15 Sites Like Microworkers (Earn Money Doing Microtasks)

Looking for the best Microworkers alternatives? Below is a collection of legit apps and sites like Microworkers where you can earn money by doing micro jobs.

Micro tasks are a source of income for many people. No prizes for guessing why, because who doesn’t want to earn some easy cash?

Over at Microworkers – one of the most popular online micro job platforms – you don’t need significant educational background to start earning.

Completing surveys, captioning videos, and data entry jobs simply require you to have a decent understanding of English and basic computer skills.

More technical assignments like app and website testing, business listing verification, and search engine evaluation aren’t so demanding either. You will have gotten them down pat by the end of the training and onboarding processes.

But it isn’t just about ease, is it? It’s also about work availability, pay rates, and flexibility, which Microworkers doesn’t necessarily score an A+ at.

Not to say we have entirely better Microworkers alternatives out there, but on the specific aspect you care about, chances are you are a better fit for another platform.

Read on for 15 sites like Microworkers and why they are worth your attention.

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The best Microworkers alternatives

1. MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a service by tech giant Amazon that helps clients solve various analysis, content moderation, and data processing challenges.

MTurk tasks are known as HITs. They come in various forms and pay anything from a few pennies to $10 a pop. The highest-paying HITs unsurprisingly take the most effort and time.

You must be at least 18 years old to become an MTurk worker. You can apply from anywhere, too, although there is no guarantee your registration request will be approved.

If your application is approved, you will be taken through a short training program and then let into the work pool, gradually being introduced to more, sometimes better, opportunities.

Workers are paid through gift cards or cash, depending on where they are. Indians and Americans, for instance, can withdraw their earnings in cash once they reach the $1 threshold. Most of the rest will get gift cards.

2. Appen

Like Microworkers, Appen provides a range of micro task opportunities. Social media evaluation seems to be a dominant category, though, as it is easy compared to audio transcription, content evaluation, data annotation, and voice data collection.

You would expect the pay rate to vary by job, and you’d be right. People have reported earning up to $14 per hour. The lowest earners get a tiny fraction of that, which is discouraging but at least proof that you have a say on how much you can make.

Appen processes payments every month and pays out via Payoneer within a month of receipt of an invoice.

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3. Lionbridge

Lionbridge and Appen often get mentioned in the same breath. They are two of the most popular websites like Microworkers and have a similar way of operating.

Lionbridge Smart Crowd – the division of Lionbridge Technologies that hires freelance micro-taskers – deals with clients looking for data research, data entry, and testing services.

Before you start receiving Lionbridge assignments, you will need to create an account and provide information about yourself so the company knows what you’re good at.

The placement evaluation afterward will determine which of the following you’re best suited for:

  • Internet assessment
  • Ads quality rating
  • Translation/interpretation
  • Search engine evaluation
  • Map quality analysis
  • Voice data collection
  • Transcriptionist

Each category pays differently. Some pay as high as $36 per hour, some as low as $3. Upon hitting the $20 payout threshold, you can request to be paid via either PayPal or direct bank transfer.

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4. Clickworker

Clickworker is the king of small assignments for small payments. It’s a pretty established platform that houses workers from various fields, including photography, data entry, proofreading, and text creation.

Despite the inclusivity, work doesn’t necessarily come in a stream. It disappears sometimes, and your location may sway the frequency of dry spells you face.

You can sign up for Clickworker from virtually anywhere in the world. As long as you have a computer with an internet connection and access to PayPal, Payoneer, or SEPA payment options, you are eligible to apply.

According to reviews, you can make up to $40 per hour as a Clickworker.

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5. Premise Data

Premise Data pays you to perform such tasks as:

  • Giving opinions
  • Completing surveys
  • Photo taking

Few sites like Microworkers pay their contributors via Bitcoin. Premise Data goes against the grain, and I reckon this is one of its selling points, especially for people who can’t access the only other payment options, PayPal and Payoneer.

You can make between $5 and $10 a day on average if you live in a major city. Some people make cents. Thankfully, how much you make is mostly down to how much work you put in.

6. ISoftStone

ISoftStone hires freelancers for web and app testing, crowdsourcing tasks, search engine evaluation, technical assignments, and other tasks.

Despite a poor workflow and low compensation, ISoftStone is one of the friendliest Microworkers alternatives. It accepts people globally and has quite a vast range of opportunities. So your talent will most likely fit in somewhere.

For all the work you do, you will be paid via PayPal or direct bank deposit twice every week.

Some of the tasks on ISoftStone require physical availability, so make sure you’re careful on what you sign up for during registration.

7. Remotasks

Remotasks has well over 250K “taskers,” which is not as much as Microworkers does but good enough to communicate credibility and reliability.

It offers contributors paying work opportunities including transcription, comment moderation, data gathering, image annotation, and image tagging.

More difficult tasks like light detection and ranging (LIDAR) pay better, but they also require more technical know-how and may call for in-house training.

Regular tasks pay between $1 and $3 per hour on average. You can get more if you submit high-quality work. You may even be promoted to the reviewer role, which is higher-paying and by a significant margin.

