10 Sites Like Oneforma To Find Flexible Online Job Opportunities

Looking for Oneforma alternatives? If so, we have shared the best websites like oneforma to help you find online jobs.

There are many sites like OneForma that will pay you for completing small jobs.

It’s easy to find one through a casual internet search, but you will need some understanding of how they work if you are to get a site that agrees with your personal preferences as a contributor.

This article discusses 10 of the best OneForma alternatives and everything that makes them worth trying.

Most of these sites offer similar jobs but may vary on workflow, earning potential, payment options, work-hour quotas, geographical accessibility, etc.

Legit Oneforma Alternatives

1. Teemwork.ai

Teemwork.ai offers the same jobs as OneForma:

  • Video annotation
  • Transcription
  • Data entry
  • Search engine evaluation

As a contributor, you can only access the platform via a separate site called Universal Human Relevance System (UHRS) and must undergo a proficiency test on registration.

Task availability is partly determined by the information on your profile and your willingness to take pre-task training.

Each submission undergoes some reviewing, after which the payment is credited to your Teamwork account.

Most tasks pay between $0.1 and $0.2. Your money is available for withdrawal once you make $20.

Teemwork.ai pays via PayPal and Payoneer (for international contributors) and bank deposit (for US residents) once every month.

2. TimeBucks

Of the many websites like OneForma, TimeBucks might be the one with the most earning opportunities.

Members get paid to answer surveys, watch videos, participate in offer walls, visit sites, click ads, shop online, and even invite others to sign up.

It also offers unparalleled payment options: PayPal, crypto, AirTM, Payeer, Virtual Visa, Skrill, and bank transfer.

This, rounded out with weekly payout cycles and a low withdrawal threshold of $10, puts the site head and shoulders above its rivals.

Unfortunately, work is not that frequent despite all the opportunities. Also, the pay is extremely low for most tasks.

You can, however, increase your earning potential by subscribing to the $4.95 premium membership, which comes with a 25% reward increase.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is one of the most reviewed micro tasking sites on the internet. Launched in 2005 by tech giants Amazon, the site pays independent contractors to complete small jobs known as HITs.

A HIT can pay anywhere from $0.01 to $18. According to reviews, members can access hundreds of such jobs at any time.

The problem with MTurk is that it doesn’t guarantee cash payment for your work. You can only receive cash if you are in India or the US.

Outside these two countries, payments are issued in Amazon gift cards. Anyone can join MTurk.

The company, however, has this tendency of rejecting applications without explanation. You might want to keep your expectations in check when signing up.

4. Telus

Formerly Lionbridge, Telus is a market leader in the crowdsourcing space.

The company is a well-established one and has remained a hit among companies globally thanks to its strict application and onboarding processes.

To join Telus, you need GED qualification or a high school diploma and must be at least 18 years old. An exam will then follow, after which you will be put on a waitlist.

Some reviewers claim they had to wait months to get a response from the Telus team.

If your application is accepted, you will be trained and given access to the assignment pool.

Telus pays contributors between $10 and $15 per hour on average. Telus pays monthly via wire transfer.

Don’t get confused, though; work doesn’t pop up frequently enough, so you can’t make this your full-time hustle.

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5. Appen

Appen works just like Telus. It serves clients like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google and always seems to have enough for its 1 million independent contractors.

Despite a difficult entrance exam, Appen doesn’t require prior experience from its new applicants.

Instead, you are taken through an exhaustive training program and prepared for various assignment types.

Appen pays decently. However, like OneForma, it doesn’t promise a steady work flow. You can make up to $20 per hour, but opportunities will be few and far between.

Also worth noting is the fact that pay rates are partly determined by where you are working from.

Indians would earn significantly less than Americans for the same work, for instance.

Appen processes payments on the first week of each month.

Websites Like Oneforma

6. ISoftStone

Having been operating for at least 20 years, iSoftStone easily qualifies as a reliable platform for flexible jobs.

You will realize that, unlike OneForma, iSoftStone offers offline opportunities.

These pay significantly more and make the site conspicuously different from the others on this list.

They are fewer, though, and may only be available to contributors in large cities.

Online tasks make up the bulk of the assignment pool and may include such tasks as:

  • Answering surveys
  • Search engine evaluation
  • Data annotation
  • Data collection

Most of these tasks won’t pay more than $10, but none pay cents either.

I would say this is the perfect site for you if you don’t fancy extremely short tasks that are common with other sites like OneForma.

ISoftStone pays via PayPal and direct bank deposit.

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7. InboxDollars

Anyone who has used InboxDollars will tell you that it is the classic small-job platform.

Tasks include testing products, answering surveys, shopping online for cashback, playing games, and visiting sites.

You will not often find project-based or full-time opportunities like the ones OneForma offers.

Despite that, InboxDollars is a well-respected platform with very few sign-up barriers.

You will also love the fact that even newbie members have access to everything it has to offer.

Well, you will not qualify for some surveys and product-testing tasks, but you can view them.

Like OneForma, InboxDollars has no flat rate for its contributors. Tasks pay differently depending on difficulty, client budget, etc. Payments are made through PayPal and gift cards.

8. Neevo

Neevo.ai boasts a client base to be envied. Notable ones include Mastercard, Yahoo Japan, and BMW.

It is run by a company called DefinedCrowd Corporation, which is a leading light in the market research market.

Most of the tasks you will find on Neevo are related to AI in one way or another. This is because it targets clients looking to enhance their artificial intelligence and machine learning engines.

Regarding job availability, there is a slight difference in how Neevo works, at least compared to OneForma.

On Neevo, an algorithm matches your profile with opportunities and only displays what you are “qualified for.” OneForm displays everything in a single pool.

While there is no sufficient information on who can join Neevo, reviews point towards global accessibility.

Just make sure you are at least 18 years old and have a working PayPal account.

9. YSense

YSense has an edge over other OneForma alternatives in that it pays you for your work and rewards you for spending time on its domain.

Basically, your earning potential increases as you spend time and perform tasks on the site.

There is not much to separate it from the other sites. Opportunities are limited and pay little money.

They are also pretty easy; most will be about watching a video online, playing a game, downloading an app, testing a product, etc.

The site pays in cash, much like OneForma, and sends payouts via PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer once a contributor makes at least $10.

YSense is accessible worldwide and is always actively recruiting.

10. Toloka

Toloka is a GPT site with a range of earning opportunities for you. It offers both typical micro jobs and tasks that aren’t entirely online-based.

For instance, you could be asked to take pictures of a product or compare two or more images.

What is available to you is determined by your skill level and rating. Contributor rating comes from the quality of your responses and your availability.

Skill set, however, refers to how well you do the tasks you receive.

Another way to make money on Toloka is by referring friends to the site.

You can subscribe to several referral programs, some of which promise you up to 20% of what your invited friend earns.

All your earnings will be sent to you through PayPal, Skrill, Papara, or Payoneer. If you are in Russia (Toloka is a Russian company), you can use a couple of other options.

Final Thoughts On Sites Like OneForma

These OneForma alternatives provide an excellent place to start if you are looking for flexible jobs online.

Let me know which one you have used and how you liked it.

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