15 Companies Like Robert Half to Find Remote or On-Site Jobs

If you are looking for a remote job, there are many companies like Robert Half that you can trust to connect you with genuine employers.

Robert Half is a staffing agency that has helped thousands secure their dream jobs.

It uses AI-based matching technology that considers your resume, qualifications, career goals, and personality to match you with jobs.

It focuses on both remote and on-site opportunities but will mostly try to connect job seekers with local employers.

I feel this is its biggest downside and perhaps what might compel one to seek help elsewhere.

For that reason, I have created a list of 15 Robert Half alternatives that you can use to find work-at-home and remote job opportunities. Hopefully, you will find your perfect match.

Companies Like Robert Half

1. CareerBuilder

Like Robert Half, CareerBuilder uses artificial intelligence to profile employers and job seekers.

Its job suggestions are never wide of the mark, according to reviews, and all its listings come directly from employers.

Given a single job post costs the employer a whopping $419, most of the opportunities are from top companies promising decent wages.

The various filters will help you find jobs with the best combinations of benefits. If you don’t have the time to browse the job pool, uploading a resume will save you the need.

CareerBuilder will show your resume to employers and connect you with whoever is interested in you.

2. ZipRecruiter

Over 17.5 million job openings are listed on ZipRecruiter each month, according to the company’s official site.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the platform matches job seekers with opportunities they are most suited for and sends email alerts each time there is a new listing.

With your details pre-assessed, all you will need to do when applying for a job is click a button. This saves you plenty of time and allows you to browse more listings and send more applications.

The best part is that you can do all this from a smartphone app. Yes, you can upload your resume, view listings, apply for jobs, and track the progress of your applications right from your phone.

While you have the option to browse listings without a profile, you always have a better chance of standing out from the pack with one.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn users not only get to post and apply for jobs, but they also connect with others, share experiences, and do basically everything they would on Facebook or some other social platform. So it’s a pretty fun site.

What you may not like is that not all employers use it to find employees, despite virtually all top companies having a LinkedIn profile.

It’s also largely unfiltered and will have you scrolling through overloads of irrelevant content before you can find anything worth your time.

On the good side, its job alerts feature is quite useful. You will learn about emerging opportunities without necessarily visiting the site.

Additionally, employers can view your profile and look for you first. All you need to do is create a profile that perfectly describes you, what you want, and your availability to work.

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4. Monster

Monster has stood the test of time for being inclusive with its target audience.

You can find all sorts of remote work, from lucrative full-time executive jobs down to small task-based assignments across a range of industries.

You also don’t have to worry about your current employer busting you looking for another job. You can hide your resume from specific people and get on with your job search in silence.

Other reasons you may want to use Monster include:

  • Its extensive salary-comparison tool
  • Its highly useful career advice blog
  • Resume building help

Note that not all Monster features are available for free. If you want help building a resume, for instance, you will be charged $149.

On the other hand, a resume and a cover letter will set you back $197.

5. Indeed

Indeed is a popular job search website where you can browse job openings and upload your resume.

It uses a sophisticated algorithm and a handful of filters to help jobseekers home in on the opportunities they are best suited for. You can also go over the job feed and try to pick out relevant openings.

Joining Indeed is easy. You just need to provide your name and email and upload your resume.

The site has a free resume builder that you can use to create a resume from scratch or edit and update an existing one.

Robert Half Alternatives

6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor might be one of the oldest companies like Robert Half, but it is also one of the fastest growing.

Its database is made up of millions of CEO approval ratings, benefit reviews, salary reports, interview questions, office photos, etc. So it’s pretty easy to find a job and work environment that meets your preferences.

Glassdoor is open to everyone. It’s free to join, too. It’s just your resume and a complete profile they need to connect you with some of the best employers in the world.

If you’re set on using Glassdoor, ensure everything you state about yourself is truthful. You don’t want the algorithm matching you with jobs you can’t do.

While you’re at it, take the time to check what current and past employees have to say about the employer.

7. Simply Hired

With over 30 million monthly users, Simply Hired is considered one of the world’s largest job databases. It has a presence in over 20 countries and is available in more than 10 international languages.

What differentiates it from other sites like Robert Half is that its listings don’t necessarily come directly from employers.

Instead, it scans the internet for existing listings and simply displays them to you in a single interface.

As a job seeker, you can search and apply for jobs on Simply Hired without creating an account. It’s advisable to have one, though, particularly if you want to receive email alerts.

