itself anywhere in the talks between you and your potential employer.

All the platform does is bring the employers to you. You won’t be charged for landing a job via the platform or be barred from sharing contact information. And once you send an application, the platform ceases playing middleman.

In a word, you are supposed to do the follow-up yourself.

Reviews And Complaints

It’s not a complete Dynamite Jobs review if it doesn’t take into account the opinions of people who have used it.

I perused the internet for reviews, and it’s safe to say not many people have had the time to share their Dynamite Jobs experience with the world.

But if its 5-star ratings on Sitejabber and Facebook are anything to go by, then it’s a decent service.

What I like About Dynamite Jobs

  • It is free to join and use
  • It is accessible worldwide
  • It has a straightforward and friendly interface
  • You can use it without signing up
  • You don’t need to upload your resume each time you apply for a job
  • It has a practical set of search filters
  • It focuses only on remote opportunities

What I Don’t Like About Dynamite Jobs

  • It has a low job inventory
  • It has no mobile app

Is Dynamite Jobs Worth It for Jobseekers

Dynamite Jobs is not a scam, but is it worth your time? I’d say yes.

A site that is so simple to use, doesn’t charge you, and sends you email notifications of relevant job openings as they pop up can never be a waste of time.

All you need to do is create a profile and upload your resume, and Dynamite Jobs will pick up the baton from there.

Dynamite Jobs Review: Final Thoughts

This Dynamite Jobs review was supposed to help you form an opinion of one of the world’s best job boards.

If you are still 50-50 about it, how about you give it a go and actually infer from your own experience?

If you have already used it, let me know how you liked it in the comments.

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