15 Sites Like GoTranscript To Find Transcription Jobs

Looking to build a career as a transcriber? If yes, you’re in luck.

Today we have shared the best sites like GoTranscript, for you to choose from.

Finding sites like GoTranscript that have no minimum payout, hire worldwide, and have loads of work to offer is not easy.

But then, GoTranscript’s low rates, poor audio quality, nit-picky editorial demands, and limited payout options (PayPal and Payoneer) don’t really help its case.

So it’s understandable that you could be looking for GoTranscript alternatives to switch to. And that’s what this article is about.

Below, we have discussed 15 transcription sites you could sign up for today and probably enjoy a better experience than you would at GoTranscript.

Sites Like GoTranscript

1. Rev

Rev is one of the most popular transcription sites out there. Like GoTranscript, Rev accepts new applicants all year.

It’s the type of site you want to join if you wish to start earning immediately.

Here’s the catch: Rev has a grammar quiz and transcription test you must pass. It’s not difficult, but still, people fail, so some preparation may be required.

You will also appreciate the fact that even without experience, Rev will take a chance on you. You will hate the low pay, though.

A Rev transcriptionist makes $0.30-$1.10 per media minute on average, while a couple of other sites like GoTranscript can pay as much as double that.

To receive your earnings, you don’t need to send an invoice or reach a payout threshold. Rev pays transcriptionists every Monday via PayPal.

2. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a well-respected transcription site with a reputation hinged on flexibility, high job availability, and user-friendliness.

It doesn’t require prior experience from its applicants, but there is an entrance exam that you must pass to start working.

All you need to pass this test is to understand the site’s style guidelines and, of course, have a nodding acquaintance with transcription.

TranscribeMe says that you can make upwards of $2,000 per month if you are fast and diligent.

It’s, however, good to understand that the average TranscribeMe transcriptionist makes about $250 per month.

You must have at least $20 in your TranscribeMe account to qualify for a payout. Payments are sent weekly via PayPal.

3. 3Play Media

Many platforms like GoTranscript use the combined effort of AI and human transcriptionists to create transcripts. 3Play is one of those sites.

Your job as a transcriptionist is to refine what AI generates from media files.

That’s why 3Play Media calls its transcriptionists editors and certainly why its pay rates are around $10 per hour on average. But it’s all fair since you can do more work with AI assistance.

Here is what you need to become a 3Play transcriptionist:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • To be a US resident
  • To have a typing speed of 75 words per minute or better (this will be tested)

You will start working and earning immediately after your application to join 3Play Media is approved.

Payments are sent weekly via check and bank deposit for work done the previous week.

4 Scribie

Scribie promises its clients 99% accuracy on transcripts. So you have to be really good.

But don’t give up yet; AI assistance will get you between 85% and 95% accuracy, and you will push it to 99%. 

According to the site, you can earn $5-$20 per audio hour. You don’t have to worry about withdrawal limits and monthly commitments because there are none.

Their files are also around 6 minutes long each, so you can always get some work done amid other commitments.

Scribie is accessible to everyone. The sign-up process is easy, and an entrance exam will help you determine whether you are up to the task or not.

Unfortunately, you will be put on a waiting list before your profile is approved. But at least you will be sure to get work once you’re in, as the competition is regulated.

Scribie pays via PayPal.

5. GMR Transcription

Like GoTranscript, GMR Transcription doesn’t involve algorithms and artificial intelligence anywhere in the transcribing process. It relies on human effort, meaning there is plenty of work for you.

That said, the site only hires native English-speaking transcriptionists based in the US or Canada. Candidates are also expected to possess:

  • A computer with an up-to-date antivirus, an internet connection, and MS Office
  • High-quality headphones
  • A foot pedal

Registration is free and easy. There is a transcription test and a probation period to pass, but these are hardly impediments if you have a good grasp of English and can type fast.

GMR transcriptionists can make between $1,000 and $3,000 per month, with each audio minute paying $0.70-$1.25. Your earnings will be sent to you via direct bank transfer or PayPal.

GoTranscript alternatives

6. Quicktate

Anyone with CNN or Coca-Cola as a client doesn’t expect their legitimacy to be questioned. That’s the case with Quicktate.

Launched in 2008, Quicktate is a market leader in the transcription industry and a medical transcription pioneer.

You don’t have to be an established transcriptionist to join the site. Anyone is eligible as long as they have sufficient knowledge about the trade and possess excellent hand-ear coordination.

But there is a fee. You will need to pay $20 for verification, as Quicktate doesn’t accept applicants with criminal histories.

This is a decision-swaying factor worth thinking through, especially given that most other websites like GoTranscript won’t charge you for registration.

Does a base pay rate of $0.0025 per word feel worth the hassle? If yes, then by all means, go ahead. Just ensure you have an active PayPal account.

7. Speechpad

At Speechpad, you will transcribe meetings, speeches, videos, insurance documents, conferences, etc., depending on what you are good at.

You will earn between $0.25 and $2.50 per audio and be paid every Tuesday and Friday through PayPal.

It is easy and free to join Speechpad. Go to the Speechpad Worker Website, and click Register. The platform demands a good sense of English and grammar and high typing speed.

