Geebo Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

Is Geebo legit and trustworthy? This Geebo review details how it works and shares the best tips for using the platform safely.

Online classified platforms have not seen their best years over the past decade. But they are still going strong and many people, particularly the older generations, have them as their go-to option when looking to sell or buy things online.

If you are unsure what makes a classified website or what makes it different from a marketplace like Amazon, classified sites are more generic and uncontrolled.

You may also find that the likes of Amazon and eBay are more of spaces for new items as opposed to used ones.

Classified websites house anything sellable, from cars, real estate, and job openings to artifacts, used combs, and cutlery.

They are also more focused on connecting people locally, so shipping and other services meant to streamline transactions between parties in entirely different localities are not prioritized.

How have some of these classified sites stood the test of time, you may ask? And how can you make the most of them? Well, there is no seller blueprint out there.

But if you reckon Geebo is a good example of a top-tier classified site, you are about to have your questions answered. This Geebo review will discuss some of the things you might be interested to know before joining the site as a seller.

What is Geebo?

Geebo is a classified advertising site populated by listings from third-party sites and individual sellers. Anything goes on Geebo. The site uses categories to minimize the chaos and make it easy for buyers to find what they want.

Useful filters include Communities, which help users find sellers and buyers within their states and cities.

Geebo sports this minimalistic look that may make it seem like an out-of-date site, but it is actually an efficient fast-loading platform with all the basics of a classifieds site.

Geebo is available for US-based sellers and recruiters only.

Who Owns Geebo?

Greg Collier – a renowned entrepreneur and online safety advocate – is the founder and CEO of Geebo. He set up the platform in 2000 as a generic classified site but changed it over the years mostly to align it with safety requirements as they arose.

Greg notably advocated for the removal of the personals section from Geebo in a bid to cub the growing cases of prostitution and sex trafficking on classifieds sites. To many, this was actually a slick way to get its more popular competitor, Craigslist to follow suit.

In 2013, Geebo got rid of another section – the pets’ ads – as more and more reports of animal abuse at puppy mills made the headlines.

Later in 2015, the company introduced the use of police stations as safe trading spots before pulling down the firearms section in response to the mass shooting at the Orlando nightclub.

All these happened under Collier’s stewardship.

Is Geebo Legit?

Geebo is a legitimate classified site with over 15 million monthly users. It has been in the market for over two decades and has come a long way in ensuring the safety of its users. That said, not every seller or buyer on the platform is genuine, and users are urged to watch out for obvious scam red flags.

Geebo has a 100 rating on Scam Detector, which uses a 53-factor algorithm to rank sites on a credibility scale of 0-100.

Is Geebo Safe to Use?

Being legit doesn’t automatically mean a site is 100% safe to use. But if Geebo’s safety level is not adequate in your eyes, then you might as well give up using classifieds sites as most of them are nowhere near as safe as Geebo.

Geebo, as discussed above, has been on the frontline of consumer safety advocacy and has sure contributed to the industry’s transformation.

Besides scrapping personal and firearm listings and making in-person meetings safer, the company in 2018 launched a proactive campaign to chuck out scammers.

Staff were charged with monitoring ad responses and identifying patterns to partially automate scam riddance. It turned out that most scams originated from people outside the US. By monitoring responses from overseas, the company greatly enhanced its user safety.

Geebo also reviews all ads before they go live, which is a much-needed filter for buyers.

Note that most other platforms rely on user policing, which isn’t particularly adequate, as many users don’t care to report attempted scams.

With Geebo, it would be safe to say that a modest understanding of the dangers of the internet is all the armament you need to ensure your safety.

Is Geebo Trustworthy?

Geebo is a trustworthy classified site with a sophisticated human-aided system to detect potentially unsafe and illegal activity.

The company has never been implicated in any headline-making scandal and is one of the only few players in its niche to boast such a clean record.

You can trust Geebo to put an effort into protecting you from fake buyers, sellers, and recruiters.

What Does Geebo Offer? How Does It Work?

Geebo offers a platform for people to meet and transact. You can sell or buy virtually anything and post and view any job listing on the site.

People like Geebo because it’s cheap and straightforward and has relaxed job – and item-listing policies. You get unlimited space to describe your listing and pay only for job postings.

Buyers and job-seekers explore the market for absolutely free and enjoy protection from scammers.

How to Use Geebo


Buyers have it the easiest on Geebo. To view listings and make purchases, you just need a computer and an internet connection.

The Geebo homepage is simple and responsive.

Geebo Review homepage

As you can see, there are no ads, and everything is readily accessible with the click of a mouse.

