10 Sites Like Gazelle To Sell Your Used Cell Phone

Looking for Gazelle alternatives?

Have ever used Gazelle to sell your used phone and didn’t like the experience? Well, don’t worry.

If you are tired of using Gazelle, we have reviewed the best sites like Gazelle to give you more options you can use next time you want to sell your used phone.

There are lots of sites like Gazelle out there that might offer a totally different experience.

In this article, we will look at what the closest options have to offer in terms of prices, messaging features, item delivery models, payments, etc.

Hopefully, this will help you find the best site to sell your phone.

Now, let’s dive in.

Top Gazelle Alternatives

1. Swappie

Swappie is a popular reseller of used iPhones.

To sell your iPhone to them, you will need to visit their website, estimate the value of your phone based on a set of guidelines, and then ship it to them on their bill.

Upon reception, they will inspect the device to see if your valuation matches theirs. If it does, the payment will be sent to your bank account.

If it doesn’t, they will send you a new price offer or return your phone on request.

It’s a simple process, by all accounts, but their prices and offers have been shown to be very low.

Also, they only buy iPhones and don’t accept some older models.

2. Swappa

Swappa is arguably the closest thing to Gazelle on this list.

Instead of acting as a middleman, the site simply provides you with a platform to sell your phone, no matter the model.

Essentially, you won’t be selling your phone to the platform. You will be listing it marketplace-style and hoping someone will like it.

It takes more effort to sell your phone on Swappa than on many other sites like Gazelle, but the freedom to set your price is great.

Also, it’s easier to sell a battered phone on Swappa than anywhere.

What I like most about Swappa is that while they don’t meddle in your business with a potential buyer, they take it upon themselves to protect your transaction with their escrow services.

Their charges are a meager 3% of the selling price, and payments are processed immediately the transaction is closed.

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3. Decluttr

With over 5 million active users, Decluttr is, without a doubt, a respected platform.

It’s accessible via both a browser and a mobile app and offers a smooth process on both platforms, at least according to users.

Since the site buys phones directly instead of connecting sellers and buyers, the luxury of setting your own prices is not extended to you.

In fact, you are most likely to receive an offer lower than you believe your phone to be worth.

But then the site pays for shipping—to and fro, if you opt to have it returned in the end—and offers what’s called a Price Promise, which is basically a pledge to deposit the payment in your PayPal account within 24 hours of receiving your gadget.

Decluttr buys different types of used electronic devices, not just phones.

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4. GameStop Trade-In

GameStop has a trade-in program through which you can exchange your used smartphone for cash.

Unlike Gazelle, the service is not entirely online. You must present your device in person at a local GameStop store for inspection.

It is a great Gazelle alternative if a GameStop store is within driving distance. If not, you might want to try another website.

What I like about GameStop Trade-In is that they accept almost anything. Their prices are fairly low, but the condition of your phone will rarely be an issue.

Also, they offer better item valuation for sellers who wish to spend their money on GameStop products.

The fact that GameStop also buys other electronics, including watches and household appliances, is a reason why I would choose it over most other websites like Gazelle.

5. CExchange

CExchange is a Walmart trade-in program that pays sellers via eGift-cards.

So you’re not going to receive cash for your used mobile phone. Instead, you will leave the store with a bag of goodies.

Besides this, there are not many differences between CExchange and Gazelle from a seller’s point of view.

The selling process is near-identical; you will estimate the value of your item by answering a series of questions on the site, ship it with FedEx Ground, and receive your gift card.

The company buys a range of things, from cellphones and tablets to consoles, voice speakers, and wearable devices.

Malfunctioning devices rarely attract offers. On the other hand, the absence of chargers, earphones, and other accessories won’t affect your ability to sell. But, of course, it will affect the selling price.

Apps And Websites Like Gazelle

6. Black Market

Black Market seems to accept Samsung Galaxy cellphones and iPhones only.

That’s certainly a downside, but there are still reasons you would want to choose them over other sites like Gazelle.

First, they don’t mind the condition your phone is in. If you look at your non-functioning phone and feel it could be repaired, Black Market will probably accept it.

Also, they don’t mind if you wish to keep accessories like charger and earphones.

That being said, the valuation of your phone will be heavily impacted by the condition it is in and the model, or in simple terms, the likelihood of it attracting a post-refurbishment buyer.

Upon reception, a thorough inspection will be conducted, and if your phone is deemed too beat-up or old-school to attract a buyer, you will be offered an option to donate it to a charity.

On the other hand, if it’s accepted, you will be paid via direct deposit within two business days.

7. musicMagpie

musicMagpie is a UK-based electronics and media reseller.

They offer an easy way to make money from your unwanted phone, DVDs, CDs, games, and books.

To sell your smartphone, you will simply need to tell them the make, model, and condition, and they will tell you what they think it is worth.

The offer might change once a physical inspection takes place, but if you are truthful, they will likely stick with the initial quote.

You can sell as many as 500 items to musicMagpie per order. For an order to be considered complete, it must contain at least £5 worth of items.

The company’s free shipping and same-day-payment offers are its biggest selling points.

Sellers can also choose from one of three payment options (PayPal, Bank Transfer, and charity), a luxury many similar sites don’t provide.

8. OfferUp

OfferUp won’t buy your unwanted phone from you. It will connect you with a buyer and let you value and price it how you wish.

Built for in-person local transactions, the site offers you the option to list your item anonymously and only reveal your identity when finalizing the deal.

Another option is its TruYou verification program, where you can create a “true you” profile.

OfferUp is different from Gazelle and a good deal of its substitutes in that it doesn’t limit your buyer communication to a built-in messaging feature.

You can take your interactions off-site and only come back when it’s time to claim your payment.

The customer might as well pay you in cash and save you the need to return.

9. SellCell

SellCell describes itself as America’s #1 phone and tech trade-in website.

It’s a well-established site, having been in business for over a decade, and may prove the best option if you have no idea what your used phone is worth.

I’m saying this because SellCell has price comparison features to guide your pricing. You will get to see what similar phones are going for and what buyers are willing to pay.

What sets SellCell apart from other resell platforms that facilitate buyer-seller transactions is that the gadget must pass through the company before reaching the buyer.

You only choose the buyer, and the platform does the rest.

As regards payment, you will deal directly with the buyer. So there is a need to ensure your preferred payment options align.

10. Recell Cellular

Recell Cellular offers everything you would want from a platform like Gazelle.

First, it’s rated A+ on Better Business Bureau. Secondly, it offers free shipping. Thirdly, it processes payments within one business day and lets you choose your payment option (Western Union, PayPal, or check).

The list of pros is long. Unfortunately, Recell Cellular accepts used phones from a select list of companies.

If you don’t have a Samsung phone, Google phone, OnePlus phone, or Apple iPad or phone, you will most likely be turned down.

If you have any of the above devices, these are the steps you will follow to sell it:

  1. Visit the Recell Cellular website
  2. Select your device from a list of options
  3. Answer a few device valuation questions
  4. Print your free shipping label
  5. Package and mail your phone
  6. Await inspection and payment

Were These Gazelle Alternatives Helpful?

The best Gazelle alternatives are the one that accepts your type of phone and in the condition, it is in.

You will also want to consider price offers and payment options, but these aspects won’t separate many of the sites on this list.

Let me know which site you have used and how you liked it in the comment section below.

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