15 Apps & Websites Like Speedwrite (Free Included)

Looking for the best Speedwrite alternative? If so, keep reading below to discover some cool apps and sites like Speedwrite.

Speedwrite is an AI-based system that turns existing text into new content. All articles created on Speedwrite are 100% unique and ready for publishing as new content.

Then again, there is more to content than just uniqueness. Speedwrite overlooks vital factors such as content accuracy and flow and will often generate text requiring further editing.

We will discuss 15 other paraphrasing tools on the market and how each stands out. The idea is to help you find software that meets your requirements and gives you maximum value for your money.

Awesome websites like Speedwrite

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1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is perhaps the most advanced Speedwrite alternative. It creates high-quality rewrites and generates content from scratch using AI and natural language processing (NLP).

Previously known as Jarvis, Jasper AI is designed to handle a vast array of content types, from social media posts and landing page copies to product descriptions, headlines, and video scripts. You even receive multiple templates to simplify and speed up your writing further.

Additionally, the tool comes with three modes, which you can switch between, depending on what you are writing.

Focus Mode is the default mode. It lets you write at your pace and takes care of spell-checking and formatting. SEO Mode optimizes your content for online visibility, while Power Mode allows you to automatically insert visuals and links as well as embed codes in your article.

Jasper AI can read more than 25 languages.

2. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is a unique tool that uses AI and NLP to create new content. The use of the two technologies increases its accuracy, making it arguably better than low-cost writers.

Chimp Rewriter conducts most of its processes automatically and is thus excellent for bulk assignments. Also, it can paraphrase text in many different languages, saving you the cost of acquiring additional tools to reach your global audience.

Another standout feature on Chimp Rewriter is the ability to automatically add visuals to your text and ready your work for publishing.

You can use the tool with various digital systems, including text editors and content management systems, to streamline your project and perform actions from a single interface.

3. The Best Spinner 4

The latest version of The Best Spinner sports a simple interface but offers a few extra features that are not usually present in typical paraphrasing tools. The software has a sophisticated grammar checker and built-in Thesaurus to provide editing assistance.

Users targeting a diverse audience will also enjoy the inclusion of an auto translator, which can spin English articles into 14 different languages.

The Best Spinners comes with two spinning options – manual spinning and automatic nested spinning. The former gives you more control over the paraphrasing process, while the latter handles bulky assignments for you.

4. QuillBot

QuillBot boasts a user base of 10 million students, writers, and professionals for a reason. It provides paraphrasing features, a grammar checker, and a summarizing tool in one package. Combined, these features give you content that is unique, epigrammatic, and grammatically refined.

You can try out the free mode if you want to put QuillBot through its paces before purchasing it. This plan gives you access to the tool’s basic features, which then give you an idea of what to expect in the Shorten mode, Creative mode, Formal mode, and Expand mode.

5. SEO Tools Center

SEO Tools Center is more of an SEO assistant than a paraphraser. But since its paraphrasing tool is just as good as Speedwrite’s, its inclusion in this list is thoroughly deserved.

If you are a webmaster charged with content creation and search engine optimization, this is the tool for you. It assists with instant content generation and fixes SEO errors for you.

Unique features that make SEO Tools Center a popular choice among writers and students include an article builder, a binary translator, a keyword position checker, a text-to-speech converter, a German grammar checker, a comma separator, an Urdu typing tool, and a bulk domain availability checker.

It is an all-inclusive platform with a feature pack to support you from your newbie level through your expert phase.

More apps like Speedwrite

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6. WordAi

In the advanced world of AI-based content spinning, the best tools are those that understand words and how these words interact to make sentences, paragraphs, and articles. WordAi performs remarkably on both fronts.

The tool is designed to quickly scan text and figure out the subject on its own. It’s even able to generate titles and identify and insert LSI keywords to enrich text.

The latest version of WordAi offers three spinning options:

  • The More Conservative option,
  • The Regular option, and
  • The More Adventurous option

The More Conservative option creates highly readable content, while the More Adventurous option focuses on uniqueness, sometimes at the expense of readability. The Regular option is a blend of both. It may be the way to go if you are keen to optimize for both search engines and readers.

7. Spinbot

Spinbot is arguably the most popular paraphrasing tool so far. That’s mostly because its free version allows you to spin up to 10,000 characters a day without limiting your use of its advanced features.

If on average, you need to spin one article per day, this tool will serve you pretty well. You won’t even have to sign up to use it.

If you wish to do more per day, there are two paid options to choose from: a paid subscription and a credit system. The paid plan costs $10 for a month’s subscription, $50 for six months, and $75 for a year.

The credit system, on the other hand, charges per number of spins and will cost you as low as $5 for 1,000 credits and as high as $2,000 for 500,000 credits.

