How to Earn Money by Answering Questions Online (15 Ways)

Did you know you can earn money by answering questions online? If you want to know how, be sure to read through the article for ideas and tips.

There are many ways to earn money by answering questions online.

It is the age of the internet and mobile phones, remember? Learning is easy, and there is no shortage of people willing to pay to have their questions answered.

The question is: where do you find these people? Or simply, where do you start? This article will answer these questions. Let’s get to it!

How To Earn Money Answering Questions Online

Contrary to popular notion, answering questions online for money is not the preserve of certified tutors.

Most of the askers are students, yes, but answers don’t always call for academic paper styling.

If you have the knowledge and can express yourself coherently, many freelance platforms will take you without certification or experience.

Sometimes, you don’t even need extensive familiarity with a subject. You can hit the ground running if you are a fast learner and possess good internet research skills.

That said, there are things you ought to have before launching yourself into the online question-answering craft. These include:

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • Basic online research skills
  • A good grasp of verbal and written English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A payment method, e.g., a PayPal or bank account
  • A platform

Different sites come with different registration prerequisites. Some require experience; some don’t.

Some offer worldwide accessibility; some only hire from select countries/regions. Others will only accept you if you have access to specific payment options.

So take the time to understand what each has to offer before committing.

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Sites That Will Pay You To Answer Questions Online

1. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is one of the most popular Q&A sites.

The evidence is in the numbers. Since its inception in 2003, the site claims to have helped over 9 million people get professional help.

Currently, it has over 12,000 verified experts. The highest-paid ones are those that answer questions about technology and appraisals.

According to the site, they earn an average of $7,612 and $8,457 per month, respectively, while homework helpers earn just over $6,000.

You can become a JustAnswer expert, too, regardless of where you are and your current schedule.

The platform only requires your social security number, identification, and proof of expertise. You will receive a response to your application within three weeks.

JustAnswer pays through direct deposit, PayPal, and Venmo. Payments are sent monthly for experts with at least $20 in their accounts.

2. Answeree

Answeree doesn’t mind if you are an expert or not. There’s room for you if you can answer questions correctly and consistently.

While the site doesn’t attract as many high-paying clients as sites with strict qualification requirements, you can still earn decently from it. You just need to be consistent and mindful of your rating.

Answeree uses a points reward system to compensate its contributors. Each accepted answer is worth 10 points, while an unaccepted answer will earn you 5 points.

10 points are redeemable for $0.01 Skrill or PayPal cash. The PayPal minimum withdrawal limit is 2,000 points.

3. Experts123

Regarding inclusivity, not many sites perform as well as Experts123. The site pays for both short consumer answers and long-form articles.

If you are a good article writer, you will probably be connected with third-party clients that recruit via the site. Short answers generate passive income and nothing more.

A significant downside about Experts123 is that it doesn’t charge askers. Consequently, it doesn’t have flat rates for experts.

All of the site’s revenue comes from advertisements, and contributors will be paid depending on the views their answers attract.

You can join Expert123 from anywhere in the world as long you can access PayPal services.

Also, check out JustAnswer Alternatives for more sites you can earn money by answering questions online.

4. Fixya

Fixya is less about academics and more about daily consumer products.

Here, you will provide answers to simple questions that will then be used to determine if you deserve payment or not.

Essentially, you will not be paid until you enter the premium expert level. “Premium Experts” receive special request from clients and can make up to $5 per answer.

You may also be booked for live sessions, which pay even better.

It’s a site that requires a lot of patience, but it pays handsomely in the end.

Fixya calculates earnings in points and pays via PayPal and prepaid MasterCard.

5. Maven

Maven is a micro-consulting agency that serves as a go-between for experts and researchers.

As a micro-consultant, your work will be to help executives and marketers make important decisions.

Looking at the kind of questions on Maven, you will realize that it is not your average Q&A platform. It favors top-tier experts and has a multi-level recruitment approach to back it up.

I find this the best site for subject experts with loads of time to spare. Reviews show that it pays well and has plenty to offer, at least compared to other sites where you can earn money answering questions.

You get to decide your payment rates and even choose a payment option if you can’t access PayPal. US consultants can receive payments via ACH as well.

Ways To Earn Money By Answering Questions Online

6. BestMark

On a normal day, BestMark wouldn’t pass as a site where you can earn money by answering questions online. This is because the “questions’ aren’t necessarily questions.

They are report requests from producers and businesses trying to get your perspective of their services.

It’s a mystery shopping platform, if you may, which at the very least, means you will have to get out of your seat and your house to get answers.

To join BestMark, you need to be 18+ years old. You also need to be in the US or Canada and have a car for transportation.

The site offers a base pay of $7-$20 and pays through the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Gift card
  • Direct deposit
  • PayPal
  • Check

Payment is processed twice every month.

7. Studypool

Are you a student looking to earn up to $7,500 a month answering questions about what you have probably already learned in class? Studypool might be the site for you.

Studypool connects you with millions of students worldwide and pays you to offer assignment help and answer live questions.

