What Feet Pics Sell Best? A Guide to Maximizing Your Earnings

If you want to sell feet pictures online and make money, this post is for you.

Taking feet pics is a walk in the park.

However, to bring in the top dollar, you must learn what foot pictures sell best and how to capture them.

But is there a specific feet pic that sells the best?

The short answer is no. Every top-selling foot picture has a uniqueness that makes it stand out.

This article will teach you what kind of feet pics sell best, the best sites to sell your foot content, and popular foot poses.

We will also discuss seven effortless tips for taking pics that most buyers want.

Let’s get started.

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What Feet Pics Sell Best?

Feet pics that sell the best are creative, high quality, have a stunning background, and focus more on the feet. Examples of feet pics that sell best are soles, nail polish, heels, and pedicures. Other factors that make an excellent foot picture are lighting and great editing.

Finding a niche that helps you stand out from competitors is crucial to creating the best feet pics. 

Even with an attractive feet pic, the site you choose to sell your foot picture will determine how much you earn.

So, where is the best place to sell your feet pics?

Where Do People Buy and Sell Feet Pics?

You can sell foot pictures online on any foot pics website or app.

But before you sign up for one, you must know which has most of your target buyers. For example, if you target foot fetishists, a platform like FeetFinder is the best place to sell your feet pictures. On the other hand, Shutterstock may be your go-to site if your potential buyers are mostly footwear companies.

Your foot seller level is another factor to consider in choosing where to sell your feet pics. Due to their knowledge and experience, expert foot sellers can trade on any platform.

However, beginners will likely attract more buyers if they start selling on feet pics websites like FeetFinder, Feetify, and InstaFeet.

Most buyers consider Feetfinder the safest and best foot fetish platform to sell foot pics online. It is a user-friendly website that assures customers of secure transactions and high chances of selling thanks to its large user bases on the site and Twitter.

Etsy sells handmade and vintage products, so your feet pics will fit right in, primarily if you target a niche audience.

Instafeet is another option that best suits foot sellers targeting the general public. It has a larger user base and allows you to sell your photos for cash.

Alternatively, you can sell your feet pictures on social platforms like Instagram and Reddit or create an e-commerce website and list your foot content, among other related products.

Besides the abovementioned platforms, you can sell your feet pics directly to customers like how Debbie Dew Drop does. This top seller connects with buyers on Patreon and accepts payment via CashApp.

Best and Popular Feet Poses

Close-ups are the best foot pics as they show unique foot elements like tattoos and pedicured nails. These types of foot pictures also offer a better view of your feet. Thus, you can attract more potential clients by focusing on your foot composition.

However, natural shots have a bigger market compared to well-rehearsed ones. To take excellent natural feet pics, keep them unscripted and real. Don’t sacrifice any attractive foot composition. Also, click anything from playing beach volleyball to walking around town or simply flaunting your painted toes.

Other top-selling and popular foot poses include:

  • Pool feet
  • Spread toes
  • Feet sole poses
  • Feet up In the air Pose
  • Foot arch from the side
  • Looking down at your feet

If capturing foot poses becomes challenging, consider asking a friend for help. Alternatively, invest in a tripod and wireless remote for your camera or phone.

What Makes a Good Feet Picture to Sell?

Now, we know what feet pics sell best. What do they have in common?

Below are characteristics of feet pics that sell the best:

  • Smooth, well-groomed, and attractive feet: While there is a decent market for ugly feet pictures, most buyers want clean and appealing ones. So, moisturize your feet before sleep, scrub your heels, trim and clean your toenails, and rectify imperfections like rough spots, calluses, plantar warts, etc.
  • Good lighting: You can ensure your feet pics have excellent illumination by capturing them in a place with plenty of natural light (no shades), especially in the morning or afternoon.
  • Stunning background: An excellent environment is not only free of distraction but also simple. It can be a bridge, wooded path, sandy beach, grassy meadow, soft sofa, light-colored wall, or fluffy rug.
  • Polished and distraction-free: You need to edit your feet pics to ensure they are of the best quality. The editing process involves:
    • Cropping and resizing to remove distracting features and give your feet more focus
    • Applying filters to give your photos a more polished, shiny, or vintage feel
    • Using contrast and color correction to smooth out your images and remove any shadows or imperfections

Adobe Lightroom and DXO Photlab are among the best editing apps. However, Canva is more user-friendly and has many features. It has free and paid versions ($54.99 annually for one person).

8 Tips for Taking Feet Pics That Sell

Feet pics are in demand. 

However, the industry is competitive. 

To skyrocket your earnings, you must learn unique footnote ideas that will help you draw more potential buyers to your portfolio.

Here are eight tips for taking feet pics that sell the best.

  1. Incorporate Props

Use props to enhance the visual interest of your feet’ pictures. Here are three prop ideas to try:

  • Crochet and beaded sandals
  • LED lights wrapped around your feet
  • Pebbles in different shades and tones for your main natural settings like lakes or riverbanks

Remember, your feet are the main focus. So, your choice of props shouldn’t interfere with or take away the natural beauty of your feet.

  1. Experiment with Themed Pictures

Themed pictures have a specific theme or idea behind them. It can be seasons, holidays, or significant cultural events.

For example, you can elicit the Christmas spirit with mistletoe-themed pictures or invoke summer freshness with a sand and sea background.

  1. Capture Your Feet in Action

Create an engaging and dynamic image by capturing your feet walking, running, dancing, etc. Doing this adds a layer of intrigue and liveliness to your feet’ photos, making them stand out from the crowd. 

It is also a great way to show your audience how versatile and functional your feet are.

  1. Try Different Camera Angles

Popular camera angles include:

  • Close-up. Zoom in to capture foot details like your toes or heels and make your pictures more engaging and unique.
  • Bottom-up view. Capture from a lower angle, pointing upward toward your feet to emphasize their curves and contours.
  • Side view. Take the photo from the side to highlight the length and shape of your feet.
  • Bird’s eye view. Snap the image from above, focusing on the top of your feet and toes.
  1. Indulge in DIY Spa Treatments

Photos of feet getting pampered give off a sense of relaxation and care. 

Take pictures of your feet while getting a soothing pedicure or a rejuvenating foot mask. These images capture the essence of foot care and tell your audience about your effort to maintain beautiful feet.

  1. Showcase Variety with Footwear

Every footwear has a unique story, from high boots to elegant heels. Snapping foot photos with various footwear helps keep your portfolio versatile to appeal to a larger audience and boost your chances of increasing sales.

  1. Flaunt Healthy and Active with Fitness-Inspired Shots

Fitness-inspired images give a unique and active vibe to your feet photos. You can portray a healthy and active lifestyle by capturing your feet posed in yoga asanas or mid-workout. 

Health and active feet pictures appeal most to the wellness and health audience.

  1. Portray a Timeless Charm with Black and White Photos

Black and white images strip away the distraction of colors, uniquely bringing attention to the subject.

It is also a simple but iconic way to add a touch of classic elegance and sophistication.

Final Verdict: What Feet Pics Sell Best?

As seen above, no particular feature describes feet pics that sell best.

Every foot is unique and has its charm, and the key to maximizing your feet pics earnings is highlighting what makes your feet unique.

Also, learn from your competitors.

What types of foot pics are they selling most of, and for how much? What poses, props, angles, and backgrounds do they use?

Imitate their techniques to see what works and what needs improvement.

Remember, one snap from a single angle is not enough. Capture as many shots as you can from strange and varied angles. Repeat this process to perfect your shots and angles.

Happy selling!

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