15 Sites Like Respondent.io (Paid Research Studies)

Looking for the best respondent.io alternatives? Here is a list of legitimate sites like Respondent where you can earn money by participating in research studies.

There are many sites like Respondent.io that will pay you to participate in research studies.

Whether you want to switch to another site altogether or find a place to run to when there is a dry spell on Respondent, there is always one that will tick off your preference list.

This article will introduce you to a few notable Respondent.io alternatives and how you can use them to supplement your income.

Sites Like Respondent

1. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion partners with large data-driven companies seeking consumer opinions about their products and services.

The opinions are sought in questionnaires tailored for individuals familiar with the product in question.

It’s almost always that you will get hired as long as you are truthful when filling out the registration form. You will begin receiving survey invitations in your email almost immediately, too.

Unfortunately, you won’t qualify for everything, as surveys often target specific demographics. But there will be work for you.

A single American Consumer Opinion survey can pay 5-50 points, where a point roughly equals to a penny. So if you make the $50 that the average worker earns in a month on the platform, you will need to accumulate about 500 points.

Payment Options: PayPal, Donation to charity

Withdrawal Threshold: $10

2. Focus Group

Focus Group is among the oldest platforms like Respondent.io. It’s been around since 1988, long before the internet was what it is today. Now it facilitates both in-person and online focus groups and surveys.

Focus groups are the harder of the two to qualify for, but they pay between $75 and $150, which will take you more than 100 surveys to earn. So a focus group invitation is not one to ignore.

Other paid opportunities include interviews, shop-along activities, and product tests. The in-person version of everything tends to pay better, but it’s only available to participants in or near one of only 16 US cities.

Don’t fret, though. You won’t miss much, as most of the surveys and focus groups are online based.

You can access FocusGroup.com from anywhere in the world as long as you are at least 18 years old. Registration is free and simple, and prior experience is not a requirement.

Payment Options: Redeemable reward points, Visa debit cards

Withdrawal Threshold: Unavailable

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is yet another platform that pays you to share your opinion. As a participant, you can take surveys on a wide range of topics, from marketing and product availability to employee performance and consumer satisfaction.

Anyone can join Survey Junkie, and anyone can do most of the surveys it has to offer. You just need to be 18 years of age or older and have a computer and access to the internet.

Registered participants can make up to $15 per hour. Eligibility for work will determine your overall earning potential, but you can influence that by increasing the time you spend on the platform.

Payment Options: PayPal cash, Wire transfer, gift cards, check

Withdrawal Threshold: $10

4. User Interviews

User Interviews is a popular name among researchers, marketers, students, and professionals. In my opinion, this is largely due to the fact that it takes its workers through screener surveys before deciding their eligibility for studies.

Most other sites like Respondent.io base this decision entirely on profile information and performance history and may not seem accurate enough to some clients.

That doesn’t lower the chance of finding paid study opportunities, though. If reviews are anything to go by, User Interviews offers a higher job frequency than most websites like Respondent.

It pays better, too. On average, a User Interviews participant makes between $10 and $50 per study. It may seem too good to be true, but when you consider the details and overall research intricacy, things start to align.

Payment Options: Direct bank transfer, PayPal, Amazon electronic gift cards, Digital reward link gift cards

Withdrawal Threshold: $10

5. Survey Feeds

Survey Feeds describes itself as a one-stop shop for paid studies. Its assignments are available both online and in person, and they can pay you up to $300 per study.

Surveys are not frequent, unfortunately, but if you are always quick to respond to invitations, you can make a decent income out of the site.

If you are contemplating joining Survey Feeds, it’s free and simple. You will appreciate the fact that it calculates your earnings in real money, not points, and it pays immediately after you finish a study.

On the other hand, you will not like the absence of a referral program or any other way to make money and how some of the studies can take up to a month to complete.

Payment Options: Direct bank deposit

Withdrawal Threshold: Unavailable

Websites Like Respondent

6. YouGov

YouGov is a market research company that has been in operation since 1998. It is headquartered in the UK but serves companies and employs participants worldwide.

Unlike Respondent.io, YouGov doesn’t just facilitate consumer product and brand research. It also conducts political opinion polls.

Signing up is a simple process. You will answer a few demographic questions about yourself and state your availability for surveys. You can always skip questions that you are not comfortable answering.

YouGov pays in redeemable points, where 100 points equal £1. Reviews show that you can make £4-£5 per hour and about £200 per year if you use YouGov to its full potential.

Payment Options: PayPal

Withdrawal Threshold: £50

7. Recruit and Field

Recruit and Field pays up to $100 per study and is legit and reliable by all accounts. But it has limited opportunities and may not serve as a decent primary source of income.

The company has been around since 1977 and has served thousands of one-time and repeat clients over this period.

Studies come in the form of phone interviews, online surveys, product testing, and traditional focus groups. They pay differently and require different effort levels to perform.

Every time you participate in a study, you are paid immediately. There is no payout threshold to meet, and you don’t have to redeem points, as earnings are calculated in dollars.

Payment Options: PayPal

Withdrawal Threshold: Unavailable

8. WatchLAB

There are not many research study sites that offer upwards of $200 per study. WatchLAB pays up to $400 dollars. That puts it head and shoulders over other Repsondent.io alternatives, albeit participants don’t enjoy a continuous stream of work.

