15 Sites Like Swappa (Best Swappa Alternatives)

Looking for the best Swappa alternative? Below is a collection of legit websites like Swappa where you can earn extra cash by selling your used tech.

Swappa is a great place to sell used or refurbished phones, tablets, computers, and smart home devices.

Not many sites like Swappa enjoy the same reputation, but that’s not to say they are not worthy alternatives of the Missouri-headquartered marketplace.

In fact, some are better in the some significant aspects, only less popular or too generic to have turned your head as a seller.

This article will discuss 15 such platforms and hopefully help you get started as a seller.

The Best Swappa Alternatives

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace was launched back in 2016 as a nexus for buyers and sellers within the same local communities.

The platform, which lets you use your regular Facebook account as your commerce profile, enjoys over 1.1 billion visits every month and is perhaps your best shot at finding buyers for your used items.

I would say the best part about using Facebook Marketplace over other platforms like Swappa is its all-roundedness and ease of verifying buyer identity.

It has a built-in messaging function, and knowing who you are dealing with is only a few clicks away.

You can also use the Facebook payment option and essentially complete a transaction without leaving the social platform.

2. Amazon

You can sell virtually anything on Amazon. And, contrary to popular notion, the platform isn’t just for brand-new items. Some items are restricted; that’s all.

For instance, while you can’t sell used watches and games or toys, you can sell phones, consumer electronics, accessories, musical instruments, and major appliances.

You must ensure all your items are in “acceptable” condition or else you will have to use the Amazon Trade-In option. This lets you exchange your item for an Amazon gift card and pays almost immediately you accept the platform’s initial offer.

Creating an Amazon account is free. Selling an item is not. The standard seller plan costs $99 cents per sale while a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) subscription costs $39 a month. I would recommend the latter if you wish to sell old electronics regularly.

3. SellCell

The name SellCell has had many people thinking it’s a site for selling cell phones only. It’s not. You can sell any tech in any condition.

The best part about selling items on SellCell is that all the work of finding a suitable buyer is done for you. The platform lists the best prices from buyers immediately you list your item.

You also don’t have to perform the entire transaction on the site. As soon as you choose a buyer, you’re linked to them and given the freedom to take the communication off-site.

This also means that SellCell won’t do much to shield you from potential scammers. You will have to do the vetting and find a third-party payment service by yourself.

4. Decluttr

Decluttr has more than 5 million buyers, making it one of the market leaders in electronic recycling. The platform offers a smooth selling process and pays relatively well.

You can conduct a sale through a mobile app or website. Both options require you to select the product you want to sell and enter the specific model information. You will then receive an instant price offer.

The platform backs up its quoted price with a Price Promise, which basically says you will receive the quoted price within 24 hours of receiving your product.

Next, you will receive a free shipping label via email, after which you can box your item and send it to Decluttr.

You will receive your payment almost immediately if your device is in the right condition. If not, you will be contacted with a new trade-in offer, which you can accept or deny.

Payments are sent via check or PayPal. You also get the option to donate to a charity.

5 Gazelle

Gazelle is an excellent option if you want to avoid interacting with customers altogether. All you need to do is tell the platform what you want to sell and you will receive an instant price estimate.

If you accept their offer, they will send you packaging if you need one and provide you with a shipping address.

Upon reception, your product will be checked for consistency with your initial representation, and your money will be sent to you by check, Amazon Gift Card, or PayPal.

Note that since the company is purchasing items for resale, the price will usually be lower than what you would receive from a direct customer.

Websites Like Swappa

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest sites like Swappa for selling used or refurbished electronic items. It sports a pretty outdated look but has some irresistible advantages, one of them being the option to sell items charge-free.

When selling through Craigslist, be aware that you will need to meet the buyer in person or make an off-site arrangement to exchange the goods and money. The site won’t price your item for you, nor will it offer shipping or any aftersales service.

That, as you would imagine, puts you at risk for scamming, which is why I would suggest you prioritize offers from people you can meet in the flesh.

7. eBay

We can’t discuss sites like Swappa without mentioning eBay. It is one of the best platforms to sell your item, especially if you don’t have time to refurbish it.

As a seller, you can use the “buy it now’ or auction format, depending on your urgency to sell. The latter is what made eBay a hit among sellers, as it allows for a quick sale. The former is more suitable if you have a specific price you would wish to sell your item for.

What I like most about eBay is that it’s in Google’s good books and can have your item appear in organic search engine searches.

If you think like a marketer when writing your product description, you can easily attract customers from outside the platform.

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8. GameStop Trade-In

GameStop’s trade-in program lets you exchange used electronics for cash. Everything goes, including items that don’t work properly.

To get a quote, you’ll be required to visit a local GameStop store with your item to have it checked. An employee will offer you a store credit or cash price payment option.

