19 Companies With Remote Customer Service Jobs from Home

Looking for legitimate online customer service jobs you can do from home? If yes, you’ll enjoy our latest collection of companies that offer remote customer service jobs.

Working from home is becoming a dream come true for many people, and online customer service jobs have become one of the most in-demand work-from-home jobs.

The majority of customer service work can easily be done from the comfort of your house using a computer and phone.

The role of a customer service representative is simple: to provide answers to inquiries about the products and services of the company you are working for.

You will also provide solutions to any complaints. The goal is to always provide a positive customer experience. All these can be done from a home office.

Remote Customer Service Jobs from Home

What Do You Need to Become a Work-from-Home Customer Service Representative?

You need the following to get started with customer service work from home:

  • A computer and/or phone
  • Strong internet connection
  • Microphone
  • A good set of headphones

You also need to possess the following values:

  • Patience (yes, you may have to deal with difficult and sometimes rude clients)
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills

With these values and skills, you are good to go.

So, with that said, let’s get right to the business of the day: places to find online customer service representative jobs. Ready? Let’s get going.

Companies with remote customer service jobs from home

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  1. Teletech

It is also popularly known as TTEC. The primary purpose of the company is to offer good customer service in the technology world. They provide customer service and consulting solutions that promote business growth. Furthermore, they offer telecommunications customer-care specialist jobs.

You can apply for a position as a technical support person. They communicate with their customers and offer solutions to their problems. They offer customer services jobs worldwide in over 50 languages. The customer service providers work remotely.

You can also gain experience by taking TTEC University courses and tests. This will help you gain more skills in the work.

They give bonuses, recognition, and performance-based rewards to employees who work exemplarily.

  1. Kelly Services

Kelly was founded to help job seekers find jobs easily. Kelly has employed over 440,000 people. It provides labor force solutions by working with different brands to provide employment.

It works with industries like accounting and finance, engineering, and information technology. Most of these companies require people who can do various customer service jobs.

The most common customer service jobs on Kelly are:

  • Customer service representative whose primary work is to handle customer complaints and process orders. They also provide information about services and products offered by the company.
  • Help desk tier whose main work is solving issues like passwords and user problems for the customers.

They pay weekly. The pay is a fair wage depending on the type of job. They also have a support network that helps if you want to switch jobs or change your location.

  1. Concentrix

This is a technology-based business service company. It concentrates on customer engagement and improving business performance by working with the best brands. It has employed over 250,000 employees.

It pays after every two weeks. It also pays for overtime jobs.

Why do I vouch for Concentrix? They provide paid training and competitive wages. They also give the employees computers to work from.

They require you to have:

  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and written.
  • Dependable and strong attention to detail.
  • Flexibility in case of schedule changes when needed.

Requirements for the job may vary with your location and country.

There online application takes 7-10 days to undergo review. Click here to complete it.

  1. Randstad

Randstad has specialized in offering human resource services. It has more than 38,000 employees worldwide.

It offers both permanent and temporary jobs. The company works with brands such as Randstad Care and Tempo Tech.

Their clients are from healthcare, ICT, engineering, and legal companies. You can apply to work in various customer services from these fields. It has set up units from which you can work. Each unit has consultants. The work of consultants is to ensure service provision to clients and select candidates suitable for the job.

In some countries, Randstad has operating companies that select and hire employees on permanent placements.

  1. Working Solutions

Working Solutions takes assignments and projects from clients and assigns them to employees to work from home. A good number of freelancers and independent workers work for Working Solutions. They hire part-time, contractual, and independent workers.

For you to be hired by them, you need:

  • To be good at both verbal and written communication
  • To be goal-oriented
  • Have a competitive mindset
  • Have a home workspace

They pay an average salary of between $9- $30 per hour. Your pay will also depend on the job you have done. They pay twice a month.

Their jobs are limited outside the USA. Before being hired, you are given a test to determine if you are fit for the job.

Part time customer service jobs from home

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  1. Amazon

Amazon is undoubtedly the largest e-commerce company in the world. It mainly deals with e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming. It has over a million employees working all over the world.

It works with brands such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services, and many others.

They offer customer services jobs to be able to attend to their large customer base. The employees at customer service mainly prevent and solve problems for the clients.

Amazon distributes music and videos through Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, and Twitch. It also has a publishing firm Amazon Publishing and Amazon Studios, which produces films and television shows.

All these services and products offered to require customer services to the clients. Therefore you can apply for any customer service job and get paid. They pay according to work done by the employee.

