How To Attract More Buyers On FeetFinder

You’ve discovered FeetFinder, the perfect and reputable site to sell pictures of your cute feet.

But to make money on FeetFinder, you have to do more than wait for the platform to find buyers on your behalf. 

So, what can you do to attract more buyers on FeetFinder? 

This post will teach you various FeetFinder hacks you can implement to attract more buyers to your account.

How to Attract More Buyers to Your FeetFinder Account

FeetFinder uses 15% of basic sellers’ earnings (10% for premium sellers) to attract buyers to the platform.

However, you do not have to rely solely on FeetFinder marketing efforts to sell feet pics online successfully. 

Below, we discuss seven things you can do to attract more buyers to your FeetFinder profile.

Upload Quality Feet Pics

The most crucial factor in attracting more buyers on FeetFinder is taking and uploading high-quality feet pics. 

Buyers only want clear and attractive feet pics. Fortunately, taking high-quality feet pics isn’t challenging or expensive. Use your smartphone if you don’t have a camera. 

To ensure your pictures have good lighting, pose and take several snaps in the late afternoon in places with no distractions. 

You must also have photo editing and photography skills, which you can learn for free on YouTube. So, there is no excuse for taking low-quality feet pictures. Put in the effort. 

Create an Inviting Profile

Now that you have high-quality feet pics creating an eye-catching profile is the next step.

An inviting profile has a high-quality picture of attractive feet, a feet-related username such as Sexy feet and cute feet, and a flirty and captivating bio

If you are comfortable, add and upload a few images of your face or another part of your body.

Optimize the Title and Description of Your Content

The title and description are supposed to educate buyers about your listings and boost the visibility of your feet images.

So, how do you optimize your title and description to attract more buyers on FeetFinder?

Write at least five phrases or words that best describe your foot pictures. Then, write a detailed description using those keywords.

Reread your description to ensure it doesn’t leave potential buyers with questions. Also, keep it short and sweet.

Regular Updates

Buyers want to buy from someone available. One way to show buyers you are available is by posting high-quality feet pics consistently.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Someone who wants to buy dirty feet pictures will enter the term dirty feet pics on the FeetFinder search tab. 

So, ensure you have at least five relevant hashtags for the images you upload. This way, your listings will appear among the first search results, increasing your chances of clients buying from you.

Promote Your Profile

After creating your FeetFinder account, the next step is to create social media channels to promote feet pics. 

While you can use your existing social media channels, you want to stay anonymous. Therefore, creating new accounts using catchy usernames and giving fake information where personal information is required is best.

Use these accounts to upload samples of feet pics. Remember to use the right hashtags to increase the visibility of your FeetFinder listings.

Additionally, you may search social media for potential buyers and DM them about your offerings.

Join and Contribute to Feet Pics Discussions

Before a buyer buys foot images, they may need to know how much a foot picture costs, the best place to purchase feet pictures, whether buying feet pictures is legal, etc.

Helping the buyer answer these questions will portray you as trustworthy and an expert in the foot industry. Therefore, they will be more likely to buy from your feet pics. 

Moreover, someone may refer a customer to you because they know how feet-pics knowledgeable you are and give helpful answers in groups.

Nevertheless, have your FeetFinder profile link on the bio of your social media accounts to help potential buyers easily access your listings.

Tips for Attracting More Buyers to Your FeetFinder Profile

Sell What Your Target Buyers Want

You need to research the foot-picture market deeply to understand what buyers want to see on FeetFinder.

For instance, if you’re going to sell dirty feet pictures, research to learn if your audience prefers beach settings, black-and-white settings, specific props, etc.

Customers are more likely to buy from you when your photos speak directly to them and are exactly what they want.

Offer Discounts

Offering discounts is another way of attracting more buyers to your FeetFinder account, especially if you are a new foot picture seller. 

Remember, the potential buyers you want to attract may have their favorite foot pic sellers. Thus, you have to give them a reason to buy from you to catch their attention.

One of the ways is to offer discounts. For example, in your bio, you can write “Buy one, get one free” or get a 10% discount for new buyers.

Don’t forget seasonal or holiday discounts. Do you know August 17 is “I love my feet” day?

Request Positive Reviews

Another FeetFinder tip to successfully sell feet pictures online is by requesting reviews from previous buyers.

Buyers are likelier to buy from someone with many positive reviews because they have proven that their feet’ pictures are high quality.

You may use discounts to get positive reviews, especially if you are a beginner seller. In exchange for a free feet picture, request the buyer to write a review about the experience.

Besides offering high-quality foot pictures, ensure you communicate well and respond first to improve the buyer’s experience. 

Take a screenshot of the best positive reviews, or even a snippet of them, and upload them to your FeetFinder profile.

The more reviews you get, the more you should continue updating your profile to attract more buyers to your profile.

Upgrade Your Account

FeetFinder’s basic plan offers the following features:

  • FeetFinder markets your account on your behalf.
  • You can message buyers first.
  • You can accept custom orders.
  • Tips and tricks to be successful
  • Upload limited albums.

Besides the basic features, the premium plan has more elements that help you attract more buyers to your FeetFinder profile.

For example, your profile and content appear before those for basic users; hence, buyers will see your content first. Also, you have five boosts per month.

The FeetFinder premium plan costs $14.99 monthly, $49.99 yearly, and $80.00 lifetime.

Be Unique

Polished toenails are beautiful. However, its market is competitive. Therefore, it would be hard to attract more buyers, especially if you are a beginner.

So, before you start selling foot pictures online, find what foot niches are less saturated and list them down.

Next, see what best interests you. Can you do them better? This way, you can create eye-catching foot content and thus attract more views to your FeetFinder listings.

Price Your Photos Reasonably

We understand you are a new seller, but that doesn’t mean you should sell your foot pictures at a throw-away price. Similarly, it doesn’t mean you should overprice them. Try to strike a balance.

First, check what other sellers are pricing their feet. How good are their pictures? What equipment are they using to take pictures, and what’s their experience level?

Use that information and other foot creators’ price lists to gauge how much your feet are worth.

Be Polite

Talking politely with clients is another crucial way to increase sales on Feetfinder. Clients want to feel you understand their needs. This way, they may buy from you, refer their friends, and become repeat customers. 

Build long-lasting relationships with customers by asking them questions when they come to you with a query and what content they prefer. 

Create a Blog on Foot Topics

As we’ve discussed earlier, buyers are more likely to buy from someone who seems knowledgeable about food-related topics. 

So, if you love writing, why not create a website and publish articles on foot care, foot photographs, and guides on how to sell and buy foot pictures?

Also, consider sharing your foot pics, selling journey, behind-the-scenes, and customer testimonials. 

While this will also help you attract more buyers to your FeetFinder profile, it will also help you create a long-lasting online presence.

Use a friendly and casual tone to give your content a human touch that may make potential buyers feel comfortable buying from you.

By consistently posting helpful content, you are advertising your FeetFinder account and building a trustworthy brand for potential buyers.

Implement These Tips to Attract More Buyers on FeetFinder

Of all the tips and ways we’ve discussed for attracting more buyers to your FeetFinder account, only two require an investment. So, what is stopping you from implementing the others?

Also, remember that not all will work for you. And they won’t work overnight. It will take some time. So follow these tips fully, and be consistent and patient to get clients to buy your feet pics. 

Moreover, don’t stop learning. Read FeetFinder success stories and guides on how to sell on FeetFinder successfully. Stay up-to-date on foot trends to attract more views to your FeetFinder listings.

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