You can earn from several channels, though. Besides the dominant focus groups and telephone interviews, there are mock trials, shop-along interviews, and taste tests that pay decently too.

These tips will help you increase your earning potential on watchLAB:

  • Prioritize focus groups
  • Take as many surveys as possible
  • Respond to invitations as soon as you receive them
  • Update your profile regularly
  • Select complicated surveys over simpler ones

Payment Options: Direct bank deposit, Gift cards

Withdrawal Threshold: Unavailable

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9. LifePoints

LifePoints is an affiliate of Lightspeed L.L.C., a market leader in consumer research. With over 5 million users, it’s not hard to see why that’s the case and why it has so many big brands for customers.

Participants don’t have such a high opinion of it, though. There are many negative reviews about it on the internet, most of them stemming from the use of points rather than dollars to calculate earnings and the fact that it is available in only 36 countries.

It’s also a very young company (launched in 2017), plausibly trying to find its feet in a rather established industry.

That’s not to say it’s a scam company. All complaints are operations and work-related. This is typical of sites like Respondent.io.

Payment Options: Nectar points (UK), PayPal, Gift cards

Withdrawal Threshold: $5

10. Userlytics

Userlytics is a little different from Respondent in that it focuses on website and app testing as opposed to generic research.

The site’s clients include:

  • Coca Cola
  • Trivago
  • Glassdoor
  • Canon
  • Google
  • Dunkin Donuts

Your job as a tester is to help these companies understand how customers view and enjoy their websites and apps.

It helps to live in Europe or North America if you’re contemplating signing up. However, it’s expanding to China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and South Africa as we speak.

While signing up is free, the registration requisites may be a tad unique. You can only be accepted if you have a device with certain specs, a Userlytics Recorder software, and a built-in microphone.

Userlytics testers earn between $5 and $90 per test. A test runs for 20 minutes on average.

Payment Options: PayPal

Withdrawal Threshold: Unavailable

Respondent Alternatives

11. Mindswarms

If you don’t fancy taking interviews on video, Mindswarms is not the site for you. But it pays well, if that helps. On average, a 7-question video survey pays $10, while more detailed surveys can pay up to $50.

Virtually all surveys are multiple-choice questions, so it shouldn’t take you long to finish a task. It also doesn’t take long for the answers you submit to be approved.

Unlike many platforms like Respondent, Mindswarms sends money directly to its participants’ accounts for each survey they complete. There is no payout withdrawal or need to request payment via an invoice.

Payment Options: PayPal

Withdrawal Threshold: Unavailable

12. Probe Research

Probe Research is US-based and focuses mainly on organizations within the US. It pays up to $400 per study and promises a fairly high earning potential to its participants.

You can make money on Probe Research through:

  • Focus groups
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product testing
  • Usability testing

Focus groups pay better, but they are also rarer. On the whole, Probe Research pays slightly better than international Respondent alternatives and avails more work to its workers.

Before registering, though, note that Probe Research looks to recruit professionals, so prior research experience will come in mighty handy.

Payment Options: Visa card

Withdrawal Threshold: Unavailable

13. Plaza Research

Plaza Research is the company behind iOpinion, a research study site that facilitates focus groups across various cities in the US. It offers opportunities that span several industries, including beverages, snacks, pet food, and computer products, and pays pretty competitively.

What I like most about Plaza Research is that it serves as a go-between, and nothing more. It won’t cut a commission from your earnings or attempt to filter opportunities for you.

The company also offers paid programs like phone interviews, online surveys, and at-home interviews, which you can use as supplementary income sources.

You can make between $50 and $100 per focus group.

Payment Options: PayPal cash, Redeemable points, Company-specific options

Withdrawal Threshold: None

14. Toluna Influencers

Paid surveys are the primary earning method on Toluna Influencers but not the sole one. Other options include sponsored polls, forum participation, contests, games, and mobile surveys.

You will earn points for each survey you participate in, with longer surveys paying better. Shorter surveys are easier to find but pay less. A typical survey will pay between 2000 and 6000 points. Converted, that’s about $0.60-$2.

Anyone can apply to join Toluna Influencers. Survey availability will vary depending on the region you participate from. The same applies to payout options.

Payment Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Vouchers, Products

Withdrawal Threshold: $5-$7, depending on the region

15. Brand Institute

Brand Institute is often considered a branding agency, but it also supports marketing initiatives of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

You can become a research participant by filling out the platform’s registration form. Approval will take some time, but you won’t wait a minute to start working once your application is approved.

Payment depends on which study you participate in. You are more likely to receive high-paying invitations if you have some medical background. The highest-paying surveys pay around $30. The lowest pay ranges from $2 to $5.

If you are a doctor, nurse, clinical officer, or pharmacist, you can receive 4-5 surveys a month. That translates to $100, assuming each survey pays $20.

Payment Options: PayPal, Check

Withdrawal Threshold: $5

Final Thoughts On Sites Like Respondent.io

It’s not easy to find a research study site, or any freelance platform, for that matter, that meets all your work and payment preferences. But there will always be one that comes close and offers acceptable terms.

Hopefully, one of these Respondent.io alternatives helps. There is nothing wrong with working with more than one. If anything, it’s recommendable, considering how difficult it is to find a single platform offering a sufficient and steady flow of work.

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