15 Online Jobs That Pay Hourly (2023)

Looking for jobs you can work remotely? If so, you should consider these 15 legit online jobs that pay hourly.

Finding online jobs that pay hourly and are available to you is no child’s play.

However, most people still prefer and love online jobs that pay hourly because they offer flexibility, convenience, and financial freedom.

Moreso, with these type of jobs, you can set your own working hours, work from anywhere, and know exactly how much you will earn for the time you put in.

All you need is a device that can access the internet and a reliable internet connection.

With that in mind, this article is a compilation of 15 of the most popular online jobs and platforms that provide them.

Let’s dive straight in.

Online Jobs That Pay Hourly To Help You Earn Extra Cash

1. Proofreading

Proofreading involves reviewing a text and ridding it of mistakes. Often, proofreaders provide the final authorial input before the text is made available to the reader.

According to Salary.com, proofreaders make between $23 and $30 per hour.

To become a proofreader, good written English and a keen eye for detail are requisites.

You may also need to undergo some training, as popular platforms will hire only the crème de la crème.

You can train yourself on the internet, which may call for guidance, or enroll in a credible training program like Proofread Anywhere (PA).

Silas, a PA product, says he landed his first paid assignment a month after graduating from the month-long course.

If you believe you are good enough as you are, here are three platforms that might need your services:

2. Transcription

Transcription is one of the most popular online jobs that pay hourly.

You can see why so many digital nomads love it; it is easy to do and requires little to no qualification.

You could be forgiven for thinking the excessive labor supply automatically translates to peanut payments, though.

Transcriptionists earn an average of $16 per hour in the US; some online jobs pay less and ask for way more.

As a transcriptionist, you will generally be tasked with listening to recorded or live audio and converting speech into text.

The training program, Transcribe Anywhere, comes in handy if you wish to learn the basics of transcription first.

Ready to start? Here are sites you might want to try out:

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide professional technical, creative, and administrative assistance to companies and professionals.

You can become a virtual assistant and earn up to $60,000 a year if you are creative, resourceful, and excellent at communication and time management.

You may also need familiarity with common collaborative tools and other software that organizations use internally.

There may be need for training, depending on who you work for and the operations that you will be involved in.

But for a variety of virtual assistant opportunities that embrace all levels of skill and experience, these platforms are the best:

4. Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping is incredibly underrated when it comes to online jobs that pay hourly.

People make up to $80 per hour to do the same tasks over and over again.

And don’t forget these are usually long-term opportunities, so landing one will keep you out of job-seeking for a considerable amount of time.

If you fancy a job that gets easier as you do it, bookkeeping is an option. Just make sure to bring your bachelor’s degree along as most opportunities will ask for it.

You can also take a bookkeeping course like one Katherine, who was initially an artist and just once transformed into a well-paid bookkeeper after enrolling in a training program.

Here are two reputable platforms to help you get started:

5. Online Writing 

Everything you see on Google when you perform a custom search is written by someone.

AI assistants like Jasper have sure infiltrated the market and immensely reduced the demand for labor, but human input in textual content creation remains unmatched.

Can anyone do it, though? Apparently, no! Most forms of writing require proficiency in language, grammar, punctuation, and research, a set of traits that hardly come in a single package.

But, of course, if you can relay thoughts in text, you can be taught research, and vice versa.

Online writing has one of the widest pay rate spectrums. Some people earn up to $500 per document, while others get as low as $10 for the same text length. It’s all about experience and the client you work for.

For beginners, these sites are writing goldmines:

Legitimate Online Jobs That Pay Hourly

6. Graphic Design

Graphic design is the type of job that requires both talent and qualification.

Many people have one and not the other, which creates a big market gap ripe for exploitation.

Depending on the client you work for, you can earn upwards of $90 per hour on freelance platforms. You can also earn yourself referrals and find yourself working 40 hours a week.

The bottom line is to be creative and reliable. Even renowned designers like David Carson, Milton Glaser, and Susan Kare will tell you they are where they are thanks to their revolutionary ideas.

So where do you start? If you are an experienced graphic designer with a strong portfolio, Upwork and Fiverr are great options.

However, if you are a newbie or don’t have a portfolio to show prospective clients, these sites will give you the benefit of the doubt:

7. Online Surveys

There are not many easier ways to get paid than providing your opinion about brands and products.

Online surveys are becoming more common by the day, and the reason for this is that the current commercial landscape favors businesses that prioritize customer experience.

Essentially, a business – usually through a crowdsourcing platform – creates a questionnaire and pays freelancers to give honest answers.

The typical survey is between 5 and 40 minutes long and pays $0.50-$100.

Good research skills are mandatory, though prior training and qualification are not. So you can sign up to a survey site and start earning immediately.

Some of the most reputable online survey platforms include:

8. SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts get paid to make a site’s content more visible on search engine result pages.

