15 Sites Like RapidWorkers (Best RapidWorkers Alternatives)

Looking for the best RapidWorkers alternative? Below is a selection of legit sites like RapidWorkers where you can earn extra cash doing simple tasks online.

For a site that looks like it was designed on Microsoft Paint, RapidWorkers is almost too good at what it does, which is offering paid opportunities to millions of freelancers across the globe.

But if you find the occasional dry spells annoying or the prioritization of employers at the expense of workers too unfair to bear, what’s stopping you from taking your precious services elsewhere?

Read on for 15 sites like RapidWorkers that will pay you to do micro jobs.

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The best RapidWorkers alternatives

1. SproutGigs

SproutGigs, much like RapidWorkers, will pay you to provide data entry services, edit file names, follow people on social media, sign up to sites, etc.

It is one of the few RapidWorkers alternatives that offer a sign-up bonus and have a referral program as part of its secondary ways to earn.

You can join SproutGigs from anywhere in the world and instantly gain access to all micro jobs that you are geographically eligible for.

Most tasks generally pay less than $1, but once in a while you will land better-paying assignments.

If you like it this way, all you need is a PayPal account and an internet-accessing device, and you’re good to go.

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2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is generally the same as RapidWorkers, only workers get paid in points called Swagbucks (SBs) as opposed to dollars.

You can later redeem the SBs into PayPal cash or a gift card equivalent and exchange it for products on major online stores.

Joining Swagbucks is easy. Just go to the site, submit your registration, and earn that $5 sign-up bonus first.

Then complete the short training program, and start watching videos, taking surveys, playing video games, and performing other micro jobs at your convenience.

Like many RapidWorkers alternatives, Swagbucks doesn’t promise you huge paydays. But it guarantees a decent workflow and quick response to payment requests.

3. InboxDollars

Some websites like Rapidworkers suit choosy workers or people who prefer doing specific tasks. InboxDollars is for the jack of all trades. It doesn’t limit you to your “strengths” and instead lets you take your chances on whatever’s in the work pool.

The tasks are the same old easy ones:

  • Completing surveys
  • Browsing the web
  • Shopping for cashback
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games

Each can pay up to $5, depending on length and difficulty, with the longest ones being roughly 20 minutes long.

Your accuracy and speed will largely dictate your earning potential as will the amount of time you spend on InboxDollars.

The platform pays via PayPal and gift cards and requires its workers to reach a $15 threshold before making a payout request.

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the ultimate survey hub. There is always a survey popping on the job pool, and chances are you will find something to do whenever you log onto the site.

Survey Junkie is also one of those platforms that won’t compel you to spend hours refreshing and scrolling for opportunities.

Once you sign up, your information is recorded and used to determine what surveys you qualify for. You will then receive email alerts for what you are eligible to do.

The site accepts applications from workers in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Make sure you have a PayPal account before signing up, or you will have to accept gift cards as that’s the only other payment option.

5. Zeerk

They call Zeerk the Fiverr of micro jobs for a very good reason: it works like Fiverr! Clients find you, not the other way round. All you need to do is create a list of what you can do and put it out there.

You, however, need to know your preferences and the people you’re targeting before setting up your profile. You want to avoid the crowded sections and focus on your strengths and the less frequented categories.

Not all tasks on Zeerk fall in the micro jobs brackets. Some can pay up to $200 per task. So you can actually make hundreds of dollars per month if you customize your profile correctly.

Zeerk pays strictly via PayPal and has no payout threshold.

6. Kashkick

Many people who work on Kashkick believe it to be a survey site thanks to its focus on surveys, but it does more than that.

The fast-rising platform offers a variety of opportunities, including shopping for cashback and watching videos.

A five-minute task pays around $2, so it’s possible to make more than $50 on a good day. You can earn even more if you make good use of the platform’s referral program.

The only thing you may not like about Kashkick is that it is only available to people in the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. I’ve also seen grumbles about the $10 withdrawal threshold, which is apparently too high.

7. ySense

Formerly ClixSense, ySense is a micro job platform that has been in operation since 2007. It has no major differences with other sites like RapidWorkers, at least on task variety, but it pays daily activity-based bonuses.

In essence, if you spend a certain amount of time per day answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc., you will be rewarded.

You can join ySense no matter your geographical location if you are of legal age and can access PayPal, Tangocard, Dwolla, Payoneer, or Skrill.

ySense has a $10 payout threshold and has no fixed pay days.

8. Remotasks

We can’t discuss micro job platforms without mentioning Remotasks. The industry giant has over 250,000 contributors and invites you to send your application.

And yes, there is room for you. Besides the usual tasks, which include answering surveys and playing games, Remotasks also offers opportunities like transcription, data gathering, and image annotation.