If you are looking for car tires, for instance, you will simply go to the Vehicles category and click Auto Parts/Accessories, which will lead you here:

Geebo Reviews

Unlike the homepage, category pages have Google ads, but it’s easy to separate them from actual listings.

A listing will have a snippet description of the product in question and show its price and the poster’s location.

When you open a listing, a more in-depth description will display. I opened the top listing on the above screen grab to these details:

Geebo Review for sellers

Clearly, there is no add-to-cart option, so Geebo won’t be involved if you wish to proceed beyond here. The post provides a link to the seller’s official website and social media handle, where you can get on with your purchase.


To post your own listing, click Post on the top right side of the homepage.

Geebo Review posting

Select a category from the eight options provided and proceed to the next page.

Geebo Review categories

For this illustration, I selected Vehicles. A form opened requiring me to provide the listing title, description, and category; my Zip code, location, email, name, and phone number; my vehicle’s make, model, VIN, YOM, price, and photos.

All new listings are submitted for review before being posted.


Jobseekers can access job posts via the Employment category. These are some of the listings I found under the Accounting subcategory:

Geebo Review listings

The listings are similar to item postings, with every recruiter looking to make the most of the description editor.

On top of manual job browsing, jobseekers can sign up for job alerts by providing email addresses and desired job keywords.

If you wish to do this, make sure to use the right keywords to avoid being spammed with irrelevant emails.

Hiring Teams

Posting jobs is a more detailed procedure than posting items for sale. The Post button lets you choose one of four posting options priced differently depending on the number of listings you’d like to put up.

Geebo Review

You will then need to select your preferred posting package and enter your billing information through a form that looks like this:

Geebo Review posting packages

After this, you are good to post your first job listing.

Make sure to be clear, detailed, and straight to the point to attract the right candidates. You might want to use the responses you receive to fine-tune your listing.

Getting the Most of Geebo as a Job Seeker/Buyer

  1. Know what you want
  2. Understand the category of the item or job you’re looking for
  3. Use the search function for better specificity
  4. Sign up for job alerts
  5. Always use the location filter

Getting the Most of Geebo as a Recruiter/Seller

  1. Be as descriptive as possible
  2. Use the correct keywords
  3. View all offers and applications
  4. Use high-quality photos
  5. Be ready to revise live posts
  6. Indicate your true location
  7. Choose categories correctly

Geebo Reviews and Complaints

Despite Geebo being a fairly safe platform to use, scams are still a rampant issue. Many jobseekers have complained about applying for legit-looking job openings only to run into all kinds of red flags once communication goes off-site.

Here’s an example review I found on Reddit:

Geebo user Reviews

With an up-vote rate of 67%, it seems clear that many people have been hoodwinked this way. But, really, how dangerous is it?

Well, it may feel unsafe sharing your resume with a fake recruiter who’s gone the extra mile to pay a subscription fee just to get your information.

However, identity theft requires more than just a resume. The worst the scammers can do with your information is to share it with marketers and inflict robocalls and spam emails on you.

Another common complaint I found relates to the site’s “sketchy” design. Most users would prefer better ad visuals and site aesthetics, but I doubt the appeal will elicit an affirmative response any time soon.

What I Like About Geebo

  • It is easy to use
  • It has a highly active marketplace
  • It is safer than most classified sites of its class and size
  • It is free to use for buyers, sellers, and jobseekers
  • It is not a bandwidth hog and can be accessed via mobile data

What I Don’t Like About Geebo

  • Poor design
  • Difficult to separate genuine listings from scams
  • Few filters
  • Not available outside the US

Is Geebo Worth It?

For buyers and jobseekers, Geebo is definitely worth a go. The site is easy to use and has listings from many sites you would consider alternatives. Moreover, you don’t need a subscription or even an account to use it.

You may, however, need to beware of the many scammers who have only become better at disguising themselves.

For sellers and job recruiters, Geebo is a goldmine. Many of the millions of monthly users are buyers and jobseekers refreshing the site for new items and opportunities. You will certainly not struggle to find a buyer for your item or an employee for your vacant role.

That said, it is not all easy to find high-quality job candidates on Geebo. Everyone is allowed on the site, and sadly, a great percentage of the applicants are unqualified.

Geebo Review: Conclusion

Is Geebo legit? Yes, it is. And is it worth your time? That’s entirely up to you. This Geebo review was meant to help you understand how the site works so you can make an informed decision.

Let me know in the comments what I may have left out or – for active users – how you like the site.

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