15 Websites Like OLX: Best Alternatives To Sell Your Stuff

Today, we have reviewed the leading OLX alternatives to give you opinions on where you can sell your stuff online.

With 200 million active users per month, 11 billion page views, and a presence in over 100 countries, OLX is undoubtedly one of the best marketplaces on the internet.

However, like any online service, it has its weaknesses. For one, it offers no quality assurance.

Also, it focuses a lot on local transactions and may not be suitable for sellers targeting overseas customers.

This article will discuss sites like OLX that may offer better services, depending on what you are selling and your overall preferences.

It can also be insightful if you are looking for a complementary marketplace to post your already listed item.

Websites Like olx

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is among the first marketplaces to grace the World Wide Web.

Its growth over the years has been remarkable, and despite the minimal change in how it operates, it still holds a place in the bracket of the most trusted websites like OLX.

So what makes it such a magnet? Well, it has a large user base; finding a buyer for your product is easy.

Also, anything goes on the site. There is a category for virtually everything, and the condition of your item won’t affect your ability to post a listing.

However, the site doesn’t offer escrow and messaging features.

What’s more, customers don’t have to create a profile to interact with you, so it’s difficult to verify a buyer’s identity.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace’s biggest selling point is its numbers.

All Facebook users can view your listing, making a whopping 2.96 billion people potential buyers.

Another thing that gives it an edge over other OLX alternatives is the extra marketplace features it offers.

You can chat directly from the site and receive payment through Facebook Pay.

A buyer and seller protection policy is also in place to secure your transactions.

Like OLX, however, Facebook Marketplace mostly facilitates localized transactions.

Shipping is a big risk, to say the least. Also, there is no quality assurance, and you must meet a series of requirements to qualify for seller protection.

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When selling, look out for these Facebook Marketplace Red Flags

3. Geebo

Geebo works in the same fashion as Craigslist, only more responsibly.

Just so you know, it is Geebo that first did away with the personals classifieds section as a way to curb prostitution and human trafficking.

You can’t sell pets on this site either, and it’s all for plausible moral reasons.

Additionally, Geebo offers “SafeTrade” transactions, where the seller has the option to meet their buyer at a police station to finalize a transaction.

Since the introduction of this initiative, the site has reported a significant reduction in deals-gone-wrong and scamming incidents.

Beyond that, Geebo is not so different from OLX and its alternatives like Craigslist.

The site design is minimalistic, and your chances of making a sale are about the same.

4. eBay

eBay is a major eCommerce site that blew together with the dot com bubble back in the 90s.

Now it serves over 135 million users and even owns other ads companies, like Canada’s Kijiji, which we shall discuss later in the article.

As an eBay seller, you will enjoy loads of perks, including excellent listing visibility on the internet and protected transactions.

You will also be allowed to list up to 150 items per month.

On the whole, eBay is just as good as it is popular. Just be prepared to give up 15% in service fees on all sales you make up to $1,000.

5. Gumtree

Gumtree has a presence in just a handful of countries.

Its focus is the United Kingdom market; in all honesty, not many sites like OLX share its reputation in the UK.

The site connects over 15 million customers each month. On average, 1.9 million items exchange hands with it as the go-between. So it is a tested-and-tried marketplace.

What’s more, it has a mobile app, just like OLX, simplifying the process of sorting out a sale while you’re on the move.

The best part? It is generally free to use. Only a few Gumtree services incur a charge, which you will be informed about before your ad goes live.

OLX Alternatives

6. Oodle

Not many apps like OLX are as straightforward from the seller’s point of view as Oodle.

It has a clean UI, an excellent search function, and sufficient room for item descriptions.

It’s also pretty inclusive as regards the items you are allowed to sell.

There are categories for services, jobs, household items, cars, real estate, and even pets and personals.

For people seeking to sell cars, Oodle is an unparalleled option.

It offers financing to buyers, hence attracting both cash customers and buyers who may be willing to pay in installments.

Note that Oodle owns many different sites specialized in various fields, and the commission on sales is not the same everywhere.

So ensure you familiarize yourself with the potential charges before putting up a listing.

7. OfferUp

OfferUp is another mobile app that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions.

It is free to use and only charges a reasonable fee of 12.9% of the item’s price for shipping.

Being among the few apps like OLX that offer nationwide shipping, OfferUp is excellent if you are targeting buyers outside your locality.

You will also love it if you tend to be too wary of being scammed. OfferUp buyers and sellers must create profiles to buy or sell, and each profile is accompanied by a rating.

This makes it easy to size up potential customers before engaging them.

The most talked about downside about using OfferUp is the time it takes to finalize a transaction.

Payment processing starts after the buyer receives their item, and it can take up to two weeks for the money to reach the seller.

