10 Best Cashback Apps To Save Or Make Extra Money When Shopping

In this article, you’ll find the best cashback apps to help you save and make extra cash when shopping.

Looking for ways to save or make some extra money? Of course, you are.

Everyone is looking for a way to earn or save a little more. One good way to make and save some cash is by using cashback apps.

If you love shopping, you can save hundreds of bucks using cashback apps.

Even if you do not shop online that much, cashback apps might be something you want to sign up for. 

Okay, before we get deeper into details, it is good to note that cashback apps will not make you an overnight millionaire.

However, they are a good way to earn and save some extra cash. So get into this with reasonable expectations.

What Are Cashback Apps?

Cashback apps are mobile applications or sites that pay you back a percentage of your money when you shop online.

Some of these cashback apps will pay you for purchasing select products in a select store, while others will pay you for shopping normally.

So, when you download and sign up for these apps, you will earn some money for something you previously did for free. 

Some of these cashback apps will also help you find the best deals, for instance, with reservations of hotels and planes. 

But where exactly do cashback apps get the money to pay you for shopping via their site? 

How Do Cashback Apps Work?

It’s easy! Retailers pay cashback apps money to send customers (you) their way.

So, every time you purchase anything via a cashback app, the site earns a commission, which they then share with you.

The good thing is that most of these sites have patterned with thousands of retailers; you will most probably find deals from your favorite stores here. 

When you sign up on these apps, you will need to fill in details, such as your credit and debit card numbers.

So, every time you shop, you will earn redeemable points. You can either redeem the points for cash or gift cards, depending on the app you use.

Some apps will automatically reward you with cashback, while some will need you to scan your receipt for verification. 

Alright, time to dive right into the best cashback apps. 

The Best Cashback Apps To Save Or Make Extra Cash

1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a popular cashback company that will pay you for shopping from your favorite brands and online stores.

Other than cashback, you can also earn some extra cash by referring friends, signing up, watching videos, answering surveys, and playing games. 

You can shop from leading retailers such as Walmart and Amazon via the InboxDollars shopping portal.

This way, you will earn a percentage of your money back.

You have to accumulate your earnings to $30 before you can withdraw. 

Click here to join InboxDollars & get a $5 bonus

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular get-paid-to site.

Swagbucks has over 15 million members and claims to have paid over $190 million since its launch. 

Other than cashback, you can earn money on Swagbucks by doing surveys, completing offers, searching the web, playing games, and watching videos

The good thing about the cashback offers at Swagbucks is that they allow you to shop in thousands of stores.

And it’s not just in the US. You can enjoy the cashback offers in Australia, Canada, and the US. 

Every time you shop via Swagbucks, you will earn points called ‘SB.’ These points are redeemable for Amazon gift cards.

1 SB is equivalent to 1% cashback. So, the more the SB points, the more the cash you earn back. 

Click here to join Swagbucks &get a $10 bonus

3. MyPoints

MyPoints allows its members to shop in over 2,000 top retailers and online stores.

The cashback deals at MyPoints are awesome. You can earn up to a cool 40% cash back for shopping through their portal. 

Other than cashback deals, you can earn more money through surveys.

Most of their surveys revolve around your shopping habits and issues concerning leading online stores and retailers.

So, if you are a frequent online shopper, MyPoints can be your best bet for earning some extra cash. 

For every task or shopping event, you will earn points. You can then cash out the points for gift cards or PayPal cash. 

Click here to join MyPoints

4. Drop

Drop is a free app that will give you cash rewards for the spending you do every day with your credit/debit card. 

You simply need to install the Drop app, sign up and link your debit/credit cards, shop at your favorite places, earn points, and get cash rewards!

To get started:

  • Download the Drop App to your phone.
  • Fill in the required information to create your account.
  • Remember to connect your credit and debit cards to the app.
  • Do not worry; the app is secure and will not share your information with any third parties.

After setting everything up, select the best five stores that you intend to shop from regularly.

Go on shopping like you normally do. The drop will send you redeemable points when you shop from select stores.

You can then redeem your points for gift cards and cash rewards.

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5. TopCashBack

TopCashBack is a UK-based cashback site with over 15 million members.

With TopCashBack, you can shop from over 4400 stores. And it’s not just purchasing. You can find good car rental deals, hotel reservations, and airport parking. 

