15 Sites & Apps Like Decluttr To Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Looking for decluttr alternatives? If so, we have listed the best apps and sites like decluttr to help you sell items you no longer use or need.

Decluttr offers you a platform to sell old items in your home or office. If you have tech items, you will be able to attract some very high payouts.

How does decluttr work?

Decluttr follows a very easy three-step selling process, making it favorable to most people.

  • You inform them that you want to sell them something by sending them the details of the item you want to sell.
  • They reply with a price quote and send you a shipping label if you accept their quote.
  • After item reception and assessment, they process your payment within 24 hours.

However, there are many sites like Decluttr that may offer more favorable conditions, depending on the item you want to sell, your location, and other factors.

That being said, below is a list of 15 such sites and their standout features.

Websites Like Decluttr

1. SellCell

SellCell is like Decluttr in one major way: it loves electronics and appliances.

However, SellCell doesn’t buy your stuff; it connects you with buyers, which means you will be in charge of your transactions.

It also means you get the chance to sell your item at a higher price as there are many buyers with different offers. Basically, SellCell is a price comparison site trying to help you find the best price for your item.

If you plan to use SellCell, I would recommend you consider more than the best price. Bait-and-switch scams are common on these sites.

And so you know, SellCell doesn’t offer escrow services. It’s totally up to you to decide how the buyer will pay you.

2. OfferUp

If you know Craigslist, let me introduce you to a more modest version of it. It’s called OfferUp, and it’s a perfect go-to if you want to sell stuff in your local area.

Considered America’s largest mobile marketplace, OfferUp has maintained its ecosystem and stood the test of time by ensuring buyer-seller transparency. Both parties create detailed profiles, which display ratings and transaction history.

When selling, keep in mind that OfferUp is a marketplace, not a direct buyer of whatever you’re selling. So remember to vet buyers and discuss payment methods before transacting.

3. Craigslist

Speak of the devil and he doth appear. Craigslist is an old school marketplace that the world can’t seem to outgrow.

It runs on an ancient website and lets you sell anything in virtually any condition. You can sell kitchenware, cars, bed sheets, and even services without paying a dime for the service.

You don’t even need to sign up. You just need to follow this straightforward procedure:

  1. Visit the Craigslist site
  2. Select your city and post category and subcategory
  3. Describe your item
  4. Add images of the item
  5. Review your listing
  6. Publish your listing

All offers will come through the email you provide in the post information. Most likely, they will come from people in your local area.

4. Poshmark

As you may have noticed, many websites like Decluttr love it when it’s a mobile phone or gaming console you are selling.

But, Poshmark doesn’t mind helping you clear out your closet. It’s the hub for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and anything that would pass as attire.

As a seller, you can sell solo or use the “Posh Parties” features that lets you post with friends. The latter option is handy when you are selling something that needs to go with something else that you don’t necessarily have.

While Poshmark doesn’t buy directly from you, it serves as a go-between throughout the transaction, ensuring the satisfaction of both you and your buyer.

I assume that’s why they charge a service fee ($2.95 for items below $15 and 20% for items above $15). Once you sell an item, you can request payment by check or direct deposit.

5. Gazelle

Gazelle is a better option than Decluttr when it comes to selling used phones, as it deals strictly with electronics and mobile phones.

The platform has a range of amazing features that make sales simple and swift. It also goes the extra mile to provide free shipping and same-day payments, as well as facilitate deals for people with multiple items to sell.

It is the best option if you have a business for second-hand electronics. You can set up somewhat of an online store and build a customer base.

You will also love it if you have many items to get rid of and don’t mind receiving payment in installments. This is thanks to the integrated Affirm feature that facilitates buy-now-pay-later deals.

Apps Like Decluttr

6. Swappa

Swappa offers some pretty handsome returns compared to other sites like Decluttr. This is partly because you sell to buyers directly and set prices rather than accept offers.

What’s more, the platform doesn’t charge for listings. Everything is free, and what the customer pays is what reflects in the seller’s PayPal account.

It is a shame that the site only deals with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Even the Swappa Local service, which facilitates local transactions, connects only device sellers and buyers.

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7. Ziffit

Ziffit is a platform for buying and selling DVDs, CDs, and games. It works the same way as Decluttr only it doesn’t offer LEGOs and electronics.

It’s easy to use Ziffit. Unlike other platforms like Decluttr, you won’t need to access it from a computer or mobile browser. You just need to download an app and start uploading pics of the things you wish to sell.

You will get free shipping labels for your items and receive valuation almost immediately they are received. Payment is also sent to your PayPal or bank account the same day.

Regarding prices, I find them above average for a company that buys to resell. The only problem is that they don’t pay for or even return items that they find faulty upon assessment.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is arguably the largest platform in gross numbers. It has over one billion visitors every month and has a category for virtually any item you could think of.