More Websites To Sell Items Online

8. Kijiji

Kijiji may have not picked up in the US and other countries, but it is the market leader in Canada.

Its customers are mostly Canadian city dwellers, and its services are tailored for people within the same communities.

According to the site, there are two new ads every second on Kijiji, which translate to just under 3,000 new listings per day.

That makes it one of the busiest online marketplaces and a site with decent selling potential.

But that’s not even its biggest selling point. Kijiji hosts a catalog of articles, tips, and tutorials about the site and how it operates.

So, even if you are a first-time user, chances are low that you will mess up your first transaction.

Kijiji is free to post on all categories save for moving & storage, automotive services, financial & legal services, and real estate services.

9. Swappa

Swappa is a peer-to-peer marketplace for selling and buying new and slightly used electronics.

Despite the specialization, the site still receives a lot of traffic. In fact, you have a better chance of selling your mobile phone or tablet on Swappa than on any other site on this list.

Part of Swappa’s popularity can be attributed to the absence of a middleman in the negotiations.

Pricing is yours to decide, and only 3% of the selling price goes to the site. Better yet, the buyer pays for the item before you ship it.

The catch is that you can’t sell a phone with cracks or any form of damage.

Each listing is reviewed manually, and Swappa has all the power to decide whether your device is fit to be sold or not.

10. ClassifiedAds

On ClassifiedAds, you can sell anything, from beauty and cleaning services to vehicles and real estate.

There is even a section for personals and another one for community announcements and gigs. In a word, it has everything that characterizes a typical classifieds site.

Its simple homepage shows all item categories and subcategories as well as a search function, which you will find helpful when checking and comparing pricing.

ClassifiedAds is entirely free, and you don’t have to be logged in to put up a post. The only problem is that it doesn’t offer much protection from malicious users either.

There is no chat feature, and all negotiations must take place off-site.

Sites Like olx

11. Letgo

Letgo is different from other apps like OLX because it facilitates both online and in-person sales.

You can also say it is more modern-looking and easier to use than most other options.

Launched in 2015, the site has been downloaded over 100 million times and received 1M+ reviews on Google Play Store.

All the popularity is partly because it is free to use and offers reasonable freedom to buyers and sellers. For instance, you can dispute negative reviews from buyers.

Unfortunately, you can’t sell outside your location as you have to meet buyers in person.

The app has also been said to be riddled with technical issues that are hardly addressed.

12. SocialSell

SocialSell is a classifieds platform that doubles as a social networking platform.

The idea of combining the two rather unrelated services is to ensure buyers only interact with sellers they can trust.

Basically, on SocialSell, your listings can only be viewed by your followers, much like your Facebook status update can only be viewed by your friends.

So it is safe to say that this is not the site for you if you want to sell just one low-value item and leave. All the effort to build a following will not be worth it.

On the other hand, if you sell a service or run a store, SocialSell can come in mighty handy.

SocialSell is accessible through browsers and a mobile app.

13. Backpage Classifieds

Backpage Classifieds is an ads site that you can access and use from anywhere in the world.

Sellers can post anything except adult content, and buyers can browse listings without registering an account.

Also, unlike other classifieds sites like OLX, Backpage lets sellers include links to their personal websites, social media pages, and blogs.

You can post as many listings as you wish as a seller, although you must first create a profile.

The site won’t handle your payments nor provide chat features. It won’t help with shipping either. All it offers is a platform to meet potential customers.

Backpage is a free site. However, if you wish to be featured or given extra visibility, you will need to purchase credits.

14. Mercari

On Mercari, you can only sell items that can be shipped.

So if you want to make a sale while seated on your couch, this is the perfect site for you.

The problem is that the shipping costs will be on you. The site provides prepaid shipping labels to sellers and then cuts a 10% commission when the item sells.

It can be costly compared to other OLX alternatives, but for some reason, it still attracts hundreds of thousands of sellers.

Perhaps people like it when a go-between is cushioning them from potential scammers. Or maybe it’s the rating system that pulls all the customers.

Whatever it is, Mercari is a well-respected site with plenty of positive reviews to back it up.

15. USA Today Classifieds

USA Today has a thriving classifieds section with thousands of active listings mostly from US businesspeople.

As you would expect, such a popular daily with so many readers can’t possibly offer classifieds services for free.

Well, that’s the case, and it could very well be the costliest site on this list to advertise with.

Then again, it is an authority site with all the good features of a modern classifieds site. And reviews show that business ads get a decent exposure.

I would recommend USA Today Classifieds to you if you have a business or brand new big-ticket item to sell as opposed to a used phone or appliance.

Conclusion On OLX Alternatives

The perfect classifieds site or app doesn’t exist.

However, if you are interested in sites like OLX, this list provides you with the very best options available.

Let me know in the comments section which one you think is the best and why you would choose it.

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