The former is usually the better deal in absolute terms, as GameStop tries to entice you buy from them instead of spending your earnings elsewhere. You will also receive a 10% store credit for any item you trade in if you are reward member.

The fact that GameStop accepts all electronic types, from low-value gaming accessories to smartphones and laptops is one of the reasons I would recommend it over many of the Swappa alternatives on this list.

9. Best Buy

Best Buy is an electronics trade-in platform that pays strictly via gift cards. Like many sites that buy for refurbished resale, the platform won’t offer you as much as direct customer would, but the process is usually instant.

You can always use the site’s trade-in estimator to see how much you’re likely to receive for your item. Many times, you will be disappointed. But the estimate is free, so it’s totally worth trying.

Best Buy is an excellent choice if you wish to spend your earnings immediately. If you need cash, GameStop would be a better option.

10. OfferUp

OfferUp is like Facebook Marketplace in that it is built for in-person exchanges. You have the option to sell to an overseas customer, but the high shipping cost (12.9 % of the selling price) might be all the discouragement you need.

As a seller, you can sell your item anonymously or use the platform’s TruYou verification program to build trust. Buyers can use it too, and you have the option to choose only buyers using their true identities.

Transactions are smooth by all accounts. You can use the in-built messaging function or go off-site and use WhatsApp or messenger for better communication.

Once you reach an agreement with your buyer and avail the product to them, OfferUp holds the payment for two days to let the buyer evaluate the product. The money will then be deposited in your bank account.

If the customer pays you in cash, you will incur no charges and the transaction will not be reversed under any circumstances.

More sites like Swappa

11. Apple Trade-In

Do you have an Apple product or Google Pixel or Samsung smartphone you want to trade for a better device? The Apple Trade-In program may be the best trade-in option there is.

For one, Apple Stores are easier to find that GameStop stores, and the quotes have been shown to be higher and more realistic with Apple than most other Trade-In programs.

The only con is that Apple doesn’t have a cash price option. Also, you can only trade your gadget with an Apple device even if it’s a Google Pixel or Samsung phone.

Different devices are priced differently. Usually, higher-end devices will attract higher credit. For example, an iPhone 7 would get you $100 credit, while an iPhone 11 would fetch five times that. You can get more or less, depending on the condition of your device.

12. uSell

uSell is a network of buyers willing to purchase used electronics. The condition of your phone, TV, laptop, gaming console, or any other gadget you have won’t matter, but it will determine the quote you get.

You won’t need to be in contact with anyone save for the company when initiating a transaction. You won’t have to submit your product to some uSell warehouse either. The company will send you a free shipping label, and USPS will make the delivery on your behalf.

You will receive a quotation within days and your money will be in your PayPal account in a week or so. You can opt for the check option, but this will take longer to process, so consider using it if you have no access to PayPal.

13. ItsWorthMore

ItsWorthMore is different from Swappa in that it buys electronics directly from you. It isn’t the best buyer out there, but it accepts a whole load of used electronics, including:

  • iPads and Android tabs
  • Apple and Android phones
  • MacBooks and laptops
  • iPods
  • PCs
  • GoPro cameras
  • Headsets
  • Wireless speakers
  • Smartwatches

If your item is not listed above, you can just call the company and request a quote. It won’t take long before you receive a reply.

It also won’t take long to receive your pay once you conclude the sale. Reviews show that buyers receive their payment in their PayPal or Zelle account within 72 hours.

14. Buyback Boss

Buyback Boss offers quick payments and fairly good prices, but it only accepts a limited range of smartphones. They will only buy Samsung smartphones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, Google Pixel phones, OnePlus devices, LG phones, and Apple Watches.

Initiating a sale is easy. Just go to the Buyback Boss website, select your phone model, state the condition of your gadget, proceed to checkout, get your free shipping label, and await the final quotation.

You will receive your payment by check or PayPal immediately after the company is done inspecting and valuing your device.

Buyback Boss buys phones in all conditions as long they can be repaired.

15. Green Buyback

Green Buyback makes a very bold claim on their site: that they offer the best prices for used electronics. While that’s debatable, there is no denying that they are second to none when it comes to swift payment processing.

You can be sure to receive your payment within 24 hours of your item being received in the company’s warehouse. Please note that this can be up to a week after you send the phone or laptop.

Like many other buyback sites, Green Buyback sends you a free shipping label. It won’t send you a shipping box, though, but you will receive instructions on safe packaging.

After that, you will have to get in touch with their shipping company and probably deliver the package in their offices.

Your payment will be sent via check or PayPal, whichever you choose.

Sites Like Swappa: Final Thoughts

I hope you got an insight on sites like Swappa from this list.

As there is no perfect site to sell your used or refurbished electronics, if you have the time request quotes from as many platforms as you can.

And of course, go with the best offer.

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