8. Clever Spinner

Clever Spinner works in a simple and straightforward way, although it calls for your involvement throughout the spinning process.

Instead of generating a complete block of text for you, Clever Spinner generates synonyms and lets you choose what you like.

Before spinning your content, the tool asks you to choose between 7 quality options: The Most Unique, Acceptable, Quite Good, Very Good, Even Better, Awesome, and The Best.

The Most Unique and Acceptable produce the highest level of uniqueness and the lowest quality. Awesome and The Best create good quality content but don’t pay much attention to uniqueness.

9. Spinner Chief

One of the biggest selling points for Spinner Chief is its availability on both PC and the web. Many tools, including Speedwrite, are strictly web-based, meaning they are not usable until there is an internet connection.

Spinner Chief 6 integrates AI and Statistical Replacement Technology to create unique and highly readable texts from existing content.

Its synonym library is sourced from a cloud Thesaurus and undergoes regular updating to ensure you have access to trendy and unique vocabulary.

If you run a WordPress site, the software packs a WordPress submit function that you can use to automate your publishing process and free yourself up for tasks that require human effort.

10. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter came into being more than a decade ago. It’s among the oldest and most advanced tools, with no other paraphrasing software operating on the highly-rated Emulated Natural Learning (ENL) technology.

There have been 12 generations of the Spin Writer software since its introduction in 2011. The latest version is capable of paraphrasing 1,000 articles at once. It also has a bulk paraphrasing feature, which lets you generate several versions of multiple articles in a single go.

Spin Rewriter is an entirely online application that you can access from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Other websites like Speedwrite

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11. CoderDuck

CoderDuck is a one-click text rewriter that you can use to generate numerous articles without needing to log in or sign up.

The free service includes features such as On-Page SEO CheckerUrdu TypingXML Sitemap GeneratorBacklinks CheckerAlexa Rank Checker, IP address checker, and Plagiarism Checker.

With seven major languages supported, CoderDuck allows users access to a wider pool of articles and makes it easy to tailor content for a diverse audience.

12. PrePost SEO

An article rewriter is one of the many features PrePost SEO is known for. Others include a plagiarism checker, a grammar checker, a text summarizer, and an image-to-text conversion feature.

The AI-based article rewriting tool supports source documents in various formats. It can even generate content from a screengrab or picture when used alongside the image-to-text conversion feature.

Since you’re unlikely to use all of the features the tool offers, it is best to pick a premium plan that covers most of what you expect to use. The three premium plans are the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Company Plan.

13. Simplified

Like Speedwrite and many of the options in this list, Simplified’s article rewriter tool uses artificial intelligence to develop synonyms and alternative phrases for words in the source document.

However, unlike Speedwrite, Simplified lets you decide the tone of an article before generating it. In other words, you can create a humorous article and a professional one from a single source of content.

You will find this tone multiplicity particularly useful if you are a webmaster on several unrelated websites or fancy a mixture of tones in your write-ups.

Simplified can paraphrase in more than 30 languages.

14. Rewrite Guru

Not many paraphrasing tools can let you spin 1,000 words at a time. Rewrite Guru lets you spin 1,500 – all for free and on three different levels:

  • Manual Spin
  • Smart Spin, and
  • Ultra Spin

Through Smart Spin, you can rewrite content without taking away the original copy’s readability and flow. Ultra Spin replaces most of the words and phrases in the original, ensuring your article passes Copyscape.

Manual Spin is the best option for someone who has a specific direction they wish to see their article take. It completely lets you decide the words and phrases to change and only provides you with a list of replacement words.

Once you are done rephrasing your article, you can run it through the built-in plagiarism checker for good measure and later through the grammar checker.

15. Rytr

Rytr uses AI and machine learning (ML) to crawl multiple web pages on the internet and craft fresh plagiarism-free content. The tool works similarly to Jasper AI, so it’s really not in the same league as Speedwrite.

One of the main reasons so many people use Rytr is that it offers first-rate quality while charging significantly less than its equals. It also lets users create content of up to 5,000 characters for free every month, an offer most writers, students, and professionals on a budget are willing to take.

To write with Rytr, first, you need to choose your use case. It could be a video description, an email, or a blog post. Next, insert some input for context, and let the tool work its magic.

Rytr comes in two premium plans – Unlimited plan and Saver plan – available in monthly and annual billing systems.

The preliminary plan, Saver, will set you back $9/month or $90/year to generate 50,000 characters monthly. The Unlimited plan has no character limit and will cost you $29/month and $290/year for monthly billing and annual billing, respectively.


These are some of the tools I reckon would give Speedwrite a run for its money. You can choose based on what you see on paper, though it’s wiser to try out a few of them for a more informed decision.

Which of these Speedwrite alternatives will you try? Do you know of any other apps and sites like Speedwrite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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