  1. Dell

Dell is an American technology company. They build, sell and repair computers.

They also offer computer-related products and services. They have over 20,000 employees worldwide.

Typical customer service jobs at Dell are customer service assistants, sales support, and business advisor.

  1. Humana

Humana is an American health insurance company. It provides healthcare insurance to individuals, groups, and Medicare health insurance.

In addition, it advises and helps clients make and manage their healthcare choices.

The typical customer service job they offer is that of a customer care specialist. You will help their clients make informed health care and healthcare insurance choices.

  1. Xerox

Xerox is a famous work-from-home company. It has been in the working remotely field for over three decades.

They offer workflow solutions, document management, and other business services. Their focus is to help businesses and government organizations to work better.

Other than customer service representatives, they have openings for other jobs such as data entry clerks.

  1. Apple

Apple is one of the critical role players in technology in the world today. They are behind iPad, watchOS, iPhone, Apple Watch, iOS, Mac, OS X, and more.

They have a loyal customer base across the entire globe. To cater to this ever-growing customer base, they hire work-from-home customer care. They refer to these customer care agents as ‘At Home Advisor.’

The title ‘At Home Advisor,’ is pretty much self-explanatory. Your job will be to advise clients on the available choices and help them pick products that suit their needs best. 

Home-based customer service jobs

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  1. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a company in the healthcare industry. It has operations across the globe. They have a diversified range of services and products that they offer through United Healthcare and Optum.

They have available positions for customer service representatives among other remote jobs.

  1. Systems Applications Products

Systems Applications Products is also popularly called SAP. It is a European data processing company.

It is a multinational software company that creates enterprise software that manages the relationship between business operations and customers.

They have openings for customer service representatives.

  1. Covance

Covance is a global research organization that provides drug development services to its clients. It is known to bring almost a third of prescription drugs to the market.

They, therefore, have a lot of jobs for project managers and customer service representatives, to help them manage their huge customer base. 

  1. Ecolab

Ecolab is a firm that helps companies optimize water efficiency through conservation, reusing and recycling.

They have over one million clients across the world.

They use cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise to optimize water usage in companies. In addition, they offer customer service jobs to people looking to work remotely.

  1. American Express

American Express is a company that provides charge cards, credit cards, rewards, insurance, gift cards, business cards, personal savings, and travel cards.

They have positions available for customer care representatives.

More companies with remote customer service jobs from home

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  1. Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland refers to themselves as a leader in providing work-at-home solutions. They have seasonal customer service and sales opportunities.

They outsource jobs to people looking for remote work-at-home jobs. You can use the search and filter on their website to find the perfect job for you. If you find your match, there is an ‘apply’ button you can use.

Other than working from the comfort of your house, other benefits you will enjoy when hired by Sutherland include:

  • Paid off-time
  • Health, vision and dental benefits
  • Paid training
  • Flexible work depending on programs
  1. VIPdesk Connect

VIPdesk Connect was established in 1997. Their aim is to help their clients improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and also customer retention.

They have openings in remote customer service representatives in the tech support field.

You have to check with them that your computer matches their needs before you can apply.

  1. Transcom

Transcom is a global company that provides their clients with customer care, sales, technical support, and credit services.

They have openings in different jobs, among them remote customer service. They have over 30,000 employees and work with over 350 international brands. You could easily land a job as a customer service representative in the financial, media, retail, and travel industries.

  1. Robert Half International

Robert Half International has been around for over an impressive five decades. They specialize in staffing and consulting services.

They have tons of jobs in:

  • Customer service representative
  • Service desk
  • Customer service insurance agent

Ready to ace these remote customer service jobs from home?

Companies in every industry will always require customer service representatives to help ensure the satisfaction of their clients. Every company strives to give their clients the best experience, so companies almost always hire customer care representatives.

But our focus today is on those companies that let their customer service agents work from home. If you are lucky, you can land companies that let you work whenever you want to. The companies above are some of the best choices you can explore if you are looking for companies that have work-from-home customer service jobs.

It doesn’t matter. Whether you are in the health industry, education, statistics and research, technology, and legal field, everyone has something. So find a company that suits you best and make your application; you could soon be working from the comfort of your home desk.

That is it for today. We would, however, love to keep in touch with every one of our readers. Have you had any remote customer service jobs before? What company did you work for? What was the experience? We can’t wait to hear about your tips and experiences in the comment box below.

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