15 Sites and Companies Like Crossover To Find Remote Work

Looking for the best Crossover alternative? If so, keep reading below to discover some awesome websites and companies like Crossover for work.

The Covid-19 pandemic gave us a proper introduction to remote working. And thanks to companies like Crossover, organizations worldwide haven’t had to do much to align themselves with the new reality.

For job seekers, Crossover trims the competition and brings to the table multiple potential employers using a single job application. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for relatively high pay and gives the employee or contractor control over their schedule.

On the flip side, employees face a constant threat of contract termination, with supervisors always keen to spot and punish the slightest mistakes. Crossover hires around twice the workforce it requires and then spends the next quarter getting rid of the superfluities.

If you are not up for the uncertainty and drawn-out hiring process, there are other platforms with potentially laxer requirements that you might want to try out. Read on for some of the more popular ones.

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The best Crossover alternatives

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1. Turing

Turing is a recruitment company that uses AI-backed tests to source and vet the world’s top software developers for work-from-home contracts.

Being a developer platform, the company isn’t as inclusive as Crossover. Still, its minimal use of human effort in the recruitment process makes it a fair employer than most of the competition.

2. Hirewell

Hirewell is a Chicago-based recruiting company that’s been around for around 15 years.

It uses a sizeable team of recruiters to connect job seekers with the right opportunities in various niches.

The company’s marketing content often shows an inclination towards the employer’s needs instead of the employee’s. However, its focus on both remote and office work opportunities gives it the edge over many other recruiting companies that only offer remote work opportunities.

Hirewell also serves companies of all sizes, including those in their infancy, ensuring even the less experienced job seekers have a shot at employment.

3. Candidate Labs

Candidate Labs has a database of 60,000 jobs that it merges with a data platform of 100 million professionals to create talent recommendations for its clients.

The company uses machine learning technology combined with human judgment to help companies narrow down long candidate lists into individual candidates best suited for specific jobs.

It’s a company whose data-based criteria will only improve with time as more data on job seekers and opportunities becomes available.

4. Andela

Andela is a hiring company that connects recruiters the world over with software developers from Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria. The company has recently become fully remote and expanded its operations to 37 other countries.

Unlike other platforms that identify as software developer marketplaces, Andela also takes its candidates through training before offering them to recruiters. That makes it a hit among both employers and talented engineers with little to no work experience.

Andela uses Udacity’s courses to provide initial and ongoing training to its developers.

5. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is a job board for remote work opportunities. A free platform complete with a freelancer directory and a diverse list of job opportunities, the company has reduced the hassle of talent search and job-hunting into just a few mouse clicks.

Users can search through categories and use the tag filter to find jobs easily. Categories include software development, digital marketing, and customer service, while tags include Python and social media marketing.

While the lack of advanced search filters may count against RemoteOK, its board updates constantly, and candidates can be sure to find new job opportunities every time they sign in.

More companies similar to Crossover

6. Toptal

Describing itself as the world’s fastest-growing job marketplace, Toptal seeks to connect recruiters within Silicon Valley and in Asia, Europe, and the United States with the top 3 percent of freelancers.

The Silicon Valley startup boasts clients like JPMorgan Chase, Airbnb, Fusion Labs, and Designkitchen and is slowly becoming the go-to option for companies seeking first-rate specialized engineers, finance professionals, designers, etc.

For candidates, Toptal is nothing like Crossover, at least regarding working hours. For one, there is no real-time tracking of freelancers, and you can set your schedule. You can work less today and compensate tomorrow. Productivity and efficiency are given priority instead.

7. We Work Remotely

If you have expertise in programming, marketing, design, customer support, management, etc., and fancy working remotely for the world’s top companies, We Work Remotely is worth a try.

The platform charges up to $200 to advertise a single job for 30 days, meaning it invites serious recruiters only.

The same applies to job seekers. We Work Remotely does not hire freelancers – only candidates seeking full-time and part-time contracts with prearranged remuneration.

One thing that makes the company stand out from the crowd is that it doesn’t handle applications directly. Instead, it provides job descriptions and application methods and lets you convince potential employers without acting as a go-between.

