How Much Can You Make Selling Feet Pics Online?

How much can you make selling feet pics online?

You’re probably asking yourself this question as you contemplate joining the thousands of people selling feet pics as a side hustle.

Is it worth it? What do I need to get started, and what will it cost me upfront? Do I have any control over my earnings? Can I make it my main hustle?

The questions are endless, and this article is about to answer them all.

We will discuss in detail the dynamics of the feet pic market and the various factors that affect earning potential.

The idea is to help you find your feet and grow on the right trajectory while earning the maximum possible.

How Much Can You Make Selling Feet Pics Online?

On average, a feet pics seller earns between $1-$100 per image. However, you can make upward of $70,000 per year, depending on how you package yourself.

Since you are in charge of pricing your feet pics, your earnings can be limitless. The secret is being consistent and posting high-quality images.

Other factors that determine how much you make include:

1.) The platforms you use.

You have a better chance of finding buyers if you post your feet pics on multiple platforms instead of relying on just one.

Utilizing as many of the above channels as possible increases your visibility and, consequently, your chances of grabbing the attention of random foot lovers.

2.) Your pricing strategy.

Pricing can make or break your business strategy. If your pictures are too costly, no one will buy them.

If they are too cheap, you will need to make a lot of sales to earn a significant amount of money. Advisably, research the market to see what other feet pic sellers charge.

Then, factor in the uniqueness of your images and the effort invested in determining the most suitable pricing strategy.

3.) Image quality.

Better-quality images often attract more buyers and substantiate higher prices. You will make more money if you have a decent camera and good photo-editing skills.

4.) Marketing.

Your marketing and promotion efforts can single-handedly determine the amount of money you make from selling feet pics online.

You can increase your online presence by utilizing online forums and social networking platforms to engage potential customers and spread word about your business.

5.) Reputation.

Good marketing will help you attract first-time customers. Delivering what you promise will keep them.

6.) Payment methods.

You are likely to make more sales if you accept universally-accessible payment options.

7.) Creativity.

On a level playing field, your creativity will make you stand out from the crowd.

Always experiment with unique poses, props, angles, and themes and learn from other sellers’ creativity.

8.) Feet type.

Foot preferences are subjective, not universal. Even so, some feet types tend to attract more buyers than others.

In my experience of viewing foot-fetish-related media, petite feet with high arches, soft soles, and long toes command the most demand.

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Can You Really Make Money Selling Feet Pics Online?

Yes, you can. People are actually making money from simply taking pictures of their feet and posting them online. It’s not a scam, and the foot content industry is not a passing trend.

That being said, the level of success varies from seller to seller. Some people make a living wage from selling feet pics, while others barely receive any offers.

It’s a market like any other. Thankfully, the factors with the most influence on earnings are mostly things the seller can change.

If you’re considering selling feet pics, this might be the best time to start doing it.

The demand is there, and the competition is manageable compared to what you’d project for the future when all the skepticism about the industry goes away.

There are also several platforms where you can get started without paying a dime. All they require from you as a starter is probably just a camera and knowledge on buyer preference. 

Understanding The Needs Of Feet Pic Buyers

Before delving into earnings and how you can maximize yours, there is a need to understand who the market is and how your feet pics will be used.

That way it will be easier to build a workable strategy and launch yourself into the game with realistic expectations.

Foot Fetishists

Foot fetishists are people who buy feet pics just to look at, admire, and explore them. They make up the lion’s share of the feet pic market.

One thing about fetishist is that they are extremely choosy.

That’s why on platforms like FeetFinder, you will find a list of very specific categories like flat feet, dirty feet, chubby feet, flat feet, etc., targeting specific buyers.

When selling to this group, you need to be as explicit with your content as possible. The buyers need to see that you know what they are looking for.

Quite simply, if you portray yourself as a pro, you attract more interest and invite pro-level offers.


Podiatrists are foot doctors. They diagnose and treat foot and ankle disorders and occasionally require visual aids for diagnostic, educational, and marketing purposes. That’s where feet pics play a role.

Unlike foot fetishists, podiatrists don’t just take what you have to give. They require professionally-photographed, high-quality feet pictures highlighting specific features of the foot anatomy.

You, therefore, need to have a professional camera and the ability to abide by detailed instructions.


Marketers need feet pics for a number of reasons. Some need them to market foot fetishist sites.

Others work for foot accessory companies and need pictures to demonstrate product features.

These, much like podiatrists, will ask for high-quality pictures. They will also likely make custom requests instead of randomly selecting images on stock photo sites and feet pic marketplaces.

Content Creators

Content creators that may want to buy feet pics from you include foot fetish content creators, fashion and footwear influencers, yoga and fitness influencers, travel bloggers, and beauty and wellness bloggers.