If you can’t type at least 75 words per minute, you will surely struggle to keep up with the accuracy and turnaround demands.

Sadly, at the time of writing this article, Speechpad wasn’t hiring.

8. Ubiqus

Ubiqus is known to offer a wide variety of remote freelance jobs. You can write, transcribe, translate, interpret, or proofread, or even offer a combination of any two or more services.

Transcription happens to be one of the site’s foci and, in my opinion, your best bet at earning an income.

All Ubiqus transcriptionists are US-based. The site doesn’t hire newbies. You have to have 1-5 years of transcription experience to stand any chance of being hired.

All the strictness reflects in the pay structure, thankfully. The company pays on a per-word basis, which translates to around $1 per audio minute upon conversion.

That’s many times over what some sites like GoTranscript pay.

9. Tigerfish

Tigerfish is another one of those transcription sites that hire US residents only.

It is one of the oldest platforms on the internet, which is evident in its minimalistic site design.

While the company’s been praised for its work availability, many reviewers seem to have a problem with an apparent low pay rate.

Transcriptionists are compensated on a per-line basis, which works out to $0.005 per word.

The best part is that experience is rewarded. You will gradually go up the pay ladder and may, at some point, make $8-$10 per hour.

There is not much information on the official site regarding payment, but it’s known the site pays weekly via PayPal.

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10. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite offers both general and legal transcription jobs. As a general transcriptionist, you are eligible for work if you meet the following conditions:

  • You can type 60 words per minute
  • You can achieve 90% transcript accuracy
  • You are available for at least four hours a week
  • You are a resident of Canada or the USA

Legal transcriptionists have to meet a more stringent set of qualifications. You need to have legal transcription experience, for starters.

You also need to have worked in a law firm for at least a year within the last five years.

According to the company, its best transcriptionists earn as much $3,400 per month. Payments are made biweekly via check and direct deposit.

Websites Like GoTranscript

11. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription boldly claims to pay better than its more popular rivals, Rev and TranscribeMe.

But does it offer the same work availability?

Apparently, no, and they’re honest about that. But their highest earners make up to $950 per week, which is nothing to sniff at.

You will like the fact that the site is open to transcription beginners. You will be taken through a Skills Assessment Test followed by an actual Transcription exam and trained a bit before receiving your first paid assignment.

You must live in the US or Canada to join Daily Transcription as a transcriptionist. International candidates are only considered for translation and subtitling opportunities.

Payment for US and Canadian transcriptionists takes place weekly via check.

12. CastingWords

CastingWords has been with us since 2005 and has grown from hiring in-house transcriptionists only to becoming one of the best work-from-home transcription sites on the internet.

As a transcriptionist, you will be charged with one or more of the following tasks:

  • Creating transcripts
  • Editing transcripts
  • Determining the audio quality of incoming client files
  • Grading transcripts
  • Approving transcripts

CastingWords pay rates vary, depending on the transcriptionist’s badge and the specific transcript’s grade. If you get a grade below 5, you won’t be paid.

Grade 5 is considered poor and attracts the base pay. Grades 6-9 get you 1.5-3.5 times the basic pay in addition to the basic pay.

In essence, accuracy is key if you want to earn serious money on CastingWords. 

13. Crowdsurf

If you are looking for a GoTranscript alternative that you can join from anywhere in the world and without prior transcription experience, Crowdsurf is one to consider.

The platform, which pays weekly via PayPal, uploads new media files every couple of minutes, ensuring a steady workflow for its contractors.

I also like how easy it is to determine whether a job is worth doing or not. Each listing displays the assignment’s core details, including length in audio minutes and expected turnaround time.

The pay rate is not bad either. Depending on your accuracy, speed, and assignment length/difficulty, you can make between $0.17 and $0.20 per audio minute.

14. Transcription Outsourcing LLC

Transcription Outsourcing LLC hires US transcriptionists all year round and runs a resourceful blog for people looking to familiarize themselves with the industry.

You don’t need any transcription experience to sign up, but your pay rate will not be the same as that of experienced transcriptionists.

This is partly because speed, accuracy, and turnaround time are factors when determining compensation.

More to the point, the best-paying tasks are financial, medical, academic, etc., which newbies can’t handle.

Medical and law transcriptionists can earn up to $5 per minute, while general transcriptionists make about $0.80-$1.10 per minute.

Compared to other sites like GoTranscript, Transcription Outsourcing LLC doesn’t offer the best rates, but it has relatively high work availability.

15. Averbach Transcription

Averbach Transcription emphasizes accuracy, which is a good reason you may want to avoid it as a beginner.

If you have some experience, though, there is plenty of work for you, some paying up to $1.50 per audio minute.

You can apply to join any time as long as you are a legal US resident, are at least 18 years old, and have and know how to use the third-party transcription software of your choice.

You will just need to take a 20-minute skill test, and you will be eligible to start working if you pass it.

Your earnings will be sent to you via PayPal.

Final Thoughts On Sites Like GoTranscript

Finding a transcription that works like GoTranscript is one thing.

Finding a transcription site that works like GoTranscript, pays well, and takes you in as you are is another thing.

I hope that at least one of the above sites meets all your work and compensation preferences.

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