According to TopCashBack, the average member earns approximately $345 cash back per year.

You can access your earnings through gift cards, PayPal, or direct deposit to your bank. The good thing about TopCashBack is their earning rates.

The amount you earn back here is higher than what you will earn back on sites such as Swagbucks. They give you 100% of the commission from the retailers. 

To get started, open the TopCashBack, and make your purchases from the offers available.

After the purchase, snap the till using the app’s camera. After the scanning, the cashback will be sent to you a few minutes later. 

Click here to join TopCashBack

6. Dosh 

Dosh is another cool cashback app. It is one of the best rebate apps.

You will earn 10% cashback when you shop in specific retailers via their portal. You will earn via a linked card or a credit card. 

Dosh is automatic, unlike many other cashback apps. This is what I love most about this app.

Your work is to download the app and link it to a credit or debit card. Whenever you shop, you do not need to scan a receipt.

When you shop, your earnings will be registered automatically. 

Also, there are no specific offers that you need to choose to redeem cash. You will earn automatically from whatever you shop via their portal. 

You need to accumulate $25 before you can withdraw. You can withdraw via PayPal or direct deposit. 

$25 is a bit too high. But, to achieve this threshold fast, you can refer your friends to the app.

Every friend that signs up using your referral link will earn you $5. 

Click here to get Dosh app

7. Rakuten 

Rakuten is an awesome site because you can earn cashback for both online and in-store shopping. They are in partnership with over 2000 online stores. 

With Rakuten, you can earn back up to 40% on your purchases and reservations.

They have amazing promo codes and coupons. Also, you will earn a cool $10 for signing up. 

To get started, sign up with either your Facebook or email address.

Once you have an account, look up your favorite stores and shop like you normally do. Their points system is automatic. You do not need to scan any receipts. 

You can withdraw your money as cash or opt for a gift card once you accumulate $25. 

8. Ibotta

Ibotta is another popular cashback app, thanks to its simplicity. It is available for both iPhone and Android users.

To get started, download the Ibotta app and open the rebates portal. You can start shopping for the products you unlock.

You can shop on any of the numerous stores listed on the app. After making purchases, ensure you verify it by scanning the barcodes and submitting the receipt photo.

The money you earn back will reflect on your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

According to Ibotta, their average members make approximately $30 per month.

9. Honey

Honey is a free browser extension that helps you find the best online discount codes.

Don’t worry; Honey is compatible will all internet browsers. It is also available for both Android and iPhone users.

To get started, install the Honey app. Honey will show you discount codes every time you shop online.

You will forget about the struggle of searching for codes manually.

Before you checkout when shopping online, Honey will send you notifications informing you of available discounts.

Also, you can use their droplist feature. This feature allows you to track the prices of products and wait for them to drop.

When the prices of the product drop, Honey will notify you. 

Honey uses discount codes and coupons. Therefore, there is no money you will earn back.

You can only redeem your points for gift cards. Other than shopping online, you can earn some extra money by referring your friends.

10. Fluz

Fluz is a popular cashback app, thanks to its amazing offers and money-making opportunities.

You can earn up to 35% cashback on your purchases. Besides, the range of products you can shop with this app is quite huge. 

As if that’s not enough, their referral program is amazing. You will earn some cash when you invite your friends to the app.

And you will earn some more whenever they make purchases.

When you get started on this app, make sure you link your credit/debit cards. Shop normally and earn back some little cash. 

You can withdraw your Fluz earnings via PayPal or direct to the bank. You can also opt for gift cards. 

It’s pretty much free money for places you’d shop at anyways.

  1. Get up to 35% cashback when you shop.
  2. Invite your friends to the app.
  3. Then get cashback when they shop.

Click here to get the Fluz app if you’re in the United States. | Click here if you’re outside the USA.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of cashback apps that can pay you some extra money for shopping.

Of course, you will not make millions from this, but it’s a good way to save and earn some little extra cash.

The above ten sites and apps will give you some of the best cashback deals.

Download the apps, sign up, and start earning some cash for shopping. This is a good money-saving strategy that you do not want to miss.

Okay, that’s it for the best cashback apps and sites. But before you go, we would love to hear from you.

Have you used any cash back apps? What is your experience? Do you know any good cashback app?

Let us know in the comment section below. Happy shopping time!

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