Also, since most job applications take place in third-party sites, it’d be wise to double-check listings to ensure the jobs are not already taken.

8. Ladders

Ladders describes itself as the home of $100K careers, and understandably so. All listed positions promise wages of not less than $100,000 per year.

Of course, this also means that most jobs require solid education backgrounds, but once in a while you will run into listings only interested in aptitude and experience.

What I find most interesting about Ladders is the fact that all job listings are vetted by humans. Perhaps, that’s why they charge to give you access to some listings.

As a beginner, you could use the site on the basic plan and learn how it works first.

If you are familiar with its features and are certain you will need it for a while in the foreseeable future, paying for a subscription would be a better idea.

9. Candidate Labs

Candidate Labs is more than just a job board. Its recruitment team offers expert coaching as well to prepare candidates for their next position.

In the same fashion as other staffing companies like Robert Half, Labs uses AI technology to know who’s fit for what job.

All you need to do as a jobseeker is provide your details and wait to be connected with an employer seeking your talent. Reviews show that this goes perfectly well most of the time.

But since the site serves large companies and well-funded startups, you might want to be conscious of the competition and keep your expectations in check.

10. AngelList

AngelList is the go-to site for startups looking to staff their companies.

Over 130,000 startups have used the company to hire so far, with some big names such as Slack and Spotify standing out.

AngelList uses an ever-improving job-matching algorithm and provides important employer information to guide your decision.

Unlike other Robert Half alternatives, it caters to both local and remote job seekers.

You can browse listings by type (local or remote), location, time commitment, etc., and essentially narrow down your options to companies and openings that tick off your preference list.

Job application is straightforward. Your profile serves as your resume, and employers will only ask questions that are not addressed in the profile.

These you can answer in the cover letter.

More Companies Like Robert Half

11. Snagajob

Snagajob is one of the best sites for hourly roles. It serves a whopping 100 million registered job seekers and close to a million employers, some of whom hire regularly.

A high job inventory and simple interface are some of its main selling points. It also has a catalog of filters, even allowing you to zoom in on “Urgently Hiring” listings.

Click Apply Now on any listing to start the application process. You can create a Snag account as well if you wish to receive notifications for listings you may be interested in.

Snag is free to use and can be accessed worldwide.

12. Getwork

Getwork democratizes existing listings on other job boards, company websites, etc. and brings to you freshly posted openings.

Without an account, you can browse through the entire Getwork job pool and send applications for free.

You will only need an account to save your browsing history, save openings for later, or subscribe to email alerts.

Always have all your documents at the ready before beginning your job hunt on Getwork. Applications take place on third-party sites, and you can never be sure of what you will be asked to provide.

13. Scouted

Scouted looks beyond papers when assessing jobseekers. It has a detailed onboarding process and sometimes takes candidates through what’s called the Scouted Virtual Interview to “give us a better sense of your story.”

Character, personality, and talent are all imperative to the platform. That’s why it is so popular among established companies and high-growth startups looking for experienced candidates with an understanding of the typical workplace.

You could be forgiven for thinking newbies have no place on Scouted, but that’s far from the case. Anyone in the US can join and use it even without college education.

However, you stand a better chance of landing a job if you have a college degree than if you don’t.

14. Nexxt

Nexxt connects you with hiring teams and helps you build a career portfolio, which you can use even when applying for jobs outside the site.

Members can access the site via a free plan or a $25 premium plan, depending on how they would like to use it.

The free plan allows you to create a portfolio, upload your CV and cover letter, and apply for jobs. The premium plan, on the other hand, puts your profile in the “Featured” section, increasing your visibility to potential employers.

To use Nexxt, you will need to create an account and upload your resume. This information will be made available to every employer you apply to work for.

If they feel you’re worth a shot, they will contact you directly. Otherwise, Nexxt won’t provide any further details about the progress of your application.

15. LinkUp

LinkUp pulls data from company websites and posts them on its platform. So far, it has indexed 60,000+ companies and posted over 200 million jobs.

Every opening on the site is checked manually to ensure it actually exists and bears factual information. This is perhaps the site’s biggest difference with other Robert Hall alternatives, which simply repost what they find on the internet.

Additionally, you can browse through the various remote and on-site opportunities without a profile. This means LinkUp won’t send you job alerts or pre-vet you. All applications will take place in employers’ websites, too.

Final Thoughts On Companies Like Robert Half

These sites will come in handy if you need a remote or on-site job but don’t have the time to check out employer websites one by one.

Let me know in the comments which one you plan to use and why.

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