They understand the search algorithms of various search engines and keep up with the updates.

If you have been involved in content management or held any role that involves publishing content on the internet or social media, you probably have some familiarity with SEO.

Now that’s a great place to start. But to be considered an authority and worthy of the $50-$200 SEO consultants earn, you might want to seek training first.

For Tom Brennan, who began as a schoolteacher and is now SEO Manager of a sizable London-based eCommerce SEO agency, success in the industry is also partly down to commitment.

If you feel you have what it takes, these sites will help you launch your career:

9. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring isn’t a new thing, but it’s only recently that students and parents have started taking it seriously, creating much-needed job opportunities for remote tutors.

Tutoring is not for everyone, though. You can’t teach what you don’t know, and no one will trust your delivery if you lack communication skills.

That’s why it’s always advisable to understand yourself and your abilities before applying for an online tutoring position.

Some of the highest paying sites will grill you mercilessly at the beginning but will pay you handsomely for your work.

You can be sure to make at least $20 per hour and even more if you have some kind of certification.

Do you think you have what it takes to get into online tutoring? These sites are hiring:

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10. Data Entry

Data entry is what the name says it is: entering data into a computer system.

A variety of industries, including health, digital marketing, finance, manufacturing, and transportation seek these services and do it through platforms like:

You can become one if you own a computer and have an internet connection.

You will, however, need to be fast and highly disciplined, as most data entry jobs come with tight deadlines.

The jobs are repetitive and boring, too, so tolerance should be considered an ingredient.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that data entry operators get an average of $16 per hour, which is way below the minimum wage but understandable for what it takes.

More Online Jobs That Pay Hourly

11. Web Development

Can you guess how many websites are on the World Wide Web?

A whopping 1.14 billion! Many more keep emerging, and it looks as though there are not enough hands to handle all the web development opportunities out there.

But there is a catch: you need some training to become a web developer even when using platforms like WordPress or Wix.

Web development rewards talent, and even though there are millions of developers worldwide, just a fraction of them cut it for most of the projects.

That, in a word, means learn your way around web development if you want to stand out. It also means the market isn’t as crowded as it is made to look with all factors taken into consideration.

A good web developer will earn well over $40 per hour for their services. They are also guaranteed to find work as long as they show good workmanship.

If you believe you’re good enough but don’t have a job currently, take the time to browse these sites:

12. Social Media Manager

The pay for social media managers is typically between $15 and $40 per hour, which is so-so, but at least your contribution is quantifiable, and you can always use numbers to entice better-paying clients.

The starting point is the most difficult part for many freelancers. These sites may help with that, albeit opportunities are sometimes few and far between:

You can also go independent or even start your own agency – like the highly-regarded Abby Bramwel – and cold-pitch companies that you reckon could use your services.

All you need is an arsenal of social media knowledge and acquaintance with SEO.

13. Virtual Recruiter

Everyone has been a jobseeker at some point in their life. And while our experiences may differ, we can all agree that recruiters are not the most accurate people when it comes to gauging aptitude and learning the strengths of a candidate.

Now here is an opportunity to offer the fairness you have always thought missing.

Virtual recruiters work in the same fashion as in-house recruiters, only they receive assignments on an ad hoc basis.

If you have some training or experience in human resources, there are many companies eager to hear what you can offer.

If you are only getting started, these four platforms are tested-and-tried go-betweens:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru

Virtual recruiters earn an average of $38 per hour in the US.

14. Voiceover Artist

Voice acting has long been considered a preserve of the naturally talented, and rightly so. The best-paying voice acting opportunities are available to people with a high understanding of sounds and voices.

If you are wondering what voice acting is all about, Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy does voice acting as did Mel Blanc, the guy behind Wile E. Coyote, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, and Captain Caveman.

You will likely not make $25 million a year like MacFarlane, but your earning potential will certainly increase as you gather experience.

Beginners and moderately gifted voiceover artists charge an average of $15 per hour on these sites:

15. Music Reviewer

According to Zippia, music critics in the US make an average of $26 per hour, with the top 10 percent making over a hundred grand per year.

To think, they’re getting this while doing something that is pure fun and research-free.

That said, to become a professional music critic, you need a degree in journalism or a music-related course like musical performance or music theory.

A master’s degree will significantly increase your earning potential, though it won’t have as much impact in the long run as experience.

Sites that hire reviewers without degrees include:

These can serve as a source of extra income, but if you want to be a full-time reviewer, you may have to follow in the footsteps of Anthony Fantano, who earns handsomely from his YouTube that he set up purposely to review new songs.

Final Thoughts On Online Jobs That Pay Hourly

The internet is a great place to earn money and circumvent the stress of working in an office.

If you reckon you can make good in any of the above roles, this is the time to make a move.

The remote working space is still very young, and being an early adopter might prove rewarding in the long run.

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