Why Do People Buy Feet Pics? All You Need To Know

As a curious reader or a person wishing to start selling feet pics online, you may be wondering why people buy feet pics. 

What do people buy feet pics for?

And why do they need to pay for something they can download from the internet for free?

Besides answering your question, this article will reveal to you who buys feet pictures online, how they use them, and where they buy them.

Let’s dive in.

Why Do People Buy Feet Pics?

Most people buy feet pictures online because they are sexually attracted to them. People also purchase foot pics online for artistic or creative purposes or to market and advertise their foot-related products and services, such as shoes and foot accessories.

Moreover, a platform determines why people buy pictures; e.g., a site such as Shutterstock is for advertising, while FeetFinder is for fetish content.

So, who are these people who buy feet pics?

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Who Buys Feet Pics Online?

Anyone, even you, can buy feet pics online. You only need a reason to

Here are examples of people who buy foot pictures online.

  • Foot Fetishists: Foot fetishists make up the biggest percentage of feet pics buyers. These individuals pay handsomely for customized and professionally designed feet pics or videos that cater to their preferences.
  • Picture and stock photo websites: Stock photo websites such as Uspach, Pexels, iStock, and Shutterstock buy feet pictures of different looks and angles to post on their websites.
  • Footcare businesses: Pedicure and foot care brands hire a feet model to apply their product. After applying, the model must send a picture of their feet with the company’s product. The firm then uses these foot pics in its marketing campaigns, social media, and websites. Footcare companies also need feet pics for their display ads, brochures, and product packaging.
  • Foot jewelry companies: Feet accessories need foot pictures to market their products.
  • Footwear manufacturers: Because they can’t use ordinary or copyrighted foot images, firms selling shoes buy foot pics to sell their products.
  • Bloggers and authors: Top-foot content bloggers need foot pictures to upload on their websites.

Where Do People Buy and Sell Feet Pics?

People mainly buy and sell foot images from feet pics websites, apps, social media platforms, or feet sellers’ websites.

Feet Pics Platforms

Platforms like FeetFinder are the ideal hunting sites for buyers looking for high-quality foot images. On this site, you will find different sizes, angles, poses, and colors of feet pics.

On the other hand, sellers will enjoy the high number of buyers, privacy, and anonymity on this site.

So, if you are considering buying or selling feet pictures online, starting with a feet pics site is best, as it handles most of your work.

A reputable website like FeetFinder has over 5,000 five-star reviews by buyers and sellers, making it an ideal choice for both parties.

Other foot pics websites include Feetify, Instafeet, and Feetpics. 

Social Media

By joining relevant channels, you can also sell and buy your feet content on Tiktok, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. 

For example, Reddit has feet pics channels (subreddits) like r/feetishh, r/verifiedfeet, and r/feetpicsbuyerandsell, allowing both parties to interact and transact.

Additionally, there are Facebook groups and pages where feet lovers interact. Here you will find people looking to show off their feet and others looking for pics to satisfy their feet fetish or for marketing purposes.

So, if you wish to sell feet pics on social platforms, consider joining the relevant channels and using hashtags to increase exposure and grow your audience.

Foot Sellers Websites

While this is uncommon, top foot-pics sellers have a website showcasing their content to potential customers.

Besides feet pics, these top sellers sell feet products, guides, e-books, etc. See Debbie Dew Drop’s website for inspiration.

What Do Buyers Look for Before Purchasing Feet Pics?

Clients do not purchase any foot pictures.

They have their specifications.

While they may have personal preferences, below are some features every foot pics buyer looks for.

  • Good lighting and composition: Good lighting and composition enhance the overall attractiveness of the feet in the picture.
  • Nail art and pedicure:  Buyers are more attracted to feet with perfectly-done nail art or pedicures. Such features add elegance to an image. 
  • Expression and emotion: A client may be drawn to images that convey a sense of sensuality, playfulness, or other emotions that resonate with their preferences.
  • Props and accessories: Some feet pic buyers love images with props such as jewelry, stockings, or footwear, as they enhance the visual appeal.
  • Poses and angles: Popular feet angles and poses like the bow leg, the invisible tight rope, and cross ankles are considered more flattering and appealing. 

Why Do People Pay Money for Feet Pictures?

The internet has millions of attractive feet pics. You could find several that best fit your needs with a simple search.

So, why would someone spend money buying feet pics instead of downloading one for free from the internet?

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • They feel morally obligated to send money to the seller to support them.
  • Some buyers want specific feet pics that are only found on paid services.
  • For people with foot fetishes, curated or customized content can be more appealing than random images available for free online.
  • Some people may prefer personalized or exclusive content tailored to their desires, like poses, angles, or scenarios, enhancing their experience.
  • Feet pics buyers want high-quality images, which are only available on paid feet pics platforms like FeetFinder.
  • For those with a foot fetish, purchasing feet content provides privacy and anonymity that might not be available on free platforms. This anonymity can reduce feelings of shame or embarrassment for some users.
  • Some individuals prefer to pay for it to ensure they are not accessing content that might violate copyright laws or involve non-consenting individuals.

How Much Do Feet Pics Sell for?

There is no specific amount on how much foot pictures cost. However, considering characteristics like quality, distinctiveness, and demand, a foot pics image costs an average of $5 to $20.

As a foot seller, you need to choose a price plan that will ensure you make your foot pics stand out in a competitive market. Factors  like photo quality, distinctiveness, demand, and your target buyer will help you create a profitable price plan.

Also, always be free to try new, easy ways to promote your feet content, like giving temporary offers, discounts for massive purchases, and a reward program for repeat clients.

Should You Start Selling Feet Pics Online?

Whether to sell feet pictures or not is a decision only you should make.

However, there are several reasons you might consider selling feet pics online. It is fun, an easy way to make money, and a ready market, thanks to websites like FeetFinder.

So, now that you know who buys feet pics online and why, what’s stopping you from selling feet pictures online?

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