There are no payout thresholds whatsoever, and you don’t need to submit an invoice to be paid for your work. You will automatically receive funds in your PayPal account every Friday there is something in your Remotasks account.

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8. Zeerk

Zeerk is often referred to as the Fiverr of micro-tasks. It’s not hard to see why. Unlike many other Microworkers alternatives, the company doesn’t list jobs and let contributors pick what they can do. Instead, contributors list their services and clients contact them.

Basically, your success tricks on Microworkers won’t necessarily work on Zeerk. You have to be a good marketer, on top of a good worker, to make good on the latter.

If your gig is well-advertised and rated, you can make upwards of $200 every month (paid strictly via PayPal). Your location will have some impact, of course, but it won’t be the main, never mind the sole factor.

9. Picoworkers (SproutGigs)

Despite the recent switch of names to SproutGigs, nothing much has changed in the good old Picoworkers that paid freelancers for completing small tasks.

Essentially, the site still hires internationally and pays very little money for tasks. Most of the jobs are simple, thankfully. Some will require you to like or follow a social media handle, while others will ask you to visit a site. Most won’t even require you to leave the platform.

What I like most about Picoworkers is that it doesn’t limit contributors’ earning options. You will earn a joining bonus and get the opportunity to sign up for the platform’s referral program.

Jobs pay differently, depending partly on their intricacy and partly on the contributors’ location. The payment system doesn’t discriminate, though. Everyone receives their money via PayPal and upon reaching the $5 payout threshold.

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10. ySense

If you’re not familiar with the name ySense, it’s probably because the site’s name between 2007 and 2019 was ClixSense.

YSense pays you to play digital games, watch videos, answer surveys, etc. and then goes on to pay you daily-activity bonuses.

It hires virtually anyone who is at least 18 years of age and can access PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Dwolla, or Tangocard.

Work may not always be available, but when you successfully complete a survey or any other task, your ySense account will instantly show a new reading. You can submit a withdraw request when your cumulative earnings reach the $10 mark.

11. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards micro-tasks platform that works like Microworkers, only it calculates contributor earnings in Swagbucks (SB points) instead of dollars.

The Swagbucks can be transformed into gift cards and cash, which you can then withdraw via PayPal.

Every new Swagbucks contributor earns a $5 bonus. Their earning record afterward will be determined by their diligence, their location, and the works they choose to do.

Common tasks include watching videos, taking surveys, searching the web, and playing video games. You can also be paid to shop online and give feedback about your experience.

There are not many high-paying opportunities on Swagbucks, but you can be sure to make at least $20 each week.

12. Kashkick

Kashkick is a fast-rising player in the micro-tasks space. It is typically viewed as a survey site, although it offers a wider variety of tasks compared to popular counterparts like Survey Junkie.

Currently, contributors can only come from four countries: The UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. This geographical restriction, albeit quite unfortunate from an international freelancer’s viewpoint, is incredibly favorable for qualifying candidates.

There is a fair amount of work, for instance, and the pay rates are relatively high. You can earn as much as $2 for a five-minute survey and make as much as $50 per day. If you utilize the referral program button, you will earn way more than that.

As regards payment, Kashkick sends payouts via PayPal once the user accumulates at least $10 in their account.

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13. Branded Surveys

As the name suggests, Branded Surveys is a survey site. It is one of the easiest sites to join, as it only requires applicants to answer a few demographic questions before they can start taking surveys.

There are no exams whatsoever. And once you create your account, you will receive an instant 50 points in your Branded Surveys account, which is equivalent to $0.50. You will get another 50 points on completing your first survey.

The demographic questionnaire you take in the beginning is to determine what you’re suited for. Branded Surveys uses this information to send survey invitations directly to users’ emails.

Of course, you can browse the job pool for work, but many times you will find that what you qualify for has already been sent to your inbox.

14. InboxDollars

Some sites like Microworkers do not allow users to explore work outside what they signed up and qualified for in the entry demography questionnaire. Not InboxDollars! You can do everything they offer as long as you have interest and time.

Popular activities include taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, searching the web, and shopping for cashback.

Assignments pay between a few cents and $5 and take up to 20 minutes to complete. InboxDollars pays via gift cards and PayPal cash each time the user crosses the $15 payout threshold.

You can join InboxDollars no matter where you live. And if that’s not a sufficient incentive, the company will credit $5 to your account as a sign-up bonus.

15. Hive Micro

If you are looking for a site or app like Microworkers that offers plenty of easy jobs, pays via PayPal, and is almost certainly available in your country, Hive Micro is a great option.

You will love the fact that registration is free and easy and that you can take the entry tests as many times as it takes you to pass them. You will also appreciate its mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android platforms.

The pay rate is discouraging, though. Even some of the longest tasks don’t pay more than $5 per 1000 tasks. And to withdraw your earnings you ought to have a verified PayPal account and reach the $10 payout threshold.

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As you can see, many sites like Microworkers don’t bear conspicuous differences. They all offer small tasks and pay small money.

That’s not to say your experience with Kashkick will be the same as in Picoworkers. They will always be different in hindsight. Hopefully, this guide should help ease the process of finding the platform that best suits your preferences.

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