It also lets you sell items in whatever condition they are and use your usual Facebook profile. So, although you might have a commerce profile, you will not build it from scratch.

Buyers are also expected to use their actual profiles to access Marketplace. Even better, the Facebook algorithm uses a default location filter, almost always ensuring you attract buyers from your local area.

Facebook Marketplace is still fully available to select countries only. People from other regions have only access to a limited set of features.

9. Letgo

Letgo, as the name suggests, is a place to let go of your used items for cash or free. Unsurprisingly, many of the items on the platform have a price, and the fastest-moving products aren’t necessarily the free ones.

Tailored for local transactions, the site is great for selling items that would lose a chunk of their value if shipping and transaction costs are involved.

But that is not to say only cheap, low-value items go on Letgo. You can sell anything, from used consoles to kitchen appliances through to cars and homes. And the prices are just as good as anyone’s.

The mandatory use of profiles for both sellers and buyers is a huge selling point for Letgo. You could also attribute some of its popularity to the sheer fact that it is a mobile app.

10. eBay

eBay is another popular marketplace that won’t stop you from finding a buyer for absolutely anything you have. It is one of the few sites like Decluttr that cut a predetermined commission from each sale as opposed to enforcing a subscription program.

Even so, it is still one of the most popular used-item marketplaces on the internet. It has 135 million users, for one, and is clearly in Google’s good books, going by the number of times its listings appear in organic searches.

eBay also has escrow services and a zero-tolerance policy for scam tendencies, even if listings aren’t necessarily reviewed before going live.

Pricing, too, isn’t controlled. If you want, you can sell a sofa set for $20 or a cell phone for twice what you paid for it.

If you find a buyer, the site will take 10% from your earnings and send you the rest via direct deposit and debit cards.

Decluttr Alternatives

11. Ruby Lane

Do you have collectibles, dolls, jewelry, or vintage art that you would like to get rid of? Ruby Lane will help you find someone who will pay to take them away.

It’s one of the largest marketplaces of its kind. It has a straightforward fee and subscription policy, and it actually gives value for money. A monthly fee of $54 applies for up to 50 listings, and a 6.7% charge is cut from all sales.

It is not exactly the cheapest, but it gives you access to a market that is passionate about the rare item in your possession. I find it particularly handy for business people with loads to obtain and sell.

Ruby Lane lets sellers choose their payment method from a list. There is no withdrawal threshold. And all charges are automatically deducted from your earnings.

12. Amazon

Amazon is the largest online marketplace for brand new products. But do you know you can sell your unwanted stuff on the platform too?

Well, there is this program called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) that facilitates buying and selling of used items. And yes, it works just like the Amazon you know.

The difference – and this is where the bad side shows its face – is that the posting process is over the top with FBA. First you pay a listing fee. Then you part with a few dollars for packaging.

I’d go ahead and say, if your item is worth less than $10-$20, don’t bother listing it. You may end up making a loss.

13. Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy will buy items directly from you then refurbish and resale them. Unlike many Decluttr alternatives, it doesn’t involve a third party in the transaction, and thus the process is usually quick and stress-free.

There is one tiny detail, though: “We only accept electronic devices!” They don’t want your clothes, your furniture, or your collectibles – just your phone and laptop.

And they won’t give you cash. The program is called Best Buy Trade-In for a reason. They give you gift cards to spend on other items instead.

If you are going to use Best Buy to sell your unwanted items, I’d advise you learn to use its price estimator first. Many times, items attract less than you expect them to.

14. VarageSale

VarageSale was founded by a guy who was fed up with all the scams on sites like Decluttr.

So this is a strict site that will want to confirm your identity before letting you sell your junk on its platform. If it helps, buyers are also required to verify their profile picture and phone number.

The registration process is not the only hectic thing about using VarageSale. Listing requires you to upload clear pictures of what you are selling and complement it with a proper description.

You will also need to state a meet-up point. For all the work, VarageSale will let you collect your money directly from the person you’re selling it to, saving you high transaction costs and lengthy payment processing.

15. Vinted

Vinted has over 50 million members, all there to buy, sell, or swap accessories and clothing. If you’re looking to clear your closet, it’s a site to try.

It’s pretty similar to its prominent rival Depop but offers three key features that make it even more popular:

  • Zero selling fees
  • The option to bundle items
  • Free shipping labels
  • A tendency to sort things down to the shipping label

To sell, you need to create a listing showing images and describing the condition of the item. Then once you find a buyer, package the item, lace it with the shipping label, and take it to a drop-off point near you.

Sites Like Decluttr: Final Thoughts

Used household and office items won’t fetch much for resale, even if they are refurbished. But, selling them will be better than dumping them.

Hopefully, one of the sites comes in handy for you, whether you are looking to sell a bunch of items you don’t need any more or wish to set up a business.

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