Some tasks, like light detection and ranging (LIDAR) require technical know-how and pay significantly better too.

You can be sure to make $1-$3 an hour on Remotasks to do regular tasks or even more if you focus on the higher-paying ones.

Payments are made every Friday for all work done during the week leading to the payday.

You don’t have to worry about reaching a payout threshold or having to submit a withdrawal request.

As long as you work, there will always be some cash in your PayPal account at the end of the week.

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9. GigBucks

GigBucks is not exactly a household name among micro job enthusiasts, but it’s legit and offers better-paying opportunities than most RapidWorkers alternatives. Tasks pay between $5 and $50.

What I like most about GigBucks is that, like Zeerk, it lets you sell gigs rather than bid for work. So your chances of getting good jobs are partly dictated by your marketing skills.

Sadly, the amount of work is nowhere near as high as what RapidWorkers offers, and dry spells are a common thing.

But if you have a good profile and expertise in a range of tasks, you can always switch between categories and make maximum use of your time there.

10. Spare5

Spare5 is an app you can use on both iOS and Android devices. Many people access it and collaborate on tasks meant to provide AI training data.

It works the same way as its more popular counterparts Lionbridge and Appen and even takes its candidates through the same intricate registration exam and onboarding process.

Joining Spare5 is hard, in words of one syllable, but the same cannot be said about working on it. The tasks are short, simple, and straightforward.

You will never be penalized for lateness because you will never have to be late. You will, however, need a high accuracy level to survive on the platform.

Assignments pay differently. Some will pay up to $20. Some will pay a couple of cents. The best part? Difficult tasks pay better, so your effort will be rewarded.

Spare5 pays via PayPal.

11. MTurk

MTurk works like RapidWorkers and pays like it, at least according to reviews from its contributors.

There is also a difference in the type of micro jobs offered as the two platforms target different clients.

MTurk offers task-based opportunities like data processing, image processing, data verification, and information gathering.

RapidWorkers and many of its alternatives, on the other hand, focus on surveys, online shopping, web browsing and tasks along those lines.

You can say the fact that MTurk is owned by tech giant Amazon gives it a few free points in the credibility scale, but several things make it a go-to for many micro taskers.

For one, you will receive payment immediately after completing a HIT, or task. You may also be contracted to edit product listings for Amazon sellers, an opportunity no other RapidWorkers alternative offers.

And how much does it pay? $2 per hour on average, according by Cornell University researchers.

12. Clickworker

When it comes to popularity, not many RapidWorkers alternatives hold a candle to Clickworker.

The platform pays workers for regular micro jobs such as surveys and has a catalog of other unique tasks, including photo taking and voice recording.

If you have some experience doing micro jobs and can access one of Payoneer, SEPA, and PayPal, Clickworker is a goldmine.

You can access the platform from the web or a mobile app, meaning you can work even while watching your kids at the park or during break at work.

According to reviews, you can make up to $8 per hour on a good day. The most experienced workers enjoy better pay rates, so there is a chance what you will earn initially is not what you will earn six months or a year later.

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13. Microworkers

Microworkers has well over 700k remote workers and is arguably more popular than RapidWorkers.

Its popularity is partly thanks to its worldwide accessibility and high work availability.

You cannot overlook the impact of its multiple payment options (bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal, and Dwolla) and the semi-weekly payouts either.

The $9 payout threshold is more of a downside than an advantage, but at least it’s not the $20 that some sites like RapidWorkers have in place.

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14. Premise Data

Premise Data was launched in 2012. It is one of the newest kids on the block and one of the few micro job platforms that pay in Bitcoin. It pays through PayPal, too, so don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about crypto.

Available in over 120 countries, Premise Data accepts applications from anyone at least 13 years old and with basic computer literacy.

The tasks are easy. You won’t need to undergo lengthy training programs before you begin work.

You will, however, need to keep a high level of accuracy to secure your survival and qualify for the higher-paying tasks.

15. Lionbridge

You’ve most likely heard of Lionbridge. If you haven’t, it is a micro jobs platform that serves clients seeking product and brand data.

Despite all the examination during registration, the site is actually very easy to join and has plenty of work for you.

Unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for all tasks. You will have access to specific categories, depending on how you answer the registration questionnaire. These include:

  • Voice data gathering
  • Search engine evaluation
  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Internet assessment
  • Ad quality rating
  • Transcription

You can make anything from $3 per hour to $36 per hour. What you get depends on your industriousness and your rating on the site.

All payments are made through PayPal and bank transfer, and you can make a payout request any day as long as you have at least $20 in your Lionbridge account.


Do you have a set of preferences that one of these RapidWorkers alternatives meets? Well, virtually all of them are currently hiring, so if there is a time to send your application, this is it.

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