10 Best Websites To Sell Items Online

Have you been asking yourself, “where can I sell my stuff online for free?” If you’re looking for the best websites to sell stuff online, you’ll be glad you landed here.

Keep reading for our list of awesome websites to sell items.

Before the emergence and rise of E-commerce, you had to sell items in physical places such as flea markets or bazaars. This limited you to sell to people in your neighborhood only. But that era is long gone, thanks to e-commerce.

With the online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms discussed below, you can easily sell your stuff online. And yes, some of these platforms allow you to ship your products globally.

Since most of these are already established marketplaces, you’ll get access to a large pool of buyers. Your work will be to just customize your online shop, add your products, and start selling.

Alright, let’s look at some of the best websites to sell stuff online.

Websites To Sell Items Online

Marketplaces and Websites To Sell Items Online For Free

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1. eBay

eBay is the most popular platform to sell products online. It has over 1.3 billion listings and 182 million users. You can sell anything on eBay.

Why have we given it the number one spot? It has an extensive buyer network. (Read as an easy market to your product). You will land your fast customer in no time, trust me.

It charges 10%-12% for listing a product on the site. This is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the sale. This includes any shipping and handling charges. Therefore, when pricing your products, put this cost in mind. 

The charges are non-refundable; beware.

2. Amazon

This e-commerce list would never have been complete without featuring this e-commerce giant.

Amazon is one of the most trusted online platforms where products can be sold. According to them, they sell over 4000 products per minute. Quite impressive, if you ask me.

It is easy to sell quickly because:

  • People have a sense of comfort and trust when buying from Amazon.
  • It verifies sellers, which helps keep counterfeit products from their site.
  • It delivers bought items on time.

It has a large audience; hence it is easy to market and sells your products on Amazon

An account requires an application process. You will also be needed to pay a monthly fee of $ 3.99 for each item sold. You can get an individual seller account if you sell less than 40 items monthly. It charges a monthly fee of $0.99 for every item sold

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3. Etsy

Hello there creative hands? Etsy is the best platform for you to sell your hand-made items.

It’s good for marketing or brand creativity. Etsy can be used to sell hand-made goods, art, collectibles, and antiques. It is considered one of the best platforms for selling online. This is because Etsy makes more than a billion sales in a year.

It charges a $0.20 listing fee for each item. Items can stay in the shop for four months or until it sells. Once the item has sold, you will be charged a 5% transaction fee and a 3% processing fee. However, the platform will take 5% of the overall shipping charges should you charge a customer a separate shipping fee.

Etsy is popular in the online selling world because:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It has an overall standing in online selling
  • Creatives who are good with their hand feel more at home on Etsy

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a product of Facebook. Facebook Marketplace was created to bring people in communities together to buy and sell. It has partnered with other online selling platforms such as Shopify to facilitate online merchant presence on the marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace does not charge any listing fee. Yes, it’s absolutely FREE. It also does not charge for any business transaction done on it. You are just required to have a Facebook account. Ensure you follow guidelines set by Facebook.

To access Facebook Marketplace on Facebook follow the steps below:

  • Click on Marketplace on the left menu
  • create a new listing, then click add an item for sale
  • click add photos to upload a photo of the item
  • enter information about the item
  • Click next
  • Click Publish to post the item on your Marketplace listing.

It is a convenient and popular way of selling goods online. Many people have Facebook accounts; hence it might be easy for people to see your product.

‘Who still uses Facebook in this era?’ We see you; Facebook is still very resourceful. Go check out FB Marketplace today!

Top websites to sell stuff locally and internationally

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5. Craigslist

Craiglist is a platform suited for people who prefer to sell locally. It also suits those who like to make deals in person. It is basic and easy to use.

Some people take advantage of buying stuff at low prices elsewhere and selling them at higher prices on Craigslist. This can turn into pretty profit for those in market arbitrage.

Most things are free to list on Craigslist. You will only have to pay a fee for listing in some areas. They also charge a fee for a job listing in some areas.

Craigslist does not control business between buyers and sellers. This makes you be exposed to scams. This makes it a higher-risk selling platform. To ensure you are safe, follow all local security protocols and report any suspicious seller or scammer to relevant authorities.

6. Bonanza

Bonanza is one of the easiest platforms for selling items online.

It has a large number of sellers and buyers. It has more than 50,000 sellers and 35 million different items for sale.

It does not charge a listing fee. It also does not charge monthly store fees. This makes it quite affordable hence attracting more sellers and buyers. It only charges 3.5 % of the price at which you sell your product.

It is recommended because it uses booths instead of stores or shops like other platforms. This makes it easier for potential buyers to see your goods.

However, it is less popular than other platforms; hence you will require to market your booth.

7. Decluttr 

Do you have old items you want to sell? If yes, then Decluttr would be your best website to sell your items. 

Decluttr buys old items such as smartphones, kindles, video games, CDs, DVDs and iPads. So, what you will be doing is scan the barcode of each item. Decluttr will then give you an instant offer.

If you accept the offer, they will forward you a prepaid packing slip. You will then ship the item to them, at their cost. When it’s inspected, they will transfer your money to you through PayPal. 

Do you have books or old technology that you no longer use? Head over to Decluttr and list them for sale.

More Websites To Sell Stuff Online

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8. AliExpress

AliExpress is an online marketplace of Chinese origin. A buyer can find thousands of products divided into various categories. Products are offered by different sellers who pay the marketplace a commission.

Commission range from 5%- 8% for each transaction depending on the category in which the item is listed. There are no fixed overheads or arrangement fees.

The advantage of using AliExpress are:

  • There are no limits to products you can publish
  • you can access sales through Europe
  • you can create your marketing offers

Some inconveniences include:

  • PayPal payments are not allowed
  • Invoices are issued monthly, and there is no automatic or instant invoice generation.

9. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is a site specialized in selling antiques, collectibles, art, and vintage things. It is recommended because it receives more than a 1.1million unique visitors monthly. It is an easy platform to use as a buyer or a seller.

It charges a commission of $54 per month for more than 50 items. Also, a 6.7% service fee is charged monthly.

Ruby Lane notes that 85% of its buyers are women aged more than 40. And these women often describe themselves as educated and collecting enthusiasts. Despite having a global reach, most buyers are from the US, UK, Germany, UK, Australia and Canada. If this is your target market, sign up real quick.

10. Poshmark

If you are looking to sell wearables, especially luxury brands and designer clothes, then Poshmark is your ideal platform. They let buyers shop by fashion brands; therefore, always list your items correctly. 

You can sell items from shoes, clothes, accessories, and bags. When you download the app, they will let you upload the photo of the items, accompanied by a description and price. Interested buyers will then contact you. You will then mail the item to the buyer at Poshmark’s expense. 

Everything, from hosting the product to shipping is on Poshmark. Poshmark only deducts a small fee from the payment. The fee is calculated as a percentage of what you receive.

Which of these websites to sell items online for free is your favorite?

There we go! If you have been looking for the best websites to sell stuff, you have it all there. Thanks to their popularity and ease of use, you will never go wrong with these platforms.

Sign up on a platform that suits your needs and get down to business (literally). Be sure to customize your online shop well to help customers reach you with ease. You soon will be making deliveries and laughing all the way to the bank.

As we wrap it up, do you know any other legit websites to sell stuff online for free? Please let us know if you would like to recommend it to other people. Talk to us in the comment box below.

Good luck with your venture!

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