Where To Find Feet Pic Buyers

Dedicated Feet Pic Sites

The rapid growth of the feet pic industry over the past decade has occurred partly thanks to the emergence of sites that deal strictly with pictures and videos.

These sites made it incredibly easy for sellers to connect with buyers and build portfolios.

They have also served as a great resource for budding foot models to learn and improve on photo-taking and marketing.

One site that has been receiving lots of praise on review sites is FeetFinder.

Users seem to like its simple interface and employment of policies that promote safety and privacy.

There have also been shouts about the marketplace being constantly active and sellers being able to find buyers easily.

As at the time of writing this article, the site had over 200K users. That is quite some feet, given everyone there is selling or buying feet pictures.

I personally love the fact that all sellers were ID-verified, and buyers don’t have to worry about being scammed.

Sellers are just as equally protected. The company mediates transactions, and all payments are held in escrow.

If you prioritize safety and love battling it out on a level playing field, then FeetFinder is a site you will enjoy.

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Social Networking Platforms

If you doubt the power of social media, ask 32-year-old Jessica Gould, who’s been making over $70,000 per year selling snapshots of her feet on Instagram.

As it turns out, some foot lovers don’t have the time to browse stock photo and dedicated sites for feet pictures. They’d rather you meet them on their favorite social media sites.

Instagram, in particular, has been shown to work wonders for sellers. It’s built for visual posting and boasts a tremendously huge user base.

Even if you don’t use it to sell, you can utilize it to market your feet pics and direct potential buyers to your personal website or a third-party site like FeetFinder where you feel safe transacting.

Other sites you might want to try include Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Online Marketplaces

General marketplaces like Craigslist have one disadvantage: they are general.

They allow anyone to post anything and are disorganized, despite their often thorough item categorization.

That’s not to say they can’t be useful to a feet pic seller, though. Some foot lovers buy feet images on impulse.

Some haven’t heard of dedicated feet pic sites like FeetFinder and will actively search for foot content on general marketplaces.

Such users make up and audience that is often overlooked and provide a market gap you should consider exploiting.

Thankfully, most online marketplaces are free to join and use. They don’t have many photo upload limitations either and will let you design your listing how you like.

You just need to use the right tags and stay in line with their content guidelines.

Stock Photo Sites

Stock photo sites are less disordered, but they are usually not niche-specific, which doesn’t help their case.

The best ones like iStock, Shutterstock, Getty Images, Alamy, and Dreamstine may not even have categories for foot content.

Still, you can use them to market and sell your pictures, as they have highly useful search functions and filters.

For instance, if you head over to Shutterstock and search “feet pics”, an extensive list of feet images will come up.

The problem only comes in when a buyer wants a specific variety of images. Most stock photo sites are not built for this and will end up displaying unsorted search results.

Your Personal Website

The biggest advantage with having a personal website is that you get to work by your rules.

The biggest disadvantage is that such a website won’t give you the same audience as, say, Instagram or FeetFinder.

You will need to invest heavily on marketing for it to work. That may cost money and probably slow you down.

Perhaps the best strategy would be to use it as the final landing point in your sales funnel.

Basically, post your feet pics on social media, stock photo sites, marketplaces, etc. and then redirect buyers to your personal website for the actual transactions.

How To Price Your Feet Pics

How you price your images will significantly impact the amount of money you make as a feet pic seller.

Remember, this is a free market. Buyers will go for what gives them the best combination of price and quality. You want to ensure you don’t overprice or underprice your pictures.

Here are a few tips to help you come up with a winning pricing strategy:

  1. Try to stay within the price range of existing sellers
  2. Start with competitive prices at the beginning, then adjust upwards.
  3. Consider using different pricing models on different platforms
  4. Don’t shy away from attaching different prices to different pictures. Ensure the price difference matches the quality difference
  5. Experiment with prices and see how it affects demand. Give more priority to overall earnings and less on sales quantity.

There is no one-size-fits-all pricing strategy for feet pic sellers. As much as you need to consider existing market prices, you must consider your unique selling points.

There is nothing wrong with going beyond the existing price range if the quality of your pictures is better than your peers’.

Similarly, if your images command greater demand for reasons other than quality, you have every reason to consider a price increase.

The bottom line is to earn no less than you are capable of.

It will take time to get your pricing right, of course, but your potential should be clear from the beginning. Try to align yourself with it.

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Final Thoughts

The beauty of selling feet pics online is that there is no limit to how much money you can make.

So much is within your power, and with a bit of effort, you can go from amateur to pro in very little time.

Have you tried selling feet pics yourself? What platform did you use? How much did you make and how do you expect to improve this in the future?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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