To register, you will be required to write a 200-word essay. After that, you will be invited for an English proficiency interview to gauge your aptitude.

Being a bidding site, Studypool calls for dedication and self-marketing skills. Thankfully, your profile history will be visible to potential clients.

So you may not have to put in a lot of bidding effort after your first few successful engagements.

8. HelpOwl

HelpOwl may not be too strict on who it hires, but it has a way of ensuring only the best thrive.

Questions will be listed, and anyone can answer them. But then only the best answer attracts a payment.

Basically, you will be going head-on with dozens of experts in the hope you will provide the standout answer.

Quite unfair, really, but the questions are mostly simple and will pay on a first-come-first-served basis.

HelpOwl uses a points reward system, where each correct answer earns you 100 points.

You can redeem your points for an Amazon gift card once you collect at least 50,000 points. The site doesn’t offer cash rewards.

9. PrestoExperts

PrestoExperts is a jack of all trades. You can offer tutoring services to students or answer business, technical, and health questions. Questions are spread across 600 categories.

The site looks for genuine experts. That’s why applicants must submit an application form explaining their level of expertise.

You can choose as many categories as you like and even make profile changes afterward.

The best part is you get to choose your pay rates. Many experts set their rates at $2 per minute, so make sure not to price yourself out of the market.

Payments will be sent to you via check or PayPal.

10. Weegy

Weegy is another site that offers both homework help and general Q$A services.

Members like you feed a database that students and researchers can access on demand.

What I like about Weegy is that it will accept your application whether or not you are a professional expert. All you need is proper articulation and familiarity with internet research.

You will be taken through a stock True/False exam too, but don’t be scared it’s fairly easy.

Rewards are offered in points. You can redeem these points for PayPal cash when you cross the minimum payout threshold of $20.

Sites To Earn Money By Answering Questions Online

11. Quora

For most people, Quora is a free platform where you can view answers to everyday questions. But did you know it can pay you for your answers?

The site introduced the Quora Partner Program in 2018, which paid writers moderately. Then, in 2021, they introduced Quora+, an ad-revenue-sharing model.

Through this, contributors earn a fraction of the site’s revenue depending on the comments, views, shares, and up-votes their answers elicit.

You will earn even more if you get readers to convert to premium subscribers.

Of interest is that the monetization doesn’t come with any special rules for the contributor. There are barely any quality standards, and you can answer questions how you see fit.

You can request a Stripe payout anytime you have $5 in your account.

12. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an American company that claims to help consumers voice their opinions.

Those are fancy words for a survey site helping companies know what the average consumer thinks about their product.

For each study you participate in, you will earn points. These points are redeemable for cash or prizes.

It is safe to say that Pinecone Research is a legit site, but you have to tame your earning expectations when signing up. Work is limited, and studies pay peanuts.

But then again, you don’t need knowledge or research skills to earn, just a computer connected to the internet.

You can collect your rewards once you accumulate enough points.

13. 1Q

1Q is yet another site that pays for consumer opinions.

This means you will be helping companies as opposed to individuals and will provide your contribution in form of survey answers.

What makes it a good site to try out? Well, its surveys are short. So it’s a great side hustle if you have a strict schedule and want to squeeze a money-making activity between those little idle gaps.

Unfortunately, you will have to put up with low pay. 1Q surveys hardly pay above $0.50. There aren’t many either, so you can’t hinge your hopes on a steady flow of work.

The good thing is that you will receive instant payment for your contribution. There are no withdrawal thresholds, and you will be paid in cash via PayPal.

14. Clarity

On, you will earn money answering questions via phone calls.

So this is a site that favors experts who double as good verbal communicators.

You would be right to think it pays better than most other platforms on this list because it does.

According to the official site, you can earn about $50 per 30-minute call. As an expert, you get to set your pay rates.

On how to find clients, the site does the matching for you. Your profile will show what you are good at and how you have performed in previous sessions.

The client will then pick you if they reckon you answer the description of the expert they are looking for.

Clarity cuts a 15% commission on earnings and sends payments twice a month through PayPal.

15. Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder is a NY-headquartered company that pays people to answer research-based questions. Your job will include:

  • Competitive landscaping
  • Providing product and service recommendations to individuals/companies
  • Determining the size of a market
  • Consolidating statistics
  • Breaking down phenomena and trends

It’s a pretty unique site, but one that may seem more difficult on paper than it is in real life. Still, the jobs are more intricate and detailed than what you would find on survey sites.

You can join Ask Wonder from anywhere in the world.

The application process involves revealing your background and explaining why you would make a great researcher. You will also be taken through an entrance exam.

While studies pay quite well, you can only handle one research per week. That’s the site’s biggest downside.

Pay is per hour ($15-$25 on average), and your earnings will be sent to you via PayPal once every two weeks.


There is no one-size-fits-all way to earn money by answering questions online.

What favors you may not necessarily favor the next person. So don’t shy away from doing some extra research if you don’t see a Q&A site that fits your preferences.

Also, feel free to comment below with your thoughts and suggestions if you have used any of these sites.

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