8. JustRemote

Established in 2018, JustRemote is a pretty young job board that has nonetheless managed to attract top-level clients like Reddit, Squarespace, and Starbucks.

 The platform charges $189 per job post, which is lower than most job boards of its class and offers a straightforward job posting process to recruiters. As a recruiter, you can fill out a form or email the company to put up a listing for you.

Job seekers don’t have to pay anything to access the board. They can, however, unlock the “Power Search” feature for $5 a month and gain access to job opportunities before they are made available in the general pool.

9. Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs sources its jobs from several platforms on the internet, ensuring its users have access to more than 300 new listings weekly. Recruiters and job seekers can search for jobs/candidates by themselves or seek help from a member of the Dynamite Jobs team.

Dynamite Jobs charges its clients a flat monthly fee of $99 and doesn’t place a limit on the number of listings one can post. Given that other companies charge per job listing, Dynamite’s pricing model makes it a favorite among recruiters constantly seeking new talent.

As a job seeker, you can browse job opportunities without an account, though recruiters can only find you if you have a Dynamite Profile.

10. RippleMatch

RippleMatch offers a range of services, including job application management, talent acquisition, and applicant tracking. The company gives businesses access to a pool of top talents and has filters in place to help employers find potential workers with specific qualification combinations.

RippleMatch focuses on fresh talents for internships and full-time positions. Candidates upload their resumes, and the platform’s algorithm matches them to existing opportunities based on recruiter requirements.

Employers thus get access to a filtered-down list of candidates and can quickly and easily pick out a perfect match.

Other websites like Crossover

11. HiringOpps

HiringOpps offers many features for companies looking to acquire candidates. Some of the more crucial features include automated applicant and company matching, communication management, resume parsing, candidate database creation, and customizable branding.

The solution helps recruiters export job ad data to marketplaces such as GlassDoor, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed. It also uses data backfill options to complete search results for listings and offers integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networking platforms.

12. CloserIQ

Founded in 2014, CloserIQ is a career platform that targets sales professionals. The company matches sales experts with some of the best jobs in New York City with the help of its automation tools, machine learning algorithms, and cloud-based software.

In its recruiter base are more than 500 tech companies, including startup incubators and government agencies looking for account managers, sales representatives, and software engineers.

The company also uses human judgment to round out the candidate-employer matching process and correct software flaws.

For companies seeking highly-qualified top talents, CloserIQ vetting and matching criterion is among the most accurate on the market. Likewise, candidates can be sure to secure some of the high-paying remote and office jobs, as the platform targets high-growth organizations.

13. Talentbay

Like RippleMatch, Talentbay targets university students. It uses a proprietary algorithm to find companies that are most likely to find use in a student’s skills and interests.

RippleMatch somehow emulates Tinder in that recruiters and candidates swipe through matches and express interest where they see fit.

Unlike Crossover, the company doesn’t involve itself with interviews and other advanced stages of recruitment. This may come as a downside, but its matching process is highly accurate and sufficiently makes up for the shortcoming.

More to the point, the targets are Generation Z university students, who value eye-level communication via chat and minimally formal processes.

14. Jobicy

Jobicy describes itself as a company on a mission to connect great talents with great companies. True to form, it has magnetized Medium, Shopify, Reddit, Citibank, Mozilla, and GitHub, among other top companies since its inception in 2019.

Some of the platform’s standout features include resume search, applicant tracking, data import and export, job alerts and notifications, a self-service portal, and an activity dashboard.

15. Working Nomads

Working Nomads focuses mainly on digital skills, although there is no restriction on the type of jobs you can post or advertise yourself for.

The platform is free for job seekers. Businesses looking for services, on the other hand, pay $149 for one listing and $129 per listing for three or more job posts.

As a platform with some of the most job listings, it’s plausible that Working Nomads has many job seekers too.

Which of these companies like Crossover do you like?

These are some of the best Crossover alternatives. While a few focus on specific skills such as software engineering, most are diverse and accommodate a vast spectrum of job seekers and recruiters.

For the maximum value, ensure you know your needs and/or budget before subscribing to a service.

Do you know of any other websites like Crossover for work? If yes, share with us in the comment section below.

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