10 Apps & Websites Like Peerspace To Rent Out Your Space

Looking for the best Peerspace alternative? If so, keep reading below to discover some awesome apps and sites like Peerspace where you can rent out your space for money.

Peerspace is one of the world’s leading marketplaces for hourly rentals of event, meeting, photo-shoot, and media production venues. It allows you to rent out your living space or office and charge the guests by the hour.

To use the platform, you only need to have a decent space you are willing to rent out and sign a legal contract.

All listings on Peerspace are free, though the platform cuts a 15% commission from all gross earnings. Hosts also get a $1 million liability insurance cover against injury or property damage.

On the flipside, the service is available in select cities, meaning you could be locked out for geographical reasons.

But don’t fret. If, for some reason, you can’t use Peerspace, it doesn’t mean you can’t rent out your space via an online platform. This article discusses 10 websites like Peerspace that may serve as an alternative.

The best Peerspace alternatives

1. Splacer

Splacer is like Peerspace on several fronts. It lets you decide your own rental amount and takes 15% of your earnings. It also provides a $1 million injury and property damage cover.

One conspicuous difference, however, is that Splacer doesn’t entertain offhand event cancellation, as hosts face a $100 cancellation penalty for a first offence and expulsion for more than one cancellation in six months.

While this may seem a perverse policy, it’s actually one of the platform’s main selling points. Guests feel more protected booking through a platform with such strict measures against cancellation. You can make good on the platform if you are keen to avoid cancellation penalties.

2. Giggster

Many sites like Peerspace focus on events and everything that involves people gathering. Giggster is a tad more specific. It targets filmmakers.

On the platform, you can rent out your space for video shooting and charge per hour. You can also rent out your car, again per hour, if you are willing to have it appear in a movie or music video.

While movie producers won’t come knocking on your door every other day, listings on Giggster can be quite high-priced. Even a few clients a month can generate more than a frequented Airbnb.

And since movie shooting isn’t as demanding as weddings, birthdays, and similar events, you often won’t need to provide your Giggster living space, office, or car in pristine condition.

3. Avvay

If the reason you don’t fancy Peerspace is that it lets everyone casually view your listing, Avvay might be a good substitute to consider.

The platform lets you list your space publicly or privately. When you do it privately, the Avvay team only reveals your space to production companies and other potential clients only. A public listing means anyone can view your listing and everything it reveals.

Property owners have a lot of freedom on Avvay. You not only get to set your rental rate and change it as you wish but also decide the portion of your home or space that will be available to rent out.

Joining is free and all payments are made into your bank account, with Avvay acting as a go-between throughout the process.

4. SpacetoCo

SpacetoCo is a web-based platform that connects space managers and owners with people who want to hire them.

Like most Peerspace alternatives, SpacetoCo is free to all hosts and only charges clients if and when they hire a space.

Hosts can also accept and decline bookings with the click of a mouse. If you accept, you are taken through a series of questions, whose answers will be used to determine if your space suits the booking client.

SpacetoCo is one of the most trusted services in Australia and New Zealand.

More sites and apps like Peerspace

5. Zipcube

Any space you have passes as a listing on Zipcube. Whether it’s an office space, a conference center, a bar, a meeting room, a backyard, or a playground, there is someone on the platform looking for you.

Listing your home or office space is free, and prices are yours to determine. The platform uses an automated engine to find matches within your area and involves you in making the final decision.

Zipcube charges clients when they commit to hiring a space. Once they check in, the money is sent direct to the host’s bank account.

The platform’s standout features include:

  • Two-way reviews, where customers and hosts review each other after each transaction
  • Easy host-client communication
  • Smooth user experience
  • Built-in calendar

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is a class above most sites and apps like Peerspace. Not only is it available worldwide, but it is also one of the simplest and friendliest platforms for both hosts and renters.

With Airbnb, you can rent out your space for any event. The platform doesn’t get too much in the way of client-host communication, and you can make separate off-platform arrangements once the client checks in.

The fact that you can share your home with your guests also makes it more desirable to people who have large living spaces and wish to rent out a part of it.

Unfortunately, unlike Peerspace, Airbnb doesn’t have an option for hosts to charge their clients on a per-hour basis. This makes it unsuitable for short stays and may cost hosts lots of money.

7. Breather

Breather is an app like Peerspace whose targets are individuals looking for a co-working space on either short or long-term basis. It is one of the few platforms that let you host and charge guests by the half hour.

Available in cities across the US and Canada, Breather aligns well with modern living spaces and all the technologies you are likely to have in your home or office space.

For instance, if you have a keyless door lock, Breather will provide the passcode to the guest when they check in, saving you the need to be physically present.

Rooms on Breather cost up to $25 for a half-an-hour stay inclusive of the app’s service fee.

Other sites similar to Peerspace

8. Bird Office

Do you have a home, office space, or conference room in London, Brussels, or Paris that you don’t use often and would like to rent out on your terms?

Bird Office is an all-inclusive platform that helps individuals find rooms in various European cities for conferences, small meetings, and short-term co-working.

The company’s focus is businesses and professionals, so your space has to offer a supplementary ambiance.

Pricing is left to you to decide, but the company, unlike Peerspace, doesn’t rely solely on customer feedback to grade spaces. Its representatives are involved in inspection and evaluation and will have a say on whether you qualify to join the platform or not.

9. Vrumi

Vrumi was established in 2015 by Roddy Campbell, who had just broken his leg and was looking for an economical way to meet his physiotherapist without traveling.

Upon successfully renting out his drawing room for his treatment, he realized the whole arrangement was a workable business idea.

First forward nearly a decade and Vrumi has hundreds of hosts and is taking dozens of booking every month.

You can rent out your room via Vrumi if you reckon it can be used for therapy, meetings, tutoring photography, etc.

The platform has very few entry requirements but mainly welcomes hosts willing to rent out their spaces on a whole-day basis.

10. HeadBox

HeadBox is a London-based company that helps event planners find venues for workshops, parties, private dining, team activities, presentations, weddings, and photo shoots.

Since the platform offers personalized services to its clients, it also requires you to be specific with what your space has to offer.

A bit of research might come in handy if you want to target the most commonly available type of business and avoid pricing yourself out of the market.

HeadBox asks all its clients to describe their event, the kind of space they would like to hire, and their budget. If your space meets their requirements, the company will show the event to you and let you message the prospect.

If a client chooses your space, it’s best that you don’t cancel the booking as you will be fined and face being booted from the platform.


The list of websites like Peerspace is longer than we have provided here. But these are some of the best tested-and-tried options you can be sure won’t take to the hills with your money.

Make sure to follow the links provided for a better